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Returning Products: How do you feel?

In all the years, I have shopped at Sephora, I have never returned a single item. Maybe it's because I put in a  lot of research before I purchase something. Maybe, I think of makeup like underware, and I find it weird once it is used/opened to be returned. I am just wondering how others feel on this topic. I have a lot of friends who return stuff all the time, and find nothing wrong with it. There probably isn't anything wrong with returning makeup, I just personally find it weird using a mascara and then giving it back.  How do you feel? I thought this would be an interesting discussion. 

Re: Returning Products: How do you feel?

I spend more than most on cosmetics and I've returned many things. One of the main reasons I prefer to only shop with Sephora is because of their amazing return policy. There are some things because of sanitary or application reasons you can't really test in the store like mascara. If I think it's a terrible product I have no problem returning it. I'm always very sure to let them know what I didn't like about it too. Not in a rude way. I just think customer feedback is a huge help to the sales associates. I don't expect them to always know what is right for my skin but they might have a better idea if many people with blemish prone skin or sensitive eyes returned a product because they had issues with it. Also, with some products I've found I didn't have a sure idea of whether I loved or hated them until after I used them awhile and when I return I almost always exchange it for another product in the same group. If for whatever reason I return a concealer for example I have them recommend another one. Returning things has really lead me to buy more at Sephora because it helps me find several mascaras ,powders,ect. I really love rather than one.

Re: Returning Products: How do you feel?

I'm not much of a returner but it's probably bacause my mother is a serial returner.  I alway hated being dragged to the store with her and having to do the returns for her.


I guess I was traumatized by returns as a child.  HAHA!


Anyway, I do return items but the returns I do are products that haven't been used.




Re: Returning Products: How do you feel?

Honestly, I've never been a serial returner (I think for the past three years I've only made two returns to Sephora). I tried to get samples of anything I am planning to buy and try it out before committing to a product (I have fair and sensitive skin, so I am always concerned about the shades that I use, or new skin care), and I really don't like the idea of returning a used makeup/skincare product. But lately whenever I ask one of SAs at my local Sephora for samples, I don't know how to describe it, but their faces and attitudes towards me literally change in front of my eyes, and it absolutely kills my desire to ever come back and buy anything from them (I can go on about it for a long time, since i just got back from the store where I ran into that situation again, just a couple hours ago). Now I am going to move my Sephora shopping completely online and only make occasional re-purchases in-store.

Sorry for flying completely off-topic here, hehe. I tried my best to not have to return anything, but I really don't feel like going back to the store and especially asking for help.

Re: Returning Products: How do you feel?

I've returned one thing that was never opened or used.  It was a haircare kit that I had used before, but upon reading the reviews I discovered that it had been reformulated and so I exchanged it for something of equal value (haircare kit).  I don't have time to shop, return, shop so I try very hard to shop smart at all times.


I get frustrated at chronic returners.  They are everywhere.  I think some people really enjoy the thrill of shopping and then return things when they have buyers remorse, or when they want to move on to another shopping thrill.  Basically I think it's a problem for some people and they do it everywhere.  Kohl's and Sephora have very generous return policies and I've seen people "use them to their fullest".

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