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Sephora Monopoly

In best efforts to make me feel great my hubby and sister brought out my Monopoly Sephora and played with me how can you not feel better playing this? And now to shop lol..if only I could use my Monopoly money!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora Monopoly

yep it has been in my love for half a year now Smiley Happy love it!!!!!! so cute!!!!! i have 2 different monopoly board games. Wish one of them was this one.

Re: Sephora Monopoly

That is the cutest Monopoly I have ever seen!

Re: Sephora Monopoly

That is too cute, lolo01!  It's great that your husband is willing to play such a (what I assume to be) "girlie" themed game.

Re: Sephora Monopoly

i had no idea there was such a thing!! how cuuuute!

Re: Sephora Monopoly

i wish there was a way we could play online...


Re: Sephora Monopoly

@Titian06 - I know its so funny.. he says let me buy a Sephora Store lol.. the trinkets are so cute a blow-dryer, lipstick, compact.... I love it!! Smiley Happy

The downside is I have to play his Zombie videogames lol

Re: Sephora Monopoly

One of my 20% off purchases. Made it $18.?? My bestie just bought a new house on her own, post divorce. I think she will love this as a house warming/almost Christmas time gift. I bought myself one a couple of months ago but haven't opened it, yet. I picture hanging out with a few friends, some wine, good eats.... 😜


Re: Sephora Monopoly

You're a great friend.

Best wishes to her and a wonderful new start!


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