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Rosewater DIY! Do you use rosewater?

I made rosewater! Color me pink excited. The rose at my parents house were blooming, so I decided to try making rosewater, which the internet claims to be very easy. (I've no idea how big these pics are going to appear, so apologies in advance).


...and it is, but the first step is sooo tedious. You have to make sure to use rose without pesticides/chemicals, then wash all the dirt/bugs off the petal. It's like a mini-world between the layers of petals...dense miniture spiderwebs, giant ants, tiny green bugs that I wouldn't know were bugs until they moved, and dead bugs. You really have to wash the petals one by one, which take foreeeeeever. I would've given up if it didn't look so pretty and smells so heavenly.

Once they are washed, put then in a clean pot and cover with distilled water. Too much and you might dilute them, so just until it covers the petals. Then simmer until all the colors are gone:

image_1.jpegThe more fussy method is putting a bowl in the middle, invert the lid, and the condensation that drips into the bowl is the purest rosewater. I tried. Meh.

If you boil it too long, the rosewater become diluted and start losing its scent but it still works wonderfully on the skin. In any case, I put some in a toner bottle, then the rest in a spray bottle as a refresher for after exercise/on hot days:


I intend to use it as a toner, but the water actually left a purple stain on white napkin/bowls when it dries (washes off pretty easily) so now I'm hesitating about putting it on my face, but I poured 2 cups into the bath and I didn't come out purple/pink (feel like a princess, with the rosewater bath and petals floating on top <3). I finally tried it as toner on my skin, wiped on with cotton pad, and it left my skin hydrated but clean and SO VELVETY SOFT!!! Most rosewater toner sold in store have a water+glycerin base with rosewater added in, it makes your skin feel nowhere as good as pure rosewater.


With that said, it is kind of tedious to wash petals one by one. It's a fun (and very pretty/nicely scented) project if you've got time to spare. Since you washed it yourself, you can also use it in cooking if the recipe calls for it, but in terms of skincare, I might be too lazy for it....anyways, just a random share.

Re: Rosewater DIY! Do you use rosewater?

Oh my gosh, that's AWESOME! I love facial mists & always keep one in my purse during the summer, I might have to try this. 

I hear you on the cleaning petals part. Once a year I make a rose jam and to get the extract you not only have to clean all the petals, but make sure the white part is cut out (it's bitter), then saute, then boil.... 

Re: Rosewater DIY! Do you use rosewater?

I'm actually not much on the taste of rose. I had some pastry soaked in rosewater before, meh. I took a sip of this rosewater I made, but because most floral scent have dissipated it taste more like flower tea, which is ok, but meh. Tho I don't know if the taste of rose jam is very different from rose water......o.O


Re: Rosewater DIY! Do you use rosewater?

Rose jam has a very strong rose taste. I add to pastries and squares (but I'm not big on baking) and give some of it away to friends. It's an acquired taste, my family being Eastern European I grew up on rose deserts. 

Re: Rosewater DIY! Do you use rosewater?

wow thats is so cool. I wish I could have been there and seen how you did it Smiley Happy Thanks for sharing. It looks fun.

Re: Rosewater DIY! Do you use rosewater?

Haha, I would've welcomed it. It was quite boring/tedious hunching over the pot/flower and examining every petal. Ever so often I would get impatient and think maybe I should just rinse them and dump the whole lot in the pot, then a dead bug would come out and I'm like....nope, I'm gonna stand here and wash them one by one. -.-;

Re: Rosewater DIY! Do you use rosewater?

haha yeah it seems like a lot of work but it's worth it Smiley Happy  Your nickname is so right beautytester Smiley Happy

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