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Post in Besides Beauty

Recent hits & misses

Hey everyone! Here are some new products I have tried lately. Some I absolutely love, and others...not so much.


My recent hits:

1. Lubriderm daily moisture lotion shea +cocoa butter --I love the smell of this and it leaves my skin so soft!


2. Origins eye doctor--This stuff is extremely hydrating without any  frills. The skin around my eyes has really been

craving a ton of moisture lately, and this does the job. Plus, I just love the packaging.


3. OPI Holland Collection--"Red lights ahead...Where?!" I LOVE this color. I especially like it on my fingernails.


4. Kitchenaid Blender--It's pink! I can't wait to whip up some refreshing fruit smoothies for the summer!


5. Goldfish crackers! I forgot how good the golden snack that smiles back really is...


My recent misses:


1. Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer--This did absolutely nothing for me except highlight every area I try to conceal. eek!


2. BareMinerals purley nourishing moisturizer combo skin--This really dried out my skin! I used it on vacation and ended up with dry patches!


3. Revlon grow luscious waterproof mascara--although I like the initial application of this, it flakes ALL over my face within an hour!


4. Revlon colorstay mineral lipglaze--this was recommended to me by a friend. The lipgloss is ok...I think, but I can't get past the smell! It has a very plastic-y smell. I don't want this stuff anywhere near my face.


5. Dermalogica daily microfoliant--(I received it as a sample in my birchbox). I used it in place of my regular exfoliant, but I had to switch back because this didn't do anything for me. Maybe it would work better for those who don't like traditional scrubs.



So, what new products have tried lately?

Re: Recent hits & misses

@katekatastrophe - you had some good hits and misses. Can you tell me a little more about the scent of S&G Clean on Me? I've had my eye on the YSL mascara, I think I'll have to rethink that now, atleast move it from my NEED list to my Wish list. I wonder what it was that messed you up like that? Hope you weren't anywhere terribly important, terrible to have that happen at all but really terrible in certain settings. Did you contact the company of return it?


Finally, Philosophy Cleanser.....LOVE IT! I know that tons of people swear by it, but I also have heard of many people who dislike it, so you're not alone. I find that I do need to rinse a lot after cleansing. I don't apply my makeup immediately after washing my face, and do find that sometimes I need to go back and rinse a little more. I've also wondered how the type of water you have affects the products you use, maybe hard or soft water doesn't mix well with certain products. Who Knows?

Re: Recent hits & misses

Hi Brandiandi,

What a great post!


Recent Hits have been: 

product image

Amazing color and it says it lasts only one night but I had color after I washed it off! No red/orange tones in this oneSmiley Happy


Nars Larger Than Life Lip Gloss

product image

Good sheer color and it looks really nice over any lipstick texture.





Origins GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream- I feel like this should almost be marked as a make up product. It was not hydrating and has the consistency of a pink highlighterSmiley Sad


Make Up Forever Lab Shine Lip Gloss- Maybe it was the shade I got but I thought it lacked any pigmentation. I was disappointment because, the shade looked so pretty in the tube. It was a peach color with gold flecks. 


<3 Melissa

Re: Recent hits & misses

I was just going through my reviews and I haven't purchased any misses!



From Birchbox though, I recently got Dior Miss Dior  perfume and it's gross on me.

Re: Recent hits & misses

@lowrah - I got the same sample of Miss Dior perfume too, this is kind of sick because my initial reaction to your post was 'Thank goodness I didn't smell that!" (I have a hard time with most perfumes and odors in general, so I rarely even try to smell them)


Now, it's a few hours since I read your post and I find myself thinking, "Well, maybe I should try would be an interesting experiment...." ****that's the "it's sick" part of my first sentence**** You said it was gross ON you...was it gross when you initially smelled it?


......I just 'did the math' -  I'm thinking if it was gross when you smelled it, chances are you wouldn't have put it on!! That's me, a regular rocket scientist! Smiley Happy

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