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Returning Products: How do you feel?

In all the years, I have shopped at Sephora, I have never returned a single item. Maybe it's because I put in a  lot of research before I purchase something. Maybe, I think of makeup like underware, and I find it weird once it is used/opened to be returned. I am just wondering how others feel on this topic. I have a lot of friends who return stuff all the time, and find nothing wrong with it. There probably isn't anything wrong with returning makeup, I just personally find it weird using a mascara and then giving it back.  How do you feel? I thought this would be an interesting discussion. 

Re: Returning Products: How do you feel?

I get your intention and think it's admirable.  I have returned a few products that performed so much lower than what was promised I felt justified in doing so, but I don't return because I don't like the shade or something like that.  I really don't take advantage of Sephora's generous return policy, and I appreciate it.  As for returning underwear, no I can't imagine doing that!

Re: Returning Products: How do you feel?

Ummm no  I definitely don't  do the under wear thing but thanks for being so sweet! I just love all you girls! hee hee

Re: Returning Products: How do you feel?

If I return something, it's usually because it made my skin have a reaction.  There's a reason I keep my receipts in my wallet until I'm sure I'm not going to need to return something.  However, I usually test things in Sephora on my forearms and wrist instead of my face due to the fact that the brushes and makeup can have tons of germs (e.coli has actually been found on them before when a local tv news team did an piece on makeup and germs).  I usually have a fairly good idea of if something will work with my skin tone or not that way.  When it comes to tinted moisturizer, foundation, etc., I usually ask for a couple of samples.  After my experience with Phiilosophy's Purity though, it's definitely samples just in case it makes my skin hate me (which it did).


Honestly, I think the last time I returned something to Sephora was a mascara because of an allergic reaction.  Itchy eyes are not fun.


Re: Returning Products: How do you feel?

milkyourmoment, I view cosmetics the same way. I research and sample before committing to a purchase.

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