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Hey Guys. How are all you beauties?


I live in the Northeast, in land, but still getting hit pretty hard by Sandy. My county has issued a state of emergency so school's closed tomorrow, and everyone's super excited. People in my district joke that our school only closes for the second coming of jesus, or if the town gets swallowed by the sinkhole, so this is pretty rare Smiley Happy . It took a hurricane day to close school O.O 


But to those on the direct coast, my thoughts and prayers go out to you that everyone is safe and the damages aren't too bad. 


~We are alll beautiful~




Re: Sandy

@prettyinpa  I have family in PA, and according to Facebook it didn't hit their area as bad as it did around this time last year.  I'm glad your house wasn't in the way of those trees!  It's amazing and scary how the wind can be so violent. 

Re: Sandy



I hope everyone is safe and got through ok, especially on the east coast, I have friends in NYC and NJ without power.  It was pretty bad there.


Where I am, we were pretty lucky, just alot of wind and rain.  Being originally from the Caribbean, I know what kind of damage hurricanes can do as we get them every year pretty much.


Best wishes to all.



Re: Sandy

Luckily in MD, it wasn't too bad, schools closed for Monday and Tuesday , some schools out today due to no electricity.  We lost it a bit and some trees down, but no real damage whew...  I'm sorry to any of u guys out there who have a lot of damage or still no power.  

Re: Sandy



Please stay safe and just know we're all here on beauty talk if you need us! Smiley Happy

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