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Scary Movies anyone?

So i just saw The Conjuring, and i must say, SCARIEST movie i have ever seen! 

So i was wondering what the scariest movie you ladies have seen!? I'm not big into scary movies, being that i'm a huge scardy cat, but before i saw The Conjuring, Insidious was pretty scary to me! So what's your favorite scary movie??

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Well thankfully it's not at a wall, she kinda stares into the dining room, then after a minute or two of growling she stops and lays back down on me. 

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I'm not sure if that's even more creepy....

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Probably is, But our house has been blessed and nothing creepy has ever happened besides that! 

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Ugh I can't stand Jeepers Creepers! There is a truck on my road that looks like the big truck on the movie. I start thinking about the song everytime I drive by lol

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

OMG I would pee myself, not even kidding!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

No way!!! It was that scary! I love scary movies. I can honestly say I've seen them all and nothing scared me more than Insidious; I literally screamed and that never happens. But since now you say The Conjuring is scary, OMG, I so wanna see it. I thought it was gonna be dumb-scary. aaaahhhhh I'm now gonna check out the trailer.


Re: Scary Movies anyone?

It definitely was not a dumb scary. It's Legit scary! haha! I can't wait to check out Insidious 2! I'm curious cause the way the first one ended...

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Any scary movie based on true events freaks me out. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes are two I can name right off the bat. Although, any Miley Cyrus movie is pretty scary too Smiley Very Happy

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Ahh, Being that I'm from Texas, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre FREAKS me out!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I'm a horror movie junkie/connoisseur/expert/etc etc. I love, love, love horror films. The more frightening the better! Nothing has really seriously scared me since The Ring, although The Conjuring and Insidious were pretty well written. They're a nice homage to classic 1970s style horror movies. I especially love that the Conjuring was ACTUALLY based on a true story (unlike most horror movies which just say that to get viewers).


The event was pretty accurate...that Annabelle doll really exists!


I think if I had to pick my top 5 (which is hard), I'd have to go with:


The Human Centipede: This is NOT a movie for the faint of heart. It's probably the scariest and most disturbing horror film I've ever seen. If movies like Hostel make you squeamish skip this one.


Halloween: The Rob Zombie remake, not the original, there was a more well rounded back story which added more depth to the overall classic movie plot. I'm not generally a fan of horror remakes, but I think this one surpasses the first Halloween for sure.


Black Christmas (the original): It's just a different sort of horror movie, really frightening.


The Orphanage: I'm a HUGE Guillermo del Toro fan. I think this is the one film that had me hopelessly terrified one minute and tearing up over a touching scene the next. It's really really good, I'd almost go out on a limb and say it's my favorite of the bunch.


28 Days Later: I love anything with a zombie. You name it I've seen it, but 28 Days is my fav. It's well written and has some gorgeous cinematography that really frames the beauty within crazy as that may sound.


Whimsically yours,
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