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Recently Purchased Music

Whether it's a cd or file, have you bought any new tunes lately?

Since my family and I got rid of the Verizon internet and went to cable, I can watch my videos for school and download music again! I think Verizon was blocking something, because my laptop was able to do everything on other types of internet. I had to go a few rounds with Verizon because they said I was doing something, but I ran different tests to prove them wrong beforehand. I was prepared for battle lol.


Anyway, here are some tunes I downloaded from iTunes recently. It's been so long!  I mainly listen to rock, classic rock, and country.  


"Stronger" -Kelly Clarkson (reminds me of overcoming some OCD issues in the past)


"Love You Like A Love Song" -Selena Gomez (I don't know why I like this song lol)


"Lights" -Ellie Goulding


"Sail" -AWOLNATION (I love discovering new tunes through commericials lol)


"Run to You" -Bryan Adams (I think he looks like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future in the music video lol)


"Thrift Shop" -Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (the beat is so catchy!)


"Two Black Cadillacs" -Carrie Underwood


"Better Dig Two" -The Band Perry (I only like two song by this band now lol)


"Wagon Wheel" -Darius Rucker (sounds like good old country like Alan Jackson.  I don't like pop with my country lol)


"Debonaire" -Dope (from the first Fast and Furious film)


"King Nothing" -Metallica


Here's the video for Wagon Wheel.  It has some of the Duck Dynasty crew in it!  I love Si and Jase!





Re: Recently Purchased Music

Oh I forgot you can insert videos. I'm sure people who reads my posts are tired of this already (sorry), but right now I'm on a K-pop bend. The colorful suits take a while getting used to, but I'm obsessed with SHINee, they are great singers AND dancers (quite rare). They invited Michael Jackson's choreographer to work with them for their new album, I love love love the smooth moves they do with the microphone stand


And my favorite have to be Sherlock. I know the outfit is distracting, but I don't know of any boy/men band that can dance like that AND sing as well (tho I do have limited pop music knowledge).


And for those of you sick of me talking about them, sorry, here's something non-kpop that I think you will enjoy:

Re: Recently Purchased Music

@kimmi- I love Kellie Clarkson's  "Stonger" and also her other song "Catch my Breath" I have always loved Kellie Clarkson she's awesome. I also love the song by Christina Agulleria (probably spelled her name wrong OOPS! ) and Pit Bull but can't remember the name..Also think that Thrift Store is a good song..

Re: Recently Purchased Music

There's something catchy about the beat of that song, and I usually don't listen to rap.  Some rap songs I can't understand what they're saying and I feel lost lol.

Re: Recently Purchased Music

I  purchased Justin Timberlake's new CD (yes, CD...haha I always feel so dated when I purchase one) The 20/20 Experience. So far I like it. Each of the songs are pretty long, which makes it an ideal road trip/driving tunes album.


Aside from that I haven't really purchased music in a while. I keep meaning to buy Alica Keys' new album. I think the last thing I bought before the JT CD was Lana Del Rey's Paradise EP. Her music is ideal for studying, work, or simply relaxing.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Recently Purchased Music

How fun, I have a list of songs in my Shazam app that I need to download and I'm looking forward to purchasing the Justin Timberlake album too. Smiley Happy Some of the songs I really like, especially the song "Mirrors".


I downloaded a lot of dance-electronic stuff, lots of Kaskade and Haley lately! Smiley Happy Not super crazy electric but not slow and spa-room sounding either. Love those. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Recently Purchased Music

@diana- Oh I didn't think about the Spa music I love that too and definitely don't like the crazy electric either.

Re: Recently Purchased Music

I buy CD's, I dont care if people think its "old fashioned" because I love them. (Hey I remember using cassette tapes, remember those little devils? Oh yeah.) The last CD I bought was Phillip Phillips, the last CD that was given to me was Rihanna and the next CD I'm planning on getting is Justin Timberlake.


Re: Recently Purchased Music

Oh I love buying CDs! It makes me feel secure having a hard copy of my favorite songs so even if something's wrong with my computer or I don't have internet access, I still have them. It's kind of the same with backup/storage, I just feel better with a physical copy/HD rather than some vague online place. And I love the packaging/feel of it, some artists really pay attention to those details and I appreciate it.


I remember the cassette tapes. I have a tape of random sections of random songs that my parents recorded from radio/other people's cassette. I love it but, of course, I can't find out what are the names of them. =(

Re: Recently Purchased Music

OmG I LOVE Phillip Phillips!!! I bought his CD Too!!

Re: Recently Purchased Music

I still have plenty of cds, and I've imported some of the songs onto my iPod.  I'm not sure which cd was the last one I bought that.  I think it may have been the Titanic Soundtrack.  It took me a bit to track down new copies on eBay.

Re: Recently Purchased Music

Suit & Tie - Justin Timberlake

Troublemaker - Hyuna

Enough - Gravity Kills

Save Yourself - Stabbing Westward


That's it recently, I'm sure I'll have more next month-ish Smiley Tongue

Re: Recently Purchased Music

Ha I'm in the same boat @dianabt whenever I hear a song I like I pull out the Shazam app to remind myself later to buy! Lately I've been trying to add some tracks to my workout playlist since it's almost summer time and been hitting the gym more than usual lately. Even though it's older I finally downloaded Hyuna - Bubble pop since it's fun to run to. I also like Chaos Chaos and their song - My Hands

Re: Recently Purchased Music

@contentlykaykay,  It can be intense but I like to put on Pitbull for workout music. Super fast and crazy dance clubby music makes me work harder like to the beat of the music.


I also heard that working out to classical music is a GOOD thing and can make you be more productive and relaxed. I would think being relaxed during a workout is NOT what I want to feel the burn! Smiley Wink haha

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Recently Purchased Music

@Diana- Love PitBull!! Just the beat sets the intensity of the workout!

Re: Recently Purchased Music

recently I am starting to open up a little towards electronica (i usually am more of a fan of rock, metal, & alternative music)



but here was the last two songs i puchased which happen to be electronica

- Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize

- Ronald Jekees - Super fun



Re: Recently Purchased Music

I also buy CD's. Recently, I bought the Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique... and prior to that a few GWAR, Bad Religion, and Weird Al CD's.

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