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Ugh! I need to vent. I feel like utter garbage! Today is my boyfriend's 34th birthday. We normally don't go crazy with presents, since we like to surprise each other with things we "need" throughout the year. Well except when he gives me nice jewelry for milestones Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy 

Since we finally moved I thought it would be nice to get a few more canvas prints of us. We already have 2 in our upstairs hallway from Ukraine that are 20x16. We're not the focal point in the images, they are more scenic. After spending hours going through our photos & touching them up I finally decided on 2 more pictures; one from Sydney & one from Cairo. I ordered them 2 weeks ago, with a guaranteed arrival for Monday. On Tuesday I called the company & they couldn't figure out where they were. Well yesterday I was told that they were out of 0.75 inch stretcher bars for the past month & they won't come in until next Monday & I should have them by Thursday. My only other option was to go with a 1.25 inch instead of the 0.75 we already have. I thought that would look silly on the wall... so I'm waiting. 

So when he gets home from work, we'll sit on the porch & watch the sunset with yummy lasagna, a nice bottle of red, & no present Smiley Sad Later we'll sit up in the loft with champagne and watch what's left of the meteor shower from the skylight (it was raining during the peak). I know it's not a big deal, but I was so excited & now fell defeated. 

Sorry just needed to vent. If you read it all... thanks for listening Smiley Wink 

Re: Sad

you should scan them & make a framed photo collage! 

Re: Sad

That's really sweet! For aaaages when we were dating, my husband and I would exchange random cards for each month we were together, our 0.16666666 anniversary, our 13/12 anniversary, etc.


Once I sent him a ransom note I cut out of letters from the newspaper and flyers (this took forever) saying I'd kidnapped his heart, and it would be 12 jillion dollars if he wanted it back. I thought it was just silly, and we'd laugh about it later, but the next morning there was a sack full of joss paper on my doorstep and a note saying I could keep his heart anyway! 


(For anyone who is utterly confused, joss paper is a Chinese/Asian tradition, where a paper representation of money, gold, and things like credit cards, houses, cars, all sorts of things are burned in honor of someone who has died, so they will have lots of money/other good things in the afterlife. Anyone who wants to correct/add to this, go ahead and speak up! I don't know a ton about it beyond the fact it exists, lol. Anyway, I had a sack of "money" that looked something like this:



Re: Sad

That is frustrating, and it's just the kind of thing that would make me really, really sad too.  I have learned over the years to try not to look forward to certain things too much, because then I get disappointed.  (Kind of sad, isn't it.)  I was very sad on my first anniversary when my DH didn't get anything except stopping to get a card on the way home from work while I sat in the car.  He has since learned on that front. Smiley Happy


If I have a gift that I just won't have done in time, I try to wrap up something to show what it will be.  If it were me, I'd print small (say 4x6) pictures of the canvases you're having done and wrap them up.  Maybe wrapped with one of the pictures you've taken off the wall if you can get away with him not seeing it or something.  He'll be confused but pleased.  And guys really don't seem to mind waiting.  I ordered something for my husband's birthday last year and it wasn't here in time (it came internationally) and he wasn't very bothered at all.


I hope you manage to have a good night anyway.  I didn't even know there was a meteor shower to be seen.

Re: Sad

That's SUPER frustrating and pretty dishonest on the company's end of things.  But it sounds like you have a pretty fabulous night planned and hey maybe getting the gifts late extends the celebration.

Re: Sad

Oh no, I hope that doesn't stop both of you from still having a good time celebrating his birthday though!! TGTIF!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Sad

Argh that must be so frustrating, especially when you planned everything out AND got a guarantee from the company! I really hate it when companies make promises and then don't follow through.. I know everyone makes mistakes and accidents happen, but I hope they tried to make up for it somehow. >:[ Otherwise that's just really unprofessional. 


But I hope you still have a super fantastic and romantic evening (omgsh lasagna sounds amazing.. and with red wine!), and don't dwell on it too much. Smiley Sad Happy birthday to your boyf!


Btw I think it's super cute that you decided to vent here teeheheh. Smiley Tongue

Re: Sad

I'd ask myself this;

?is it time to clean your perspective filter?

Are you missing the real message life handed you?

PS) hindsight is twenty-twenty....found this out the hard way.


Re: Sad

Really? Obviously the night wasn't ruined. I was just upset with an on-line order & the lack of communication from the company. He doesn't care if I get him a gift or not, I wanted to see the prints. I was excited to receive them. 

When our Sephora packages get delayed, do most of us not come here & vent? That's exactly what I was doing venting...

Don't take life so seriously.... 

Re: Sad

I wasn't I was pointing out you are so blessed, that is all.

Re: Sad

Hi dannnyc - That is so aggravating, I definitely get where you're coming from, it's upsetting when things like that happen when you've planned so well and you know how excited you both will be while opening his gifts. Obviously you know the night wasn't terrible and totally ruined, as you mentioned in response to someone, it just kinda went off the rails a bit. Kind of like there was a fork in the road and you were planning on going left and all of a sudden someone steered the car to the right, it's annoying and totally out of your hands. I really do feel bad for you though, it's upsetting when things go wrong, especially when it involves someone you love so much and you just want everything to be perfect.

On the other hand, I look at it this get to celebrate his B'day TWICE!!!! I'm certain he was perfectly fine with it,(assuming it was last night, Thursday) That sounds like a totally perfect evening to me, I'm actually a bit envious Smiley Sad  Lasagna, wine, sunset with a meteor shower and champagne to top it off. That sounds heavenly to me. Now he has something extra to look forward to next week, kinda keeps the party going all week long.

I think he is a lucky man for having a girlfriend who went all out the way you did, even setting up a meteor shower just for his B'day! Smiley Happy Now that's quite an amazing, magical gift and evening! I do still totally get how you were feeling about it, I'm the same way, I'm really glad you came to vent, it's such a good outlet and we have such an amazing' thing' going on here with all of us SephoraHeads.

I'm certain the night was wonderful, say Happy B'day to your fella' and I'd love it if you wanted to post a picture of the pictures if you feel like it, if not, that's okay too. I love that we all have each other, thanks to everyone, we all are so helpful to one another and I think that's an amazing and rare thing.

Smiley Happy To All





Re: Sad

@rikkie - I sooooo love the story about  stealing and ransoming your bf's heart, and his response was Awesome!! I think that is one of the sweetest, most beautiful stories I've ever heard, for reals. I love your 'avatar' pic too, is he your Pooch?


@dannyc - meant to tell you I loved your picture/avatar as well, that is one seriously cute pup. Yours? What it a present from one of you to the other or a present you got for yourselves? I also love that you mentioned part of the issue was that you couldn't wait to get them yourself and tear them open, that is SO me.


**just went back and read all of the other posts, they were all so nice. Smiley Happy


***I don't know what the deal is on my end, I can't respond to any of the comments that people write in response to an Original post. When I click on where it say's 'respond to I get a message that basically says ' No Can Do' It's really annoying because there are so many times I'd like to write a quick like or two like 'so funny' so cute' so true' 'you crack me up' or whatever but I can't Smiley Sad Smiley Sad 

Anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

Re: Sad

Oh yeah, I also can't go back & 'edit' my post if I realize I messed something up. i.e. - my @dannyc post below 'What it a present....."  instead of "Was it a present...." That just annoys me. Smiley Sad

Re: Sad

They finally came today! & of course the one from Australia is all blurry & distorted. Now I need to deal with their shady customer service rep & try to get this fixed. But the Egypt one looks amazing! 


Re: Sad

I love the one of you guys in Egypt! Absolutely gorgeous!

Re: Sad

Thanks & that was the one I was most worried about

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