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I hate to bring everyone down but I got some incerdibly sad, painful and upsetting news last night. Its about one of my closest friends from the age of about 14. Her husband just passed away. Smiley Sad  I honestly did not believe it when I got the news, I just kept saying, " that's not possible" "how can that even be true?" etc. My friend is a little older than I am and her husband is a little older than she is. There was no warning at all. He was on a trip with his 14 year old son. They also have a 12 yr old little girl, My heart hurts so much for them. They have a lot of family and friends to help, which is a blessing, but that measure of comfort only goes so far. So sad.


I'm just hoping maybe those of you who are spiritual, can send prayers to them. For everyone else, if you could send well wishes and good vibes their way, I'd appreciate it immensely. It would  mean a lot to me. Thanks everybody. I truly believe all of those good things will find the way to them and be felt by them, no matter the distance they may need to travel.


Sorry for the sad news, just had to get it out and I know a lot of you prayed and sent well wishes during one of my fathers hospitalizations and that meant the world to me. So thanks in advance to all of you special people in a wonderful community that I'm glad to be a part of. Smiley Happy


AARRGGGHHH, in the midst of that a spider just jumped on my bed and tried to kill me!!! Not Kidding. We got him, or I'd have been sleeping on the couch! Seriously. Hope that didn't time me out and that this goes through. Phew.

Re: Sad

Poor Ariela!!!!!


It's even worse when you see them twitch!!! Arghhh!

Re: Sad

Haha! I know!! I feel traumatized by roaches especially! They are everywhere come Summer. I've had one crawl on me and it freaks me out to think about it! 

Re: Sad

I'm not allowed to use bug spray! It will ruin our hardwood floors & I don't like chemicals on the floor because of the dog. We use vinegar & water to clean mostly everything in the house... & all it does to spiders in make them wet. 

If they are inside the house & on the floor a heavy magazine gets thrown on it & sits there until my boyfriend comes home to inspect for death & clean it up. Otherwise I watch them like a hawk if they are inside until he comes home. 

Re: Sad

*Inspect for death* <---that step is ALWAYS important!

Re: Sad

Sending lots of love your way and to your friend and her loved ones. His energy is still out there and he'll help them to get through was hard losing my dad at 19, I couldn't imagine how that would feel at 12.

Re: Sad

That is absolutely horrible, Im so0o sorry for you and your friends' family's loss. I am quite spiritual (Catholic School preK through Senior year) Yes I do believe that somethings happen for a reason and that old saying that "You won't be faced with anything that you can't handle" BUT sometimes it is just to0o devastating to fathom an idea as to why this happened. I just always pray every night to be protected and to know that my family and friends are safe. All I can think of to say is that faith in something higher whichever it is can get you and them through this. I hope that helped? 


Re: Sad

It doesn't have to be bug spray I grab what ever is the closest , air fresh etc. I have very expensive tile all through my house so if I spray something like that  then our floors get polished professionally so it doesn't hurt them and I wouldn't use anything but thick towels just in case he's not dead. 


@arielaaaaaaa- I know that's why I use thick towels when I pick them up I don't want to feel them twitch and I always hold them way out away from me and usually squeal all the way to the trash can.

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