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Say something you cant say to their face

Feel free to vent things you wish you could say to someone, but would never.



I wish you could see how selfish and self centred you are being. 

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

I love this comment!!!  cognitive therapy! 

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

I am very down to earth and usually speak my mind because I just can't usually hold it in, but there have been a couple times I have written letters.  All of you should give it a try sometime because, just like on here, you can get it all out in the right way without being interrupted and it may be better than holding it inside.  Sometimes writing or saying (directly to the person) what we feel can make things worse, but if it is someone toxic to you that you are ridding yourself of or that you need to make an impression on anyway, I say go for it.  The only problem is that usually by the time you feel the way you do, expressing it has no profound effect on the other person, but at least you may feel better.  I do sometimes hold back when it comes to my dad for various reasons.  I would be writing a novel if I got started on that...

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

This is very sound advice. Thank you!

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

One more...this isn't a relationship thing, promise! Thank you all for hearing me out.


If you're not gonna respond to my message, don't turn your read receipts on! I knew you were passive aggressive, and I feel bullied by you as it is. Why ignore me when you've already torn me down? You may have broken me, but at least I only have one face. I have allowed myself to fear you for too long--I'm still afraid of you, but it's time to put my foot down. Something's gotta give, or I'm gone. 

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

Ohhh... yes!!! I need this! The hubby is getting tired of hearing me complain about her!!!


You treat your husband like crap and all he does is try to love you. He does everything for you- from buying you a house, to supporting you financially (while you go out buying a brand new Audi and buying all high end designer brand clothing/shoes/purses to keep up with whomever), to doing everything he can to keep you happy. And you could care less about him or his feelings but you keep him around anyways.


You have gotten mean, rude, and you are always a huge drama queen. And who really registers for a birthday party? Not with presents but with suggestions of money to help pay for your student loans? Really? Are we your bank now??? We are all getting tired of you complaining about this or that and when you are in a bad mood, it ruins the entire night for us. Especially when you get upset at a friend for a stupid reason and make us choose sides, which we always refuse to. One day, we will choose a side and it will be all of us against you. You wonder why you have been invited to come out with us less and less? Thank goodness you are moving out of the city, we get to see less of you!


Nothing is ever your fault and you always blame him, us, or anyone/everyone for your problems in your life. Grow up and take some responsibility. You are never happy with anything and will never be happy if you keep this up and you are pushing everyone including your husband away. We all said that you were lucky to find someone like him and if you keep this up, he isn't going to stay around for long. Trust us, he has already talked to us about what to do with you. 


It is our fault to allow you to act like this and get away with it for so long. But it keeps getting worse and worse. Please change otherwise we can't be friends anymore! 

Re: Say something you cant say to their face


And who really registers for a birthday party? Not with presents but with suggestions of money to help pay for your student loans? Really? Are we your bank now?



Re: Say something you cant say to their face

Yeah, maybe that was a bit harsh... but we have kind of hinted at all of this but she doesn't care. One time her closest 3 friends sat down with her and had a talk about her behavior and listed out number by number what she did but it ended up making things worse for all of us and especially her husband. Poor guy. 

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

Is she one of the Real Housewives?  Yeesh... The firm belief that she is entitled to all this and more is staggering.  Glad that you'll have some distance from her soon, Missie!

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

Hahaha... no! But she sure acts like one! There are a few reality TV shows that filmed or have film in our area and she is always like I don't understand why they pick these people. She really wants to be on one. She causes enough drama for it! 

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

Those sorts are a drain on your energy; just so exhausting to be around.  Makes me want to hide under my rock. Smiley Happy

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

I like hiding under rocks. Then when I come out all the simple stuff is exciting! 


Re: Say something you cant say to their face

I wonder if she realizes how many women are out there looking high and low for a good man like that? It is only a matter of time...

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

WhAt kind of people are you hanging out with????? Whoa!!!! I feel bad for her husbandSmiley Sad 

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

Needed so baddly!!
Thank YOU!


Stop trying to talk to me and be my friend. YOU USED me to get ahead at work,threw me under the bus and then stopped talking to me AND now you are back?!?!
STOP, we are not friends, I was stupid to think we were.



Stop acting like you run the whole internet just because so many people
love your photo's. I KNOW you laugh at me and talk **bleep**. Because you do it to everyone else you talk to online too and then hang out with them acting like a friend. You are SO fake.



Stop acting like such a snob when you can't even wash your hands or flush the **bleep** toilet.Oh yes you are so **bleep** classy. EW



I want to tell everyone that NO she didn't help or donate any money to me at all.She used my name so nobody would hate her in the community making a lot of profit off this item. That I actually sold to her at 800 to help my cats, she sold it at 1,500 and kept it all. She is a HUGE liar and acts so innocent and sweet. She isn't. I kept screenshots of my paypal account as proof from December 2013 when this transaction was done. Also copies of her emails where she told me her plan telling me she would donate half the profit she made. She never did. I knew she wasn't going to and since the community doesn't like me already I let her use my name, since she is so loved in that place. I figured nobody would believe me anyway
so why bother.

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

I wish I could tell some people they need to get mental help. It amazes me how many people lack self-awareness. As someone who suffers from mental illness, I think I am more in tune with other people being "off". There's still such a stigma attached to it and being labeled as "crazy".


I had a boss who was so utterly delusional. He thought everyone liked him and thought that people found him hilarious. He also thought that all these girls had crushes on him.

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

To the people of this thread:

I don't have the words, or know the answers, but if you would let me, I would like to give you all a great big hug.


Re: Say something you cant say to their face

Tried to give a non-professional some photography advice and they responded with "You're just a kid, what do you know about cameras?"

Oh, ya know - I've only taken photo classes for two years and my photographs are only displayed in minor universities and galleries, NBD. I mean, the American Greeting Card company offered me a contract and all...but don't worry about it, I probably know almost nothing about photography. Smiley Happy 

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

Today we got yelled at by a waitress at a family restaurant. We wanted them to heat up some food that they brought out cold. I don't like her or the place anymore.

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

to my boyfriend: please don't throw away anything for said your dad was miserable...well I feel like you are going to too if you throw it away. I don't want that for you. I want to continue talking about this to you. why don't you see I was stupid. sure I don't want to see you gone for 3 weeks for that event without time for yourself. that hurts me. but I'm scared...I never, never knew anyone personality want their dreams to be in the military, I'm scared. scared for your life. Ya sure I'm going to be doing bigger and better things...I would always worry about you....don't you? idk....I'm scared, really scared you'll come back different...or have scares from battle...idk...please, don't throw it away to make me happy. if you wanted it. (I will make you, by forse if I have too!!) just...if you do, come back the same way you left, with no missing limbs or PTSD..and most of all still exist. you had a long time to think about I feel like your not texting me the same way again, or talking to me the same. idk maybe it's me that feels this? I really don't want to wait till's so far away...

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

You're probably just venting and it's not really my place to comment on a stranger's post. But sweetie, if your boyfriend joins the military, it's impossible for him to come back the same. Everyone who enlists comes back with scars, whether they are visible or not. My bf served in the Army for about 10 years. He suffers from PTSD, has nightmares, gets scared for no reason sometimes ... and he's a big guy. But he won't talk about most things. If your bf goes, he'll never be the same. I'm not trying to discourage his plans/goals, because I think it's a wonderful thing to serve. But things will change. He'll change. You'll change. 

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

How does it feel to get away with _______ ? 

I bet you have nightmares & are haunted by the truth of what you did.

I wish you a very long life because you'll never know true peace ever again.


Re: Say something you cant say to their face



Why the hell do you think it's alright to floss your teeth in the middle of a meeting?! You're disgusting and I hate you. You have no concept of common courtesy and lack the ability to act like a normal, functioning adult in public.


No, we don't use eye drops in mid conversation while standing next to the box of donuts that you immediately plunge your hands into after. 


No, we don't discuss bowel movements during the morning meeting. We also don't talk about our 'child sized bladder' or which foods upset your digestive tract last night. 


I warned my coworkers when you spent the entire interview chewing and smacking your gum. You need to learn how to act in public, and you shouldn't have to be told these things. 

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

To my boyfriend's ex-wife: You are a terrible excuse for a human being, you b****. The way you use your child to hurt his father is disgusting. Children are not pawns used in a game to satisfy your twisted desires. Your ex-husband is happy with me. And for some reason that makes your blood boil. You were the one who cheated on him while he was away serving our country. Perhaps you hate me because I take the time to bond with your child unlike you. I don't constantly yell at him and badger him over and over after every visit to tell you what happens at your house. It's not our business. I've never met anyone like you in my entire life who was as miserable, spiteful and downright mean as you! Good parenting is not putting a lock on your bedroom door so your teenage sons can't steal from you. It's not OUR fault your middle son stole from me while he was visiting our house. My bf is not your other boys' dad but he tried to be one to them until you decided that a nearly 17 year old shouldn't be encouraged to get a job. You're straight up trailer park white trash. Why wouldn't you want your boys to learn some responsibility?! Instead you let them lie, cheat and steal and sit around on your coach playing video games and watching porn all day. Your oldest child is a sociopath. He will end up in prison. And so will your middle child at the rate you're going. My BF only does what you demand most of the time because he's terrified you're taking his son away from him. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!! I wish someday you would find happiness, but not at the cost of everyone else's happiness and sanity.

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

I'm sorry your boyfriend and you have to deal with somebody like that.

You seem like a much better person than she could ever try to be.

Its sad that there are kids involved, however, its good that you are the one in their lives.

I wish you guys well and hopefully she will grow up soon.

Thank your boyfriend for serving our country.

An amazing feat; he deserves a good woman in his life.

Best of wishes to you.

Re: Say something you cant say to their face

Thank  you, Evangeline, for your kind words. My boyfriend is a good man and he deserves to be treated better by his ex. She's in her mid to late 30s, so it's time for her to grow up. I always hope for the best, but with her, we're prepared to expect the worst. 


Eventually their son will realize that his mom isn't a kind person and that his dad and I do our best for him and try to do what's right. He already sees that I treat him just like my two kids and that I don't yell all the time. It's just hard for a kid who is stuck in the middle of things. Smiley Sad