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I hate to bring everyone down but I got some incerdibly sad, painful and upsetting news last night. Its about one of my closest friends from the age of about 14. Her husband just passed away. Smiley Sad  I honestly did not believe it when I got the news, I just kept saying, " that's not possible" "how can that even be true?" etc. My friend is a little older than I am and her husband is a little older than she is. There was no warning at all. He was on a trip with his 14 year old son. They also have a 12 yr old little girl, My heart hurts so much for them. They have a lot of family and friends to help, which is a blessing, but that measure of comfort only goes so far. So sad.


I'm just hoping maybe those of you who are spiritual, can send prayers to them. For everyone else, if you could send well wishes and good vibes their way, I'd appreciate it immensely. It would  mean a lot to me. Thanks everybody. I truly believe all of those good things will find the way to them and be felt by them, no matter the distance they may need to travel.


Sorry for the sad news, just had to get it out and I know a lot of you prayed and sent well wishes during one of my fathers hospitalizations and that meant the world to me. So thanks in advance to all of you special people in a wonderful community that I'm glad to be a part of. Smiley Happy


AARRGGGHHH, in the midst of that a spider just jumped on my bed and tried to kill me!!! Not Kidding. We got him, or I'd have been sleeping on the couch! Seriously. Hope that didn't time me out and that this goes through. Phew.

Re: Sad

It doesn't have to be bug spray I grab what ever is the closest , air fresh etc. I have very expensive tile all through my house so if I spray something like that  then our floors get polished professionally so it doesn't hurt them and I wouldn't use anything but thick towels just in case he's not dead. 


@arielaaaaaaa- I know that's why I use thick towels when I pick them up I don't want to feel them twitch and I always hold them way out away from me and usually squeal all the way to the trash can.

Re: Sad

That is absolutely horrible, Im so0o sorry for you and your friends' family's loss. I am quite spiritual (Catholic School preK through Senior year) Yes I do believe that somethings happen for a reason and that old saying that "You won't be faced with anything that you can't handle" BUT sometimes it is just to0o devastating to fathom an idea as to why this happened. I just always pray every night to be protected and to know that my family and friends are safe. All I can think of to say is that faith in something higher whichever it is can get you and them through this. I hope that helped? 

Re: Sad

Sending lots of love your way and to your friend and her loved ones. His energy is still out there and he'll help them to get through was hard losing my dad at 19, I couldn't imagine how that would feel at 12.

Re: Sad

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one that is super scared of spiders they are so icky with all those legs they just freak me out and I will literally spray half of bottle of whatever I can get my hands on before I will get any near it to try to kill it and then get our fly swatter and beat it 10 times before I will attempt to pick it up and when I do that I usually have about 5 or 6 thick papers towels in my hand.  ICK!

Re: Sad

I'm not allowed to use bug spray! It will ruin our hardwood floors & I don't like chemicals on the floor because of the dog. We use vinegar & water to clean mostly everything in the house... & all it does to spiders in make them wet. 

If they are inside the house & on the floor a heavy magazine gets thrown on it & sits there until my boyfriend comes home to inspect for death & clean it up. Otherwise I watch them like a hawk if they are inside until he comes home. 

Re: Sad

*Inspect for death* <---that step is ALWAYS important!

Re: Sad

It seems your bug killing routine is the same as mine, hahah!


Can't stand not having a thick layer of tissue or towel between me and even a dead bug!


I've grabbed for bug spray, to disinfecting spray, or air freshener! Smiley Tongue

Re: Sad

I can't pick up an insect or anything! They freak me out i will run screaming if it even moves a tiny inch. I usually grab hair spray to kill it. Then i drop a heavy magazine on top, or a bowl on top on it. Lol and then i wait for someone to come home! One time i was just so freaked out because a roach was crawling near my new shoes i grabbed a can of hair spray and put the can on top of it. And i was before i finished doing my hair. So i had no hairspray!

Re: Sad

Poor Ariela!!!!!


It's even worse when you see them twitch!!! Arghhh!

Re: Sad

Haha! I know!! I feel traumatized by roaches especially! They are everywhere come Summer. I've had one crawl on me and it freaks me out to think about it! 

Re: Sad

Oh my gosh, speaking of spiders, I had a terrifying experience today. When I walk out the door, I felt a spider thread on my face. Usually I don't look at ceilings, but today I looked up. Oh My God. There were 5 or 6 spiders the side of my pinky nail with ~1-2in legs RIGHT ON CEILING OF MY FRONT DOOR. Of course I freaked out and sprayed bug spray like there's no tomorrow. Then I decided to take a shower and....there's a small spider in the tub. Spider around your bed must be terrible, but I think spider while you are showering is a second. Now I'm paranoid about everything small and black. X.X

Re: Sad

I want to barf! I can't stand spiders. We have this GIANT one outside right above my lemon tree in the corner of the door that has been growing & growing. I don't know enough about them to tell the difference between male & female... but it was getting some the other day. so gross! My boyfriend refuses to kill it since it's but the lemon tree & he enjoys watching my reaction every time I see it. 

Re: Sad

>.< My skin is crawling...thanks Smiley Tongue


Re: Sad

>.< Noooooooo!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Re: Sad

A huge thank you to all of you, like I said, it means the world to me. All of your kind words and well wishes were so heartfelt and comforting. Thank you all so much.

There's something up with my computer or something, I can't reply to individual responses using the 'respond to' link, don't know why. but a few quick shout outs....


@lylysa - hi, haven't 'seen' you in a while, nice to see you & I hope all is well on your end. You are always so kind, you rock. I agree with RUDE of that spider! Some nerve! Smiley Happy I have a ......OMG just got another one!!! I hate this! I was saying, I have a big, deep scar from a spider bite, so it makes it even worse and I'm awful at trying to catch things. Don't think anyone would've appreciated being woken at 2am to get my spider though, so had to suck it up.


@beautytester - I'm so sorry, I had no idea you lost someone so young, that's awful. Don't think we ever PM'd about that,  I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way.


@kissXmakeup - How terrible. On top of her being away/out on a date, I'm sorry you had to be the one to tell her, that's too sad. I'm get the feeling you handled it beautifully. That's so tough, being the bearer of bad news.


@Londonlover101 - I agree about never being alone and God always being with us. That fact has gotten me through a lot.


To everyone else, all of your messages were equally lovely, this would be 2 pages long if I did an @___ to everyone. Didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings though, hope I didn't.

*Extra sad, Today(well, Saturday) was his B'day. Wake tomorrow, Funeral Monday. Glad it's a 1 day wake, much less stressful on the family.

Thanks again, you are all wonderful and really have made me feel better, I know they will feel it too, even though they don't know where it's coming from, you still feel it, usually in those quiet moments. You gals are the best. Smiley Happy

Sorry so long.

Re: Sad

Funny thing is that I came home after a long day of work, showered, skin cared up, was ready to make some dinner and relax and as soon as I popped in my kitchen a GIANT roach was there!!! >.< I had to drown it in bug spray because heck no, I was not getting close enough to smash it! That completely threw my "I'm going to relax" mood out the window! Smiley Tongue


*hugs hugs hugs* 


When you see your friend, give her tons of hug, take all the love and support from this thread and use it to power yourself and her through this. She might not know who we are, but she has you and that alone speaks volumes! ^_^

Re: Sad

Prayers coming your way.

Re: Sad

I'm so sorry to hear, Kssweetheart!!! My heart goes out to your friend, her family, her husband's family, to you, and to all friends!


Something so out of the blue can be so difficult to wrap your mind around and shock in inevitable. I wish everyone affected and involved all the best in this time and the time to come because frankly, it won't be easy, but rest assured, there is no shortage of love, support, warm wishes, thoughts, and prayers on their way!


I hope that the immediately family has nothing but everyone's full support around them, and I wish you and everyone nothing but strength.




Much love!


P.S. To Mr. Spider that decided to spoil this moment, NO NO NO NO NO!!!! >.< 

Re: Sad

I'm so sorry for your loss!  Losing a love one is the most painful thing that anyone has to go through.  I'm sending you and your friend's family my prayers and lots of love and well wishes. 

Re: Sad

Aww, my condolences. I will be sending well wishes your way. I remember how it felt when my friend passed away suddenly. Keep the memories of good times you guys have in your heart. We are here if you need us.


Ugh, I hate bugs. T.T glad you got it. Summer's almost over, so less bugs now I hope.

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