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Senior Project

Hi Ladies! I need your help! Since I'm a senior in high school, I am required to do a senior project in order to graduate. I did it as a junior last year because I was in senior English. I have to do it again for my AP Literature and Compostion class. The main focus of the project is to learn something entirely new that you never learned before, or expand on something you like to do. My teacher wants each student to do something fun and creative. I am doing a makeup tutorial that is way out of my comfort zone. I'm doing a look based on the main character Alex from the film and novel A Clockwork Orange because I want to show the other students in my class that I have a crazy loud side, not just meek and quiet.  I know what I want to do in my head, which involves very avant-garde lashes, and it will be very sharp and defined but I don't what color to add in to bring life to it. I was thinking about doing a fun bold color like orange or  a bright purple purple to represent the likeable "normal-seeming" side of the main character, or a deep oxblood or blackened purple for the dark psychopathic side. I would like to see what your thoughts are about different color choices. Thanks ladies!

Re: Senior Project

This looks great here Glossjuunkiee !



Re: Senior Project

I don't have any real input, I just wanted to say that that is the coolest sounding senior project, ever.

Re: Senior Project

Whatever lashes you decide to play with, if you're going to be using them for your lower lash line and they're not advertised as being strictly "bottom lashes", turn the strip upside down so the strip matches the natural curvature of your lashes.


If you try to just place a strip of top lashes on your bottom lash line, the false lashes will curl upward, which is not how lashes grow, instead, turning them upside down so they curve downward to your cheek will help your natural lashes blend better, especially when you turn to the side. You don't want your own lashes jutting out above the strip.


Smiley Happy


It's a simple suggestion, but I can't even begin to tell you how many people I've seen wear bottom lashes wrong.

Re: Senior Project

Ah! So many of my close friends have rocked A Clockwork Orange costumes for Halloween. A lot of people tend to only rock neutral hues when they pull off the costume, but I think it'd be really interesting to see something that involves colors other than white and orange.


Perhaps orange lipstick with sharp purple liner? Or even having your top lip purple and your bottom lip orange (or vice versa). When I think of A Clockwork Orange I definitely think of those extreme bottom lashes, so I think making those the primary focal point of your look will really deliver what you are trying to achieve Smiley Happy. Make Up For ever and the Sephora collection have some really dramatic lashes that are perfect for ACO looks.


MAKE UP FOR EVER - Eyelashes - StripSEPHORA COLLECTION - False Eye Lashes

Kat Von D - Painted Love LipstickSEPHORA COLLECTION - Rouge Shine Lipstick


Whimsically yours,

Re: Senior Project

What a fun concept!  Avent Garde looks have to be my all time favorite!  Last year a collab with London based designer Gareth Pugh and a makeup company (that I shall not name) came out & was super edgy & fun!  Something like this would be AH-MAY-ZING!  Cant wait to see what you come up with!

beautyspy  Mac GarethPugh Beauty  Mac Make Up 2011: A new collaboration with Gareth Pugh


xo, Mia

Re: Senior Project

Yeah, I think that a blackened purple would be good for the eyes. I think a bit of it on the lower lashline might accentuate the crazy lashes.

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