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*~Sephora Watercolors~*

Working day-in and day-out on the Sephora site and apps, I am often seeking additional ways to be creative, and have fun, with beauty products. 


I’ve started a series that I dub *~Sephora Watercolors~*, mixing pencil, watercolors, a variety of shiny gelly roll pens and deco markers, and, of course, a healthy assortment of Sephora-sourced lip glosses, sparkly nail polishes, glittery face pigments, and more.


In terms of inspo? It’s a mix of the charming illustrations of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and the (precious) watercolors of my grandmother, an artist in her own time, known for her Asian-inspired and tropical tableaus, mixing watercolor with fine pen marks. She also designed and merch’ed up the windows for the historic West Coast department store I. Magnin & Company in Los Angeles, which I think is pretty cool. 


So, without further delay, here is the series. I will post whenever I have a chance, hopefully bi-weekly. I’ll note out the date of creation, link to the products and list out the materials used in the work. 


Can’t wait to hear what you think! 🙂 ❤️💄


Note: Work with product management @ Sephora.







  • Sephora product: CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum 
  • Date of creation: 4/19/23
  • Materials: Watercolors, pencil, pink gelly roll pen, gems, rapid tone repair dark spot corrector, Sephora Collection eyeliner, Dior lip gloss, Sephora Collection nail polish



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*




  • Sephora product: TOM FORD Soleil De Feu Spark Lip Balm 
  • Date of creation: 5/31/23
  • Materials: Watercolors, pencil, pink gelly roll pen, blue gelly roll pen, yellow highlighter, Sephora Collection glitter nail polish


  • Sephora product: Dior Nail Glow 
  • Date of creation: 6/2/23
  • Materials: Watercolors, pencil, pink gelly roll pen, silver gelly roll pen, yellow highlighter, Sephora Collection glitter nail polish

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

very nice


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Thank ya! 

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Wow! This is so beautiful @Julessss14! You are so talented! I have not advanced from the painting skills I had when I was…. 5?? 😅 

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Many thanks!~ 💕💕💕

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*




Happy pride! 

















Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Julessss14 - Love, love, love! 🌈💖🥰

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Thank you, kindly! 🌈

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

So beautiful and colorful @Julessss14! Happy Pride!! 

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Delighted to hear it! Happy Pride! <3333333

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Julessss14 These are so pretty!

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Julessss14 @Thank you for sharing your creations. Loving all of them. 

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

I love it @Julessss14 !! 😍

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Your beautiful pieces are such a treat to look at.  @Julessss14  Watercolors are so calming and have a different kind of beauty about them. 🩷🩵 Thank you again for sharing them all with us!

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Julessss14 - You continue to amaze with your gorgeous drawings! 🥰💖💋

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*



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