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Scary Movies anyone?

So i just saw The Conjuring, and i must say, SCARIEST movie i have ever seen! 

So i was wondering what the scariest movie you ladies have seen!? I'm not big into scary movies, being that i'm a huge scardy cat, but before i saw The Conjuring, Insidious was pretty scary to me! So what's your favorite scary movie??

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I've seen VHS actually! Quite good!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I love scary movies!!!!

some of my favorite are paranormal activity (which I only saw about an hour of but it was pretty good),Wrong turn ( this movie will scare the living daylights out of you).Paul Bunyan:Axe Giant : okay this movie was supposed to be a "horror" movie but apparently it was a tv movie (made for tv) and it was so funny, the low-budget actors and terrible effects made me and my brother laugh the whole time.


I really really want to see Carrie, but as scary as the trailer is I might be alittle too scared lol! Smiley Very Happy


BTW this is a good topic Smiley Happy

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I loved The Conjuring! I love scary movies, especially paranormal and based on real life events. Smiley Happy

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I can't watch movies like The Conjuring, Insidious, Paranormal Activity, etc.  I won't be able to sleep and it makes me afraid of the dark.  Lol.  The scariest movie I've ever seen is The Exorcist.  (Old school, I know.)  The first time I watched it I was about 12, in a dark room, all by myself.  It seriously messed me up.  Haha.  They re-released the movie in theaters about 10 years ago with added scenes and my friends dragged me to see it.  That was like pouring salt into a wound.  In fact, last night there was a preview on tv for that movie (some network will be showing it soon) and I looked away and purposely started talking as to not hear the sound effects.  I hate that little girl! 
Now I know this isn't a movie, but the first season of American Horror Story was pretty scary to me.  I was afraid of the dark for a while after that one.  However, it was such a good show that I couldn't stop watching every week!  Highly recommend.

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

The Exorcist definitely gets my vote. I have all the movies, and while the original and 1st sequel are the best, they get me. Not a movie I want to watch alone at night. No matter how much I say "Campbell's split pea soup," it remains scary on a deep level--no buckets of blood needed!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Omg that totally brought back memories for me!  When I watched The Exorcist it was my sweet 16 party.  We had a sleepover and were at Blockbuster (wow, those were the days!) picking out movies and one of my friends suggested it and said she'd seen it before.  Well, she lied!  And all of us were so scared.  We were roaming the house looking for flashlights just in case.  That definitely has to be the scariest movie I've ever seen!



Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I love American Horror Story!

I find it really odd, some parts, but it's a great interesting show! The new season is good! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Yea I know what you mean. I actually hated the 2nd season and stopped watching about halfway through the season. Imo, the quality wasn't there anymore. The new season is awesome so far. I'm really loving the witch girls at the school! Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I felt the same about the second season, and took several months to go back to the second half of it, but by the end I think I liked the story more than the first season. I haven't started the third season yet though. 

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I started watching AHS on the second season, I really liked it so i watched the first one, I prefer the second, But this season i am loving more! It's probably the whole Witch thing that's interesting! 

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Let the Right One In is a swedish move about a 12 year old vampire making friends with a bullied kid and feeding off her new town. (Let Me In is the American version if you don't want to read subtitles)


You're Next is a horror comedy that's super awesome. (Another home invasion movie that's good is The Strangers)


Tucker and Dale vs Evil is also a horror comedy...very funny. (scared teenage kids vs harmless rednecks)


V/H/S 1 has a good compilation of short films (S/V/H/S dropped the ball though)


Now for movies that are actually terrifying:


Inside (pre-natal baby snatching)


Martyrs (a woman that was kidnapped by a cult as a young girl finds them to seek revenge and things go beyond crazy and scary from there...someone gets skinned completely and kept alive)


Calvaire (guy's car breaks down in a french village where there are no women and everyone is completely insane)


I also suggest watching the original Carrie again, because it is actually believable.

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I love Tucker and Dale! That's the movie I put on the last time my ex bf and I went to babysit my little cousin (he was 15, we didn't really have to watch him but he's fun to hang out and watch movies with hah.)

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Haha Tucker and Dale! My bro suggested I watch that when I get freaked out from another horror movie.

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Ahh thank you for this list!  I absolutely LOVE Tucker and Dale Versus Evil so I'm excited to see it mentioned in this thread.  I'm also pumped to see another V/H/S fan - I'm a big believer in this new format, it's so interesting!  I have to say, I still enjoyed V/H/S/2, though it involved some genres of horror I can't say I'm particularly interested in.  I'll definitely go check out Calvaire and You're Next, those are the only two on your list I haven't seen!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I've seen Calvaire, boy that was a strange one!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

The Strangers is sooooo creepy! The ending scared me when she's alive and opens her eyes!!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I saw this in the theater with my mom.  I still remember grabbing her arm when you first see the guy in the mask in the background as Liv Tyler is standing by the kitchen sink.  Creepy!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Lol I'm pretty sure i was holding my moms hand for dear life i was so scared!!!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

The new Carrie was good.

You're Next was creepy.

V/H/S 1 and 2

Paranormal Activity series, the new one will come 2014.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the newest was kind of sad

to me. :/

The Purge was ok, the ending was lame.




Gosh I see many every weekend, so I have a crazy list.

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Oh i want to see Carrie, and  The purge!!! I don't have many people who love to see movies with me!!

Once they come out on Redbox is usually when i see them, Or rent them On Demand. But my sister saw Sinister, she said she was so freaked out!!!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

i haven't watched a scary movie in years, but i always thought M.Night Shyamalan's movies were scary with a twist

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