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Rumored Naked 3?

*** EDIT *** as mentioned in the comments below. Urban Decay has confirmed a Naked 3 palette that will be available soon Smiley Tongue 


So a few weeks ago, I read a post on Refinery29 about supposed "leaked" pictures of a rumored Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Everyone quickly brushed it off as being a fake.... UNTIL... Urban Decay started taking posts down on Instagram and forums. Now there's a supposed December 8th release date. 


I said no more eyeshadow palettes, until I use my original Vice more. I don't use the basics palette, but love Naked 1 & 2. I'm sure I'll be purchasing this as soon as it comes out, if it does Smiley Tongue 



Re: Rumored Naked 3?

Just out of curiosity, where did you hear about the December 8th release date..?

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

It has been "confirmed" on various forums (spektra, MUA-reddit...) And people on the Refinery29 page have been commenting. 

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

I think it might be legit. I have a friend in the beauty industry who said Urban Decay told them to keep their eyes open for a special happening in December. I really hope it's true! I'm loving all the pinks and purples!!!

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

I love purples, and I love neutrals with a hint of purple, probably why I use Naked 2 more than the first. I just wish it had 1/2 baked like the other two... my most used shade, but trick looks similar. 

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

Wow  this is interesting.... Can't wait to see what happens with this!!!

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

Oh my gosh make it stop!  I am done with all the Naked items from UD.  They need to come up with a new idea.


I have seen these pictures floating around now for a few weeks on different makeup blogs I follow.  I really hope this is just a rumor.  I feel like UD is beating a dead horse with all this Naked business.  I want to see different palettes from UD with more color and more variety!  Different size palettes with a good mix of mattes, and shimmers, with light and dark colors.  Enough with the nudes.


That is my rant for the day! 

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

Vice just came out with color. 

I like the nudes! And I like nudes that are more than just a boring brown... the hints of purple & pinks are nice twist, blackheart looks to be reddish brown & it looks like there are 3 mattes in there. 

I don't really use mattes, maybe a few here in there, but I never go "Ooooo! I'm going for mattes today" 


Re: Rumored Naked 3?

Lol, what? You mean aside from 3 Naked eyeshadow palettes, a Naked face palette, a Naked bb cream, Naked gloss, Naked nail polish, you don't want *more* Naked? but there's so much potential! I mean, we haven't even gotten to the Naked eyeliner, blush, perfume, haircare, toothpaste, tanning products......


It looks nice, altho if I were to get a Naked palette, I'd prob end up getting the original. I ordered Basic and it's just not my type. But for now, there are too many other pretty palettes that catches my eyes for me to go Naked.

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

It's a good thing I can control my laughter in the library, because your list cracked me up!  Smiley Very Happy

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