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San Francisco Union Square Sephora!

Normally for work I go on business trips to really boring places in the middle of nowhere, but next week I actually get to go to the Bay Area!  I plan to make a pilgrimage to the Union Sq Sephora and wanted to know what tips you guys might have about this location!  Do they carry awesome brands that you can't find anywhere else?  Any cool new stuff that I absolutely must swatch?  And what are some of your other favorite Sephoras in the Bay area?


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Re: San Francisco Union Square Sephora!

Our Powell street store is fantastic! It's in the heart of Union Square, which makes it ideal to visit during a day of shopping. They have a ton of brands here, so you're in for a treat Smiley Happy. It can get kind of chaotic during the weekends but the high energy is pretty upbeat rather than stressful or super overwhelming. 


Whimsically yours,

Re: San Francisco Union Square Sephora!

Yay, I headed downtown today and spent some quality time in the Powell St store.  It's been so long since I was downtown, I hadn't realized they had changed locations until @AlwaysGlamorous mentioned it below!


*hangs head in shame* I broke my no-buy but at least it was stuff I'd been thinking of getting for a while.  I was so glad to see a big Becca section and got to swatch a bunch of stuff.  I really, really, REALLY wanted to buy one of the eyeshadow quads, it was just perfect for travel and had beautiful yet simple color combinations.  But it was $40 (ouch!) for tiny little pans and also I have very similar shades from Stila which I have been trying to hit pan on forever, sooo......


I did end up with a Becca cheek tint in Watermelon.  It's different from the other cream blushes I have, seems a bit more like a gel and seems to have pretty good lasting power.  LOVE EEEET.



Also they had a TON of Hello Kitty stuff for sale!  Wheeeee!

Re: San Francisco Union Square Sephora!

asdsfgh has it right! The Powell Street store is super big and there is so much stuff to look at and play with....I agree-- You will [want] to be there for awhile. This store is generally pretty crowded, seeing as it is right down town and next to a major tourist attraction--the cable cars but I never have had a problem with getting a sample made or a question answered. Hope you enjoy your visit to the Bay Area!!


Fun fact: If you walk down Market towards the Embarcadero, you will pass the huge, 2-story Apple store that used to be Sephora about 10 years ago.

Re: San Francisco Union Square Sephora!

Welcome to the bay Smiley Happy The Powell street store has tons of brands and is super big, expect to be there for a little while lol. 

Re: San Francisco Union Square Sephora!

Hi Drrragon Yay! I love our Powell street store Smiley Happy It has some of the brands that are only in select stores, so it's likely you will find brands that you may not have had a chance to play with.  That is probably my favorite Sephora, because it has more products to play with than some of the others.  I do love the Stanford store (Palo Alto) too, but mostly because I love that mall Smiley Happy

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