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Red Beauty Insider Card

How many people have the RED beauty insider card with the mirror on the back? I have one and when I use it, people get excited when they see it.  I guess because it's pretty old?  Anyone with similar experiences?

Re: Red Beauty Insider Card

I've only seen a few of those RARE older Beauty Insider cards! I am always shocked when I see clients that have a VIB sticker.. I would love to have one of those, sort of funny I work here and don't know how those came about! haha 


This post reminds me of the time I went to the library and who knew library cards DO expire.. I still had a SUPER old green plastic library card and the new San Francisco Library cards can let you choose your own design and pattern to put on them, link your email, etc etc. So creative and how advanced things are these days! Smiley Wink

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Red Beauty Insider Card



I too get excited when I see it, because it is the first Beauty Insider Card that came out when Sephora launched the Beauty Insider program. It just shows how dedicated you are to beauty and how much you love Sephora. I wish my Beauty Insider card was RED too. Thanks for sharing. =) 



Sephora PRO

Re: Red Beauty Insider Card

I sadly don't have a card, so if I saw it I would be double-jealous! Smiley Sad I don't remember ever having one so I don't know if I did and lost it or just signed up online? Does anyone know if there is a way to get a new card issued??

Re: Red Beauty Insider Card

Hi sara505. You could pick up a replacement card at any freestanding Sephora store. During your next in store visit, give the Cast Member your registered e-mail address and they will be happy to link a card to your account. I hope this helps! In the meantime, you could continue to give us your e-mail address to pull up your account.





Re: Red Beauty Insider Card

Thank you, Tiffany! I will definitely do that on my next visit! I know it works just as well giving my email address but it's fun to have the card seeing as I am so addicted to Sephora!

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