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Saturday Night Ghost Stories

In a recent random questions post, one of the questions was "Do you believe in ghosts?". I saw quite a few people answer "yes" to this, including myself, and it made me curious if anyone ever had any paranormal encounters before that made them believe they exist?  If you have, please share your experience!  I had an odd experience once while staying in a historic hotel that is known for being haunted.  Here is my story:


The hotel room I was in had a small air conditioning unit that very loudly kicked on and off when it was running. I was laying in the bed at night trying to go to sleep, and I had a dim light on so I could read. I finally fell asleep, but woke up a few minutes later to the sound of the air conditioning unit turning on. When I opened my eyes, I saw a silouette of a tall man in a trench coat and a cowboy hat. I then felt him reach his hand to my face and push my head into my pillow and away from him, so that my mouth and nose were pressed into the pillow. This lasted about a minute or so and I couldn't move, open my eyes or say anything while it was happening. Then all of a sudden it stopped and when I was able to open my eyes and turn my head towards him, he was gone. I later found out than one of the ghosts that is often seen in the hotel is a man who wears a cape/coat and hat.


This experience definetely made me believe that ghosts or spirits or something do exist!!!

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

Wow, awesome stories!

I do believe because sometimes at night, things are picked up in our room and thrown, or just picked on the desk and put back down. I decide to ignore it, because I feel if you give it the attention it needs, it will continue. So far lately nothing has happened.

There's more stuff that has happened, but I would need to write a book. Smiley Tongue

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

Oh man, that's nuts.  Sounds a lot like sleep paranoia to me!

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

what is sleep paranoia?

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

Oh hey!  That question was on my TGIF post the other day.  I asked that because I had many experiences growing up and currently have a smoking ghost in my house.


I won't really get into childhood experiences.  Footsteps on the stairs, voices...


It's so bizarre to suddenly smell cigarette smoke out of nowhere.  Sometimes it's really strong and other times you'll catch a whiff and then it's gone.  

To the skeptics - yes, I do take into consideration whether or not a window is open.  There is a wide space on both sides of my house and neither of my neighbors smoke, but I'm only counting the dozens of times the windows were closed anyway.  And yes, it did occur to me that previous occupants may have smoked and that when the sun warms up the woodwork the absorbed smoke smell would be released.  If this were the case though it would happen regularly (i.e every sunny afternoon in my son's room) and it doesn't.  It's completely random and happens everywhere from the basement, to the hallway, to the girls' room.  

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories


Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

Hey there Desertrose0706, on your last question I answered yes to ghosts I believe and I don't know if this counts but sometimes I will fall to sleep with all lights off (except for my nightlight because I don't like sleeping in absolute darkness if you know what I mean) and On more then one occasion the light will turn back on...By itself. I know there is nothing wrong with the light so hmmmm...

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

I would say I do believe in ghosts. I actually have a few stories, but I will share the scary one!

One of my best friends lives in a very old, beautiful, Victorian house. The only catch is, a long time ago, it used to be a funeral home. They have one of those unfinished, concrete, low ceiling basements, which used to be the morgue.

Now my friend had mentioned that her and her family had kind of experienced some weird things around the house (footsteps, pets acting weird, objects moving) but they didn't think any of the energy was negative.

One night, I woke up randomly finding myself very hot and uncomfortable (which isn't anything out of the ordinary). I flipped over to where I was laying on my back, and all of the sudden I felt a huge amount of pressure on my right leg, on top of my shin! This was on top of the covers, and too noticeable to ignore. It felt as if someone grabbed my leg, and pressed down like they were holding my leg down in place. I freaked out and tried to come up with an excuse, like maybe it was a cramp or, or, I don't know. But when it came down to it there was just no explanation. I froze, and tried to curl up in a wad of blankets (even though I was practically sweating) because I was so scared.


Along side of that, I have experienced a heavy object falling off of a dresser as well as voices and footsteps coming up the attic when no one was there.


Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

Oh wow. I haven't experienced anything, or well, anything i remember, But i hear stories all the time that my aunt and mom tell me. I had an Uncle, who i was like a daughter to, and he was my my Godparent, and he passed away when i was like 2 and a half. And the first story was when i was around 3, i had pneumonia, and i was in bed and my mom was sitting next to me, and she felt the bed sink in on the other side and look like someone was sitting there but no one was. She said she knew it had to be my uncle.

And then the one my aunt tells me, is that from the time he passed she would always walk in and i would be talking to someone and she would ask who and i'd say Uncle Charlie. And i always hated talking naps and my aunt had been trying for awhile to get me to take a nap then she heard me say "Okay Charlie" And then i fell straight to sleep. 


So i do think Spirits exist. I hope i never experience an evil spirit!!! 

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

I was staying in the hotel alone, and I didn;t go there specifically for the ghosts.  I stayed there when I was travelling for work and chose the historic hotel over a newer hotel because it has a restaurant and bar downstairs (2 very important things lol) and plus i thought it would be fun to stay in a historic hotel and experience the history.


While it was happening, the whole I keep trying to scream or tell him to stop, but I just couldn't move or speak. I was completely helpless.  When it stopped, I was pretty freaked out and sat up awake for at least an hour, turned the tv on, turned all the lights on, turned the air conditioning unit off so it wouldn;t wake me up again, made sure my phone was close by and forced my self to go back to sleep lol.


And at this same a hotel a coworker of mine was awoken in the middle of the night to the feeling of someone stepping on her chest, to the point where she wasnt able to breathe.  She wasn't able to see the person and she said it lasted a minute or so before it stopped and she could breathe again.


My job takes me and my coworkers to some very small and old towns and a good number of us have had a weird experience at one place or another.  One of our older offices has had quite a few weird things happen, like buttons on an old type writer being pressed when only one person is in the building, a chair rolling across a room when nothing/noone could have pushed it, people have felt a breath on the back of their neck, and one person saw a man who appeared to be a security guard that disappeared (and there is no security guard on staff).  Some of the people that have told me stories from this office are grown, tough, "good ole boy" types who aren't easily scared, so theres definetely got to be some truth to it.

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

Also forgot to add one more thing but since I can't edit I'm starting another reply GRRRR.... They also say babies can see angels and there were numerous times my little boy would be in his height chair and be laughing when no one else was in the room with him and I would  always walk in the kitchen to see what he was laughing about but nothing was there.

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

I do believe in ghost not too long after my dad passed my niece kept telling me and my sister we didn't have to be said because "Grandpa Jim" comes to see her every night in her room.

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

No Freakin' Way!!! That is terrifying, what did it feel like afterwards? Did you just get up and get out of there right away? Was anyone else in the room with you? I feel like the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard Of Oz, "I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks!" That is just freaking me out. I started to write about some things I've experienced, but I just was getting to scared, I'm such a weenie! All alone at this time of night.....I'm all jumpy and creeped out feeling. Maybe I'll be able to share in the light of day. Thank goodness I at least have my dog with me. Although she has scared the heck out of me a number of times when I woke from a sound sleep in the middle of the night to hear the sound of a Wolf howling, realized it was in my bedroom,  then figured out it was her. I was panicked in the beginning though. It's something I never would've expected since she doesn't bark or anything while she's awake. She cries, growls and does little barks in her sleep too. I feel the need to find comfort in some ice cream. Any excuse to have ice cream works for me. That is such a scary story, I'll have to come back and read the other replies during the day, what a wimp.

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

They say dogs and cats have a sixth sense too! that they can see ghosts that we can't! i think the dog would spook me out if it just sits and barks at a corner or growls at it!

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

Woah... I definitely believe that we're not alone, if you want to call it ghost or aliens or whatever, I don't know. So I can't say that I believe in this or that, because I just have an open mind.

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

I live alone on the topmost floor of the apartment building. At some point, I started hearing scratching noises from the roof, like when someone runs their finger nail on the wall. It's only in the morning and night, never during the day. The noise is only around top of my bed, not in the kitchen, not in the living room or bathroom or anywhere else.


I tried to convince myself it's just weird noise from the appliances, like how your refrigerator hums and sometimes thumps or the heater sounds like it's banging something. But finger nail scratching is a pretty unique sound, and there were no appliances around my bed. It was freaky at first, but since nothing happened and I don't believe in ghosts (okay, I maaaay have slept with a thicker blanket/comforter), I didn't think too much about it.


Then one day I have to wake up extra early, right after sunrise. As I was walking toward my car, I heard the same scratching noise behind me, in the direction of the window to my apartment. I turned around.....and.....saw two squirrels running around the pipe that lines the roof. Yup, they were the nail scratcher that wakes me up in the morning and night. They are only my upstair neighbor during spring/fall so right now it's quiet (and I can actually SLEEP, thankgod). 


Aside from that, I don't have any even remotely ghostly stories cuz I'm a scaredy cat and I hate everything scary >.<......well, sometimes I find my door unlocked in the morning, but it doesn't happen often and I'm pretty sure that's just me forgetting to lock.

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

I live on the top most floor too, and only at night  hear scratching, but i believe it may be rats or something in the attic! They have their times though! I am just scared one will go through the roof and land on me!

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

OMG! i would DIE!!! did you go to the hotel on purpose to see the ghost cause i know a lot of people do that now a days! I believe in ghosts, But i have never seen one. And i HOPE i never do! the day i see a ghost, will be the last day i ever sleep alone! 

But i like hearing ghost stories and other people's experience. I usually watch some haunted shows, like Ghost hunters and paramormal witness. I know they say those shows arent real, but... at least those make it look real if they arent. However i HATE Ghost Adventures! That guy is so RUDE! and everything is so FAKE! >.< i can't watch it! And i LOVED when they used to give Most Haunted! 

That is as close as i ever want to get to ghosts! lol

And I Long Island Medium! ughh! i love her!

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

woah, crazy story DesertRose. I believe in ghosts. My ex-boyfriend had a ton of stories. He lived in an old home in Saudi Arabia and there was a lady who walked the halls of the house and would rock his sister to sleep. His sister, Jamie, would talk about this lady all the time and the family members would see Jamie in a rocking chair and it would be rocking but she wasnt doing it and talking to someone others couldnt see.

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

This is really long, sorry!

This is not really a ghost story but I do believe there's more going on in the world around us than what our eyes can perceive. My grandmother was gifted with the ability to just know stuff that was unknowable. So many family stories about her psychic abilities but the one I witnessed was truly amazing to me:

I was 12 or so; my grandmother was 90, suffered from Alzheimer's, and had lost most of her vision. She still recognized me if I spoke to her but for the most part she was quiet, lost in the world her illness trapped her in. She lived with my family until her last year when we were moving, so she was living with one of my aunts in the meantime. I was visiting with her one day while everyone else went out to pick up groceries. I held her hand and spoke with her for a little while, but she was unresponsive. I asked her if she minded if I watched some TV with her and she just sat there. A game show was on, as was typical of a weekday afternoon. My grandmother did not speak English and she seemed to be napping, but I figured she wouldn't mind so just held her hand and watched this show where people had to pick cards and if they matched they had to solve a puzzle.

Out of nowhere my grandmother called out two numbers in Spanish, and sure enough the contestant on the show picked those numbers and it was a match! I thought I was delusional so I asked my grandmother if she'd seen this show before, but she just smiled at me with that far off look. I kept watching the show, praying my grandmother would speak again. Sure enough, after a while she croaked out another two numbers, but the contestant didn't pick those numbers. I actually felt a little better because it was just too weird... Except that the numbers my grandmother called out were the correct match! I never wanted my mom by me more than at that moment. But here's the clincher: at the end of the game my grandmother only called out one number, but it wasn't a match, it was the wildcard worth extra money... I tried to talk to my grandmother, ask her how she had picked those numbers, if she could even see the TV or hear what was going on, but she just smiled, so I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she said my name. 

I don't know what any of that really means but I know there are things all the science I've learned can't explain, and I will keep looking for answers, even if it turns out it really is all part of a grander design outside the realm of man's knowing.

Re: Saturday Night Ghost Stories

what was going through your mind DesertRose? when he was pushing your face into the pillow.

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