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Self pic using cell phone

How do all of you ladies take decent pictures of yourself?  Sephora is doing a Marc Jacobs twitter giveaway and that pushed me over the edge to get an account.  Right now I'm using my Nefertiti bust on that profile too but I'd like to use my own head.  Smiley Happy I just spent an absurd amount of time trying to take a decent pic of myself and met with utter failure.  Either I am the least photogenic person ever or I'm in denial about what I look like.

Re: Self pic using cell phone

Nooooo it is just really hard.  Try natural lighting!  But honestly, I think you just have to take like a million pictures and just one will look good Smiley Happy  If anyone has any other tips, I'd love to hear them as well!

Re: Self pic using cell phone

i agree with the nautral lighting, its the best tip i think. also to make sure your hair is down pony tails and buns dont really transfer well into pictures, but you do need to take a lot, like literally a bunch and then look through after and pick your favorite!

Re: Self pic using cell phone

Yes, I tend to only get good ones when I'm outside/in my car. Or at the right time of day near my window, but it's not the same. Also, I will have sooooo many and only one looks good. Like trying to find a pair of jeans that actually fit!

Re: Self pic using cell phone

I'm horrible at these, but if you have a timer on your camera, you can set it up and then timer it to take 5 shots at a time of you. You don't really need a tripod if you don't have it, set it up on a chair with boxes.

Re: Self pic using cell phone

Have someone else take the pictures for you! It's harder to get a good angle of yourself, that way you don't have any awkward blurriness if you do get a good picture!

Re: Self pic using cell phone

I take a pic of myself in the bathroom mirror. It's way too awkward holding my phone at arm's length and hoping I pressed the correct button on the touch screen. =X

Re: Self pic using cell phone

i like to reverse the camera so that i can see myself, i also like using  a webcam because again i can see myself before i snap the pic.


Re: Self pic using cell phone

Are you reversing the camera so you can see yourself?  That is key.  That and finding the best lighting you can and being willing to take a ton of shots.


But I believe in you.  If I can take a decent selfie with my ridic tremor, you can take one too.

Re: Self pic using cell phone

Natural lighting is your best friend, indoor/fluorescent lights can change the temperature read on photos and make you look ghastly yellow and orange looking while not enough light and you can look grey and cold.


If you snap a pic from slightly above, be sure to slightly stick your head out and away from your chin and tilt slightly up so the distance between your neck and chin reads clear and you avoid your face blending right into your neck. Don't take the pic from too high or else your face looks distorted and the upper portion of your face (forehead/eyes) look crazy huge and almost alien-like. If you snap a pic from below, tuck your chin down and again, stick your head forward/out slightly to create that distance and to avoid bulk in the neck/chin area. I wouldn't advise taking too many selfies from the below angle as this normally tends to make the face look larger/fuller and you risk ending up with shots that look like you're wanting a view to look right up your nose.


Try to have your face relaxed into a smile, think of something funny to have your smile be genuine and not forced.


Smiley Happy

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