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Recent hits & misses

Hey everyone! Here are some new products I have tried lately. Some I absolutely love, and others...not so much.


My recent hits:

1. Lubriderm daily moisture lotion shea +cocoa butter --I love the smell of this and it leaves my skin so soft!


2. Origins eye doctor--This stuff is extremely hydrating without any  frills. The skin around my eyes has really been

craving a ton of moisture lately, and this does the job. Plus, I just love the packaging.


3. OPI Holland Collection--"Red lights ahead...Where?!" I LOVE this color. I especially like it on my fingernails.


4. Kitchenaid Blender--It's pink! I can't wait to whip up some refreshing fruit smoothies for the summer!


5. Goldfish crackers! I forgot how good the golden snack that smiles back really is...


My recent misses:


1. Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer--This did absolutely nothing for me except highlight every area I try to conceal. eek!


2. BareMinerals purley nourishing moisturizer combo skin--This really dried out my skin! I used it on vacation and ended up with dry patches!


3. Revlon grow luscious waterproof mascara--although I like the initial application of this, it flakes ALL over my face within an hour!


4. Revlon colorstay mineral lipglaze--this was recommended to me by a friend. The lipgloss is ok...I think, but I can't get past the smell! It has a very plastic-y smell. I don't want this stuff anywhere near my face.


5. Dermalogica daily microfoliant--(I received it as a sample in my birchbox). I used it in place of my regular exfoliant, but I had to switch back because this didn't do anything for me. Maybe it would work better for those who don't like traditional scrubs.



So, what new products have tried lately?

Re: Recent hits & misses

Hi brandiandi - I was also on the fence about Clarisonic, passed up a few good offers/specials too. I finally got it when it was a TSV on QVC and it came with some mini products and an extra brush head. Since it was a TSV the price was great. You should keep your eyes peeled for some type of special offer, extra products that interest you or some type of discount. I definitely wouldn't pay full price, although I love mine, but love it more since the $ was lower.


Check out QVC around any holidays and at various times during the summer, seems they have more Mia TSV's during those times. Very often they will also offer an easy pay option, which means you get it right away but pay over the course of a few months. You can also check out Clarisonics website and sign up for special offers via email - they just had one for mothers day, think you got a special price if you bought two, one for you and one for your mom premise. Don't think that promo's still going on but you can double check. has special Clarisonic offers on occasion, the only bad think is I don't believe you can return it if you purchase through them, they usually only take products back if you don't like the color of something you purchased (shadow, gloss etc) or if something is defective.


So I think you should give it a try, I love mine and am really glad I got it. I do think you should wait for some type of special offer or something. Finally, just make sure that whereever you purchase it, that they have a good return policy and no re-stocking fee (that annoys me)


Hope this helped and if you decide to get one, if you think of it, let me know how you like it, okay? Best of luck with this decision, I drove myself crazy too.


**BTW you can call QVC customer service and ask them if they know of any upcoming TSV's for the Mia, sometimes they can tell you ahead of time, usually if they're nice. Also, just in case you don't watch QVC. TSV= Todays Special Value - so one item is at an extra low price just for the day. Usually it's a one time thing but sometimes they'll bring something back if it was super popular (like Clarisonic)

Re: Recent hits & misses

@Kssweetheart-Thank you for all the tips. I've never ordered off of QVC before, but I definitely need to get to that. They seem to have tons of specials. Thanks for the adviceSmiley Happy

@Katekatastrophe-Lot's of soap and glory! I always forget about their products, thanks for the post. I'll have to add some stuff to my shopping list.

@Janinebt-I love Game of Thrones! The first season was more interesting because you were introduced to it seems like a lot of build up. My husband and I are still hooked on it through. haha

Re: Recent hits & misses

@brandiandi - no problem. I swear though, QVC is so addictive for most people. Watch out for the Auto-Delivery programs, they're wonderful and horrible all at the same time. Honestly, it really is a good place to see products and learn about things. You can check out different brands of makeup/skincare/haircare and then get it there, or come see if Sephora has it. But it can be very informative since you're talking to the experts, reps from different companies. You can get some really great things, especially when they have 'value set' kind of things, the price difference can be amazing, you can get a 7 piece kit for the price of 2 products, the values can be insane! Good luck and have fun.

Re: Recent hits & misses

Mmm....Goldfish are good for the soul lol.  Here are a few recent hits:


Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish: I got a full size version in the 500 point perk, and I really like it!  I've not used a "plumping" lip gloss before, so the tingle caught me a bit off guard.  However, it smells like some sort of dessert.  I can't put my finger as to what kind, though.


Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Stick: It also came with the perk and it also smells like a dessert lol.


Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Night Cream: Since I wear a TM during the day, I decided to try out a night cream.  It caught my eye at Walgreens, and so far so good!  It has a fruity type scent that I don't mind, and it leaves my face with a smooth texture.





Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Toner:  It feels weird.  It sometimes has soap bubbles.  It's horrible.

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