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Salon inside sephora

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that it would be just about like walking into heaven if Sephora would expand their stores to include a salon? This is the one thing that ulta has that sephora does not. But I feel that if sephora had a salon, it would be MEGA chic and ultra fashion forward. I'm talkin' you could get nails and hair done, facials, waxing, brow styling- the whole bit! 

I have been obsessing over this idea and wanted to share it with you guys! 

Does anyone else have any dream expansions they'd like to see in Sephora?! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Salon inside sephora

It never occurred to me to even think about a salon in Sephora. It could be a great idea or bad idea. I've heard some not so great things about salons in ulta. I think it could be good, to be able to have sephora be that one stop place for everything beauty related. But it seems like a complicated idea as well if the were to consider it. Maybe they have considered it and found problems with it. I think it's something to hope for! Great idea! 

Re: Salon inside sephora

@arielaaaaaaaa- Just a quick word on the Ulta salon- It's a YMMV situation. I happen to love the one by me and have had excellent results.

Re: Salon inside sephora

I think it would be great if they did waxing, brows and maybe nails...facials would be great too!

Re: Salon inside sephora

IDK if I would trust the employees to do that kind of work. Their are very few Cast Members I trust touching my face. LOL! 

I rather just go to a salon or spa. The salon at my Ulta is always empty, it just takes up space. 

Re: Salon inside sephora

No thanks! I never use the salon in ULTA (60 bucks for a HAIRCUT? say whhhaaaaaaa?).


There's a lot of JCP Sephoras, and JCP has a salon so win win.

Re: Salon inside sephora

That's good point of made with the JCP Salon!

Re: Salon inside sephora

I don't think it would really work at Sephora. This store sells high end beauty products unlike Ulta, which sells drugstore products along with high end, they would not benefit from it as much. Most people already have a hair stylist chosen, I know I don't trust very many people with my hair or eyebrows, so I wouldn't be willing to do that. It takes away from the environment, I think. There are already too many places that have that, I like the uniqueness of Sephora stores, without the salon. 


Re: Salon inside sephora

Something like a Drybar would be great!  Show me firsthand the great blowout I'll get if a buy a $200 hairdryer to replace the drugstore one I have now!  Also, a blowout is a pretty quick service and having one or two chairs for it wouldn't take up much space.

Re: Salon inside sephora

A blowout and nail bar would be awesome.

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