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Sedona Lace Brushes

Does anyone use these and love? Which ones do you recommend? I've seen so many YT beauty gurus use them in tutorials and I ordered two which should arrive tomorrow (super fast shipping I must say, for only $2). Excited to try these, I'm a brush junkie (I need to make one of those b/w animal avatars with that haha). I ordered  the Pointed Crease and Pencil Brush.


But the main reason I was posting before I have even tried them was that I just received this email and wanted to share. Yessss totally enabling, we can't resist our sales! Smiley Winkbody.jpg

Re: Sedona Lace Brushes

what site is this promo for?? Sorry i don't seem to see a link lol

Re: Sedona Lace Brushes

I'd be curious to see what everyone has to say on these. I see YT guru after YT guru using the Sigma brushes, and while I would love to try the Sigma brushes, I don't really do online shopping. I've heard people say Sedona Lace ones are good too, but I feel like I just hear Sigma that much more. Seeing this I just looked at the website out of curiosity and was shocked to see that they accept checks as forms of payment (I feel like I hardly ever find sites that do and using my card online is what makes me nervous) so needless to say my interest has been sparked...

Re: Sedona Lace Brushes

I just got their tulip contour for around $2 (that includes shipping!) from Goldie Starling's Luvocracy site -- with the $10 new user promo credit.  I'm liking the brush so far.  Very soft and seems to be good quality.  I haven't tried cleaning it yet but it hasn't lost any hairs.

Re: Sedona Lace Brushes

I'm tempted to buy the Tulip Contour, Synthetic Round Top, and Synthetic Powder. They look very similar to Sigma but cheaper.



Re: Sedona Lace Brushes

I use this one for highlighting my brow and concealing under my eyes as well.  Not sure if that is what they are made for but it works great for me.  Smiley Happy

Re: Sedona Lace Brushes

You are tempting my no buy. 

Re: Sedona Lace Brushes

I momentarily lost my head when I saw 20% and 50free and naturally merged them into 50% off all items. Alas, I gained my wits soon after and since there's no incredible perks/promo I HAVE to get now, I think I'll wait for later.

Re: Sedona Lace Brushes

I thought the same thing at first too! 50% off was what made me jump on the Bhumi Brushes deal cuz they are crazy expensive but I love them.

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