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Sample Society vs. Birchbox vs. Luxe Box

 I am thinking of joining a monthly sample program and cannot decide which one would be best. Does anyone have suggestions?

Re: Sample Society vs. Birchbox vs. Luxe Box

If anyone is curious, this is the box I got this month.


So far, it's the "worst" one I've received, still good though. There's a hair mask, 2 laundry detergent pods, Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck, Juice Beauty moisturizer, and Zoya nail polish, but I got Lotus, which is purple.

Re: Sample Society vs. Birchbox vs. Luxe Box

@lowrah: I FINALLY got off the waiting list and my box has shipped. I'm supposed to get it tomorow. OF course, tomorrow I'm working a 12 hr day, so I won't get to see it until late tomorrow night! I did cancel my Julep membership because I thought $10 a month for a variety of products ( some full sized) was better than just mani/pedi stuff from one brand for $20.

Re: Sample Society vs. Birchbox vs. Luxe Box

I got my referral points! Thanks again. Did you like your box?


Re: Sample Society vs. Birchbox vs. Luxe Box

I wasn't totally in love with this one. It was a "Welcome" bix as opposed to the April box that everyone else got, so I was a bit disappointed. But not enough to cancel my subscription. I'm taking the face wash/scrub and moisturizer with me to the hospital when I deliver, and I''ll throw the perfume sample and nail polish sample in my donation box!

I was really looking forward to trying some of the stuff in the April box, but oh well!


Re: Sample Society vs. Birchbox vs. Luxe Box

Did you get the BeFine skin care samples? Be careful, the girls at Makeup Talk just realized that they're expired. Some of them even smelled rancid. If you have expired samples, e-mail birchbox and they should make it right.


This is the first time I've heard of expired products being sent in BB. (Eco-emi has been known to send expired food products, and I guess Conscious Box sent some that were expired by a month this month)


Also, May's box is going to be inspired by Gossip Girl, so it should have really awesome stuff inside of it. Everyone gets one of these boxes as default.

Re: Sample Society vs. Birchbox vs. Luxe Box

OMG, lowrah: THANK YOU for the heads up about the expired products. Mine totally were!!!! I'm so glad you told me to check! I would have been so mad to not realize it until AFTER I was at the hospital and ready to use them! I'm calling them ASAP!


Re: Sample Society vs. Birchbox vs. Luxe Box

After reading and watching videos about these, these subscriptions are not very reliable or carry worthwhile products (expired ones?  No thanks).  There are very few, "I am so in love with this service," responses either.  Interesting idea but not very well executed. 


Will these become better over time?  Maybe but I doubt I will be joining one anytime soon. 


Thanks for the heads up.  These posts are definitely reaffirmation that my lack of interest was spot on. 

Re: Sample Society vs. Birchbox vs. Luxe Box

I have a few friends that I just found out have Birchbox and really love it. I just got an email from them giving instructions on how to get 100 points credit for the expired samples sent from that one company. I'm going to give them a chance and see what happens. 

Re: Sample Society vs. Birchbox vs. Luxe Box

Do you want another referral for BBox? I'm about to sign up & thought I'd check on here first. Thanks!

Re: Sample Society vs. Birchbox vs. Luxe Box

Hi glossjunkie - do you have any more detailed info about myglam that you can share? I'm currently doing Birchbox and will break down what I've gotten so far in another post to orlando09 who started this thread. If I can get a first hand 'report' on myglam it may help me decide whether or not I should switch. How about the other one mentioned? Luxe Box? Any info on them? Thanks in advance.

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