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Rumored Naked 3?

*** EDIT *** as mentioned in the comments below. Urban Decay has confirmed a Naked 3 palette that will be available soon Smiley Tongue 


So a few weeks ago, I read a post on Refinery29 about supposed "leaked" pictures of a rumored Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Everyone quickly brushed it off as being a fake.... UNTIL... Urban Decay started taking posts down on Instagram and forums. Now there's a supposed December 8th release date. 


I said no more eyeshadow palettes, until I use my original Vice more. I don't use the basics palette, but love Naked 1 & 2. I'm sure I'll be purchasing this as soon as it comes out, if it does Smiley Tongue 




Re: Rumored Naked 3?

Omg this is gorgeous! the shades look like they range from purple to gold to brown which will be amazing if it comes out around the holidays, i love dust & buzz and strange <3


if this is real it is def. on my wishlist for the holidays


thanks for this info dannyc i had no idea this was even going around

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

Wow!  Thanks for sharing!  I might just have to get this one. lol

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

Oh that looks gorgeous.  I own Naked 1 and I was going to buy Naked 2 at the 20% off sale, but maybe I'll hold out for Naked 3.

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

Thanks for the info.  I have to admit, given that this is probably part of the permanent collection, I'll pass until after I've seen swatches and paid off all of my holiday bills.  That said, I've really been into neutrals that aren't *quite* brown or black, especially for smoky eyes, so this should be a fun palette for me.

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

I know UD keeps coming out with Naked palettes and at first I'm like, I already have enough UD shadows, but then I just keep getting sucked in. I guess I love collecting palettes and looking at them almost as much as using them. I know neutrals are going to be used eventually so I don't feel like I'm wasting my money, it is just going to take me forever since I have soooo many neutral palettes.


But most likely, I'm buying this palette when it comes out, LOL.

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

I am a huge UD fan, and I have Vice, and both Nakeds.  I tend to use the 1st Naked more...even though so many prefer the 2nd.  I will most likely get this one as I like the purples and pinks...I just love nuetrals.

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

I dont own any of the naked palettes but I might have to get this one

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

I haven't bought any of the Naked palettes because most of the colors have been too dark or not a shade I wear.  No. 3 has more colors that I would wear.  Will have to check it out even though I need more eye shadows like I need a hole in the head.

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

Whoa...and just last night I swore I wouldn't get any more eye shadows until 2017 or I hit pans, whichever comes first....  Smiley Wink  I think I would have to have this one though!

Re: Rumored Naked 3?

I love number one and two, but I always add a little rose/pink colour above my transition colour.  I can see this one being added to my collection easily.