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Rumored Naked 3?

*** EDIT *** as mentioned in the comments below. Urban Decay has confirmed a Naked 3 palette that will be available soon Smiley Tongue 


So a few weeks ago, I read a post on Refinery29 about supposed "leaked" pictures of a rumored Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Everyone quickly brushed it off as being a fake.... UNTIL... Urban Decay started taking posts down on Instagram and forums. Now there's a supposed December 8th release date. 


I said no more eyeshadow palettes, until I use my original Vice more. I don't use the basics palette, but love Naked 1 & 2. I'm sure I'll be purchasing this as soon as it comes out, if it does Smiley Tongue 



Re: Rumored Naked 3?

I think if this is a real palette I'm definitely going to like it way better than the others! These are my type of colors. The other two palettes missed mark for me because they didn't go very well with my very fair skin tone.

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

I'm sure there is a Naked 3 on the horizon, but some of those look like renamed colors from 1, 2 and basic.  Mugshot look like Verve, Trick like Half Baked, Buzz like Sin, **bleep** like Naked.  


Re: Rumored Naked 3?

I think that UD is just being smart. From a business standpoint, they know that people are gaga over the naked line so they are milking it for all its worth. And I'm sure if this palette is real and released that it will do very well.


I only own the naked basics so I am not naked-ed out yet. I would like the original but I've been putting it off since I really do have plenty of neutrals.

Re: Rumored Naked 3?



I can't say Im all that impressed. It looks pretty but if this is another palette with mostly light colored shimmers, and the mattes are to light for my skin tone I may pass. 


Im I still waiting on a NAKED basics thats a little more WOC friendly.

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

I'd really wish that Urban Decay would make an all matte Naked palette. We their customers have been asking for one since Naked came out because not everyone can wear the shimmery/sparkly shades due to allergies or other reasons. Plus an all matte Naked palette would complement the other ones wonderfully. Oh well. I'll be buying this one anyway even though I own 1 and 2.

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

@ilovetopurplefy. You mean Naked Basics?


ps. Yeah, I can wear shimmer but I hate glitters, which is the only reason why I've been staying away from Naked palettes so far.

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

@beautytester Naked Basics doesn't work for everyone. It was only suited toward light skin tones. I have dark skin so it looked really ashy on me. They need to make a full size matte Naked palette that everyone of all skin tones can use. They'd sell out so quickly!

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

Ah I see I see, that make sense. Maybe you can try Stila's matte palette? I tried Basics but didn't like it cuz they are all cool matte, it would be interesting if they made a matte version of naked1 and naked 2, then I might actually be tempted....

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

@beautytester Thanks for the suggestion! I'm on a no-buy until the RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday collection launches ( I NEED those lipsticks!!!!) and the Sephora gift card in December. I'm not doing the 20% off sale even though I want some formula X polishes because it won't take off much from them. I just bought some MAC stuff, some things from Sephora, and Sleek stuff  the past two weeks so I'm waiting a little bit. Maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas.

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

They would have to be gorgeous, and dark enough for me, matte shades for me to buy an all matte palette. I love shimmer, I can do glitter to given the right day, but I feel shimmer is a little more...easy. And I think that's why I love my Lorac Pro palette over my NAKED 1 palette as it has an even number of matte and shimmers and I can use all the colors without them looking ashy on my skin.