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Sephora Employees...

So I recently went to opening of Sephora in Santa Rosa. I was excited to see all the new, untouched products. I swatched a lot of things and wasn't really planning on buying anything since there was a huge line and I planned on getting these things at my local one in Novato. As I was swatching, this one employee ran up behind me and shoved a shopping bag in my face saying that I should put my things in it. I only had my phone in my hand. It was really rude and didn't want to be asked by the same people if I needed any help. They seriously asked me every 5 seconds. Probably not going back. Then yesterday I went to the Novato one and there was a lot of new faces. Again, I could feel the pushiness. A lot of the older staff knew me pretty well and they knew who I was and that I didn't really need help unless I asked for it. In fact, I made friends with a lot of them. I don't know if it's a new training procedure or something, but I miss the friendliness. I don't want to always shop online! 

Re: Sephora Employees...

Hi Melissa93 I'm sorry to hear about your experience.  I will send you a message for more information.

Re: Sephora Employees...

I have a bad habit of not picking up a basket because I think I'm not going to buy anything and then wandering through the store with my hands full of things, so a basket can be really appreciated then! But really, that is so obnoxious to have something shoved at you. Maybe they were excited to finally be open and able to help people out, but you'd think if they were busy they would help out the people who needed it instead of harassing those who don't. Smiley Sad I would rather go in store and browse, but it can be hit or miss as to whether the staff are great or not. 

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