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Hey Guys,


So I know that you can automatically get samples when you purchase something online from the Sephora site. However, some one told me that you can also get free samples when you purchase any products in the stores. Is this true?

Re: Samples

Yes,most times if you ask for something in the store,they will make a sample for you to try. It's not automatic, but you can ask. I've only ever really had one mean girl not want to make me one.

Re: Samples

This is true. I was actually talking about pre-packaged samples you receive upon checkout, similar to the way they do it online.

Re: Samples

It really depends on the situation, because of all these years I've shopped at Sephora stores, I've gotten 2 samples at the register. And I think it all had to do with the situation, because the first time it was a pre-packaged Stila foundation, and I think she gave it to me because she probably saw that I had uneven skintone (back in the day when I barely wore makeup). And the second time they gave me a pre-packaged sample was a FAB acne cleanser, because I specifically remember having a massive zit on my chin! hahaha. And I think when there's not a lot of people in the store, they're more "giving" at the register. Based on my exprience, I think it all depends on the situation.   

Re: Samples

mhmm ok. Thank you! Yeah I read it somewhere or someone had mentioned it to me (can't remember right now lol)


So I probably shouldn't be asking for it then at the register right? lol

Re: Samples

pandacat22 wrote:

mhmm ok. Thank you! Yeah I read it somewhere or someone had mentioned it to me (can't remember right now lol)


So I probably shouldn't be asking for it then at the register right? lol

Thanks for answering ombre and makeupobesessed!


@pandacat22 -  Both ombre and makeupobesessed are right! It really depends on the Sephora location you go to. Some locations are sent pre-packaged samples to give at checkout while other locations may be limited. I definitely recommend asking and if you're set on trying a particular product, I suggest asking a Cast Member to create a sample for you before you get in line so you won't have to wait again. I hope this helps!


Cheers ladies,


Tiffany Heart

Re: Samples

My experience has been that the prepackaged samples available at the counter are almost invariably nothing that I want to try anyways. Mostly fragrance or random skin products that aren't for my type, or makeup that doesn't match my skintone. So ask anyways, but be prepared for them not to have a sample of what you really want.


Invariably, the castmembers are always more than happy to make me up a custom sample of any product that I wish to try, and often make me samples of other things that I hadn't even considered, but they thought I might love. Those recommendations lead me to some great new products that I didn't even knew existed, and I happily bought the full size on my next visit. If by bad luck, you get a stubborn employee, just thank her for her time and wait for someone else to approach you, it seems like every person working in the store approaches me while I am shopping so getting help is usually not a problem. Also, if you can go during a weekday, the store is usually not crowded so you are more likely to get a castmember all to yourself and you can request samples without taking her away from someone else. 

Good luck and have fun shopping!

Re: Samples

Almost all the times I shop in stores, they are just like, "By the way, Im adding in a sample of ____________ to your bag" It's really cool.


Also, whenever I go to the mall I try to get coupons for stores. Once I found one for sephora, but it turned out to be fake. The lady in the store however, gave me three deluxe prepackaged samples any way.


Also, everyone is is right that if theres anything you want to try, most times they an make you a sample if you ask


~~We are all beautiful~~


Re: Samples

Thanks guys!


Some of the cast members at my local Sephora are super sweet, while others are just downright rude. Also, I usually tend to feel a lil awkward while asking for samples, because I don't want them to think I'm just mooching off them in order to get something for free. I'm a broke college student, so I am really frugal on spending my money when it comes to makeup. That's why I prefer to test out samples to make sure the color is good for me and the formula doesn't irritate my skin.


 Also, now that I think of it, I've never gotten a sample "just because" like berniebeauty has. hmm..


But seriously, thank you guys for the help. Now I know how to approach it without sounding like a freeloader



Re: Samples

If I ask for a sample, they will usually make it for me or give me one...although I did encounter a girl who checked my bag to see if I had other samples already...and i didnt.  However, they are usually very good about it, and they even make an extra of something i didnt even think to ask about.

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