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Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

So what do you do when you're faced with impossibly long days?  Something about this week has me hitting walls.  Because of an issue at work, I'm pulling 18 hour days and, basically, going home to shower, sleep for a few hours, get up, shower and come back to the office.  Can't live on coffee and breath mints, and I just feel ... ugh.


What do you do to keep yourself (reasonably) sane, focused and awake during ridiculously long/demanding work or school days?!

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

Hi - just stopping by to say I was thinking about you! Hope your day went well!! Only a few more days til the weekend... you can make it Smiley Very Happy


As a fellow sleep-deprived hard worker... I thought I'd throw out the reminder that when you're sleep deprived and stressed, you can lower your immune system and be more vulnerable to getting sick. AKA me right now in bed with a box of tissues and zicam. So make sure you're staying hydrated, taking a daily vitamin, getting enough vitamin C, finding ways to de-stress, and most importantly - wash your hands often!!! 


*Back to sniffling while I study*

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

I have really long days as well (yeah, being a grad student isn't easy these days), so I know what you're talking about. Also, coffee has no effect on me, so I had to find some other tricks. Here are the stuff I do:


  • Start the morning with a cup of tea to relax.
  • Once I arrive at work, I'll either eat some veggies (sweet ones, like carrots and red bell peppers) or dried cranberries, you'd be shocked at how much energy it gives.
  • Once I'm back home, take half an hour and do something fun - youtube, BT.. you get the jist Smiley Happy
  • Long showers before bed always help me unwind.

Just remember to take it easy!

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

Well firstly, if I was pulling 18 hour days doing anything but what I love, I would seriously reevaluate my priorities.

No amount of money is worth killing yourself over IMO. If it's not a labor of love, I'd simply walk.


If I was putting 18 hours a day into something I loved doing, I would just enjoy it no matter how crazy. The stressful parts are minimal compared to the rest. And after everything was said & done, I'd sit back, take a breather and just think, man, that was awesome. I am the luckiest person alive.

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

I know what you mean, but this is simply blip due to someone's lack of understanding, so only this week. I like my job as I'm never bored, but it's not where I get my fulfillment.  I know few people who are fortunate enough to have jobs that they sincerely love.

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

Tips for staying awake:


1. Yummy flavored coffee or an energizing tea drink.

2. In between completing tasks, browsing on fun makeup and beauty websites; blogs and/or brands.

3. Socializing, whether its in person or via social media. It makes me feel more awake to connect with my friends.

4. Snacks! It feels like I am eating every few hours, but it not only helps keep you going, but helps with metabolism. Now the snacks I'm talking about aren't awful for your health, for example; sliced bananas with nutella spread, sliced green apples with peanut butter, dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, etc. Find a healthy medium between yummy and functional.


Tips on staying sane:


1. I like to having little fun games on my phone to play throughout the day to take the edge off. I have a cute little virtual farm where I am connected to my friends and it takes me out of the stressful setting when I need it to.

2. Having a good playlist to listen to when doing work can keep you sane and awake.

3. When I feel overwhelmed or overworked, I treat myself to something nice. Maybe I go to Walgreens and get a Revlon lip butter or go get a pedicure (I recommend only doing this every few weeks so you don't spend too much).

4. Having a comfortable work space. I look at the memories captured in my picture frames, the cute little knick knacks I have sitting on my desk, and the mini water fountain I got from CVS which creates a soothing sound of rushing water. Do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel surrounded by positive energy Smiley Happy

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

I feel your pain. Work just drains the energy well out of us. I would suggest taking mini breaks and maybe going for a walk during lunch. Smiley Happy

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

Some lovely suggestions.  Thank you!  I did take a mental break and indulged in a little Cute Overload and my brain feels less icky.  Found these.  So. D@mn. Cute!!!1.gif3.gif2.gif4.gif

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

OMG!! I wish I could heart this post a zillion times!!


The wiggling kitty!!!

Popping open hedgie eyes!!


Baby sloth!





Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

You should also look at videos of sea otters holding hands... it's so sweet!

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

I find that juicing really helps me.  If you have a juicer you can make your own or you can order from a company that will ship right to your door.  I made my own juice today (drinking it RIGHT NOW!) but I know next week is going to be super busy and instead of taking the extra time to juice myself it's being shipped to me.  I feel like I can operate and think better when I have decent food in my body.... or juice in this case.  I don't do it long term and eat real food.  I also try to take a little 5 or 10 minute walk when possible... if it's not outside then I go to an art gallery and look at pretty things just to take a deep breath.  Hugs... hope the crazy days slow down soon!

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

I agree.  Except I ran out of the house sans glasses, fruit and my beloved kimchi rice.  I really loath Mixers which is the only place to get an unweird smoothie.  So I'm od'ing on coffee as our downtown doesn't have a decent little market and I can't bring myself to pay $5 for a fruit bowl consisting of mushy melon and a random grape!


Ugh.  I do need an attitude adjustment.

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

That fruit bowl sounds scary.  YIKES!


Hang in there.  Really hope you get a break soon! Smiley Happy

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

For me when I know it's gonna be a long day, a Starbucks venti coffee definitely helps. Try thinking of something to look forward to when you get off like you favorite t.v. show or  a hug from your son, thinking of things like this have definitely made my day go by faster.

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

Already did my 'loading dose' of a quad espresso from Starbucks and now I'm sipping on a venti black-eyed blonde.  Right now I'm just thankful my son offered to change my sheets and make my bed, so I'll have something lovely to fall into when I get home at some point tonight!

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

Awww. That was sweet of him!

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

I feel your pain. I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. I didn't realize it's WEDNESDAY until I'd been up and moving for 15 minutes. I blame yesterday, which was the longest day ever.


So basically I'm just sympathizing here - I have no helpful suggestions, because anything I said right now would be disingenuous! I am, however, going to make a list of all the suggestions below and try them throughout the day. Some I already do (walking around, etc.), but maybe if I routinize, it will help.


Hang in there.

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

Prank a co-worker


Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

Lately, I've been on a run of weirdly passively passive, mildly annoying pranks.  Like I bought two-dozen donuts, put them on a grumpy co-workers desk and sent out an email telling people donuts were available and thanking my coworker for his kind gesture.  Everyone who got a donut not only thanked him, but wanted to chit-chat.  He was incredibly annoyed ... also because he felt he either had to lie and get the thanks he didn't deserve, or say he didn't do it and feel like a jerk.


Stupid, I realize, but it made me smile all day.

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

Between this and the Cute Overload gif post, you just became one of my favorite people.


That is all.


Smiley Very Happy

Re: Running on Empty: What Do You Do?

Woohoo!!! Heart

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