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Scary Movies anyone?

So i just saw The Conjuring, and i must say, SCARIEST movie i have ever seen! 

So i was wondering what the scariest movie you ladies have seen!? I'm not big into scary movies, being that i'm a huge scardy cat, but before i saw The Conjuring, Insidious was pretty scary to me! So what's your favorite scary movie??

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Lol im too chicken to watch scary movies like that..idk i just had a bad experience before that scared the daylights out of me! The last scary movie *scary to me* (lol) was.. House on the End of the Street with Jennifer Lawerence. Fav scary movies would be the Saw Collections lol

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I totally love the Saw movies! I don't think I saw all of them though

Re: Scary Movies anyone? need to watch them missy Smiley Happy

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Probably Hellraiser.  I hate ghost movies... HATE THEM.  I love 80's campy bad horror with lots of very obviously fake blood (Army of Darkness, Dead Alive, Reanimator)  but I don't really consider those scary.  Hellraiser i think is legitimately chilling and the makeup/special effects are INCREDIBLE.  I think modern movies really lose it with the SFX makeup because so much is CGI.


I can't even talk about scary movies without turning it to makeup, lol. 

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I hate ghost movies too! But what really gets me is when things pop out! Its happened a couple of times where I was holding the popcorn and something popped out and opps, Popcorn went everywhere!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

Considering that most of the time Doctor Who is too scary for me, I don't even *try* to go see scary movies.  

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I love theatrical makeup, especially in horror movies and with zombies! The things they can do with makeup are absolutely amazing!

Re: Scary Movies anyone?

have you seen the TV show Face Off?  I am obsessed with it.  Competitive makeup? YES PLEASE.


Re: Scary Movies anyone?

I've been wanting to watch Face Off forever! I just love watching the commercials for it!

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