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Scary Movies anyone?

So i just saw The Conjuring, and i must say, SCARIEST movie i have ever seen! 

So i was wondering what the scariest movie you ladies have seen!? I'm not big into scary movies, being that i'm a huge scardy cat, but before i saw The Conjuring, Insidious was pretty scary to me! So what's your favorite scary movie??

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Ahh scary movies. I think for me it was the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

<3 Melissa

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Aahhh - I saw the preview of The Conjuring and I was so scared. No way could I see the movie! 


The scariest movie I can recall (that I actually made it through) was Texas Chainsaw Massacre - the original one. I saw it at a friend's house when I was in 6th grade. Neither of us could sleep that night and I was freaked out for days. 


I think Psycho is also very scary.

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

This isn't a movie it's just a regular TV show but it's called "The Haunting" it comes on during the day and freaks me out even with it being daylight.

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Omg, I used to watch that like every day! I have seen almost all of them! They freak me out too!! But i can't help but watch them! 

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

@arielaaaaaaa- Do they not totally make you think you see or hear stuff in the complete daylight ? I love to watch them but there are some days I have to switch them because it's like you said they make me feel like someone is going to be behind the next door I open . FREAKY!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Lol they totally make me think i hear things! There was one that was i was watching that was in my hometown not that far from where i live. Totally creepy. And the one that freaks me out the most is the two part one in Connecticut, that there ended up being a movie about "The Haunting in Connecticut"

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

@arielaaaaaa- It's pretty bad when something can freak you out in the day light some of that stuff is too real!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Watched The Ring when I was 12 or so, it traumatized me pretty badly. A few months later I had a nightmare about the girl, and woke up during a thunderstorm with the power going on and off so my VCR kept making noise from being turned on, and off (I know, a VCR, this was awhile ago...) and I could hear water dripping from the bathroom... It was awful. Haven't watched a scary movie since!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Omg, That could definitely traumatize someone!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I just remembered, I went to go see The Ring in the cheap theater after it had been out for a while. It had rained like crazy earlier in the day and the first few rows were blocked off because of leaking water. As we watched the movie, my sister and I managed to freak each other out pretty thoroughly pointing out that it was probably leaking out of the screen and maybe there was no audience left in this theater at the end of each screening, haha. 

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Too funny, I saw this my freshman year of high school and was so terrified I actually had to turn my tv in my room to face my wall when I went to sleep so that the girl wouldn't be able to crawl out of it Smiley Very Happy

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

@unblownkisses- I don't blame you a bit!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

okay. so i just finished watching the trailer for Insidious 2. OMFG. i think it's even scarier than the first. i can't even!!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Lol I bet it's gonna be alot scarier! I can't wait haha Smiley Very Happy

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I totally just saw it plugged in Pretty Little Liars and it made me come back to this board... true story.

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

i haven't watched a scary movie in years, but i always thought M.Night Shyamalan's movies were scary with a twist

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

The new Carrie was good.

You're Next was creepy.

V/H/S 1 and 2

Paranormal Activity series, the new one will come 2014.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the newest was kind of sad

to me. :/

The Purge was ok, the ending was lame.




Gosh I see many every weekend, so I have a crazy list.

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Oh i want to see Carrie, and  The purge!!! I don't have many people who love to see movies with me!!

Once they come out on Redbox is usually when i see them, Or rent them On Demand. But my sister saw Sinister, she said she was so freaked out!!!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Let the Right One In is a swedish move about a 12 year old vampire making friends with a bullied kid and feeding off her new town. (Let Me In is the American version if you don't want to read subtitles)


You're Next is a horror comedy that's super awesome. (Another home invasion movie that's good is The Strangers)


Tucker and Dale vs Evil is also a horror comedy...very funny. (scared teenage kids vs harmless rednecks)


V/H/S 1 has a good compilation of short films (S/V/H/S dropped the ball though)


Now for movies that are actually terrifying:


Inside (pre-natal baby snatching)


Martyrs (a woman that was kidnapped by a cult as a young girl finds them to seek revenge and things go beyond crazy and scary from there...someone gets skinned completely and kept alive)


Calvaire (guy's car breaks down in a french village where there are no women and everyone is completely insane)


I also suggest watching the original Carrie again, because it is actually believable.

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

The Strangers is sooooo creepy! The ending scared me when she's alive and opens her eyes!!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I saw this in the theater with my mom.  I still remember grabbing her arm when you first see the guy in the mask in the background as Liv Tyler is standing by the kitchen sink.  Creepy!

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