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Recent hits & misses

Hey everyone! Here are some new products I have tried lately. Some I absolutely love, and others...not so much.


My recent hits:

1. Lubriderm daily moisture lotion shea +cocoa butter --I love the smell of this and it leaves my skin so soft!


2. Origins eye doctor--This stuff is extremely hydrating without any  frills. The skin around my eyes has really been

craving a ton of moisture lately, and this does the job. Plus, I just love the packaging.


3. OPI Holland Collection--"Red lights ahead...Where?!" I LOVE this color. I especially like it on my fingernails.


4. Kitchenaid Blender--It's pink! I can't wait to whip up some refreshing fruit smoothies for the summer!


5. Goldfish crackers! I forgot how good the golden snack that smiles back really is...


My recent misses:


1. Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer--This did absolutely nothing for me except highlight every area I try to conceal. eek!


2. BareMinerals purley nourishing moisturizer combo skin--This really dried out my skin! I used it on vacation and ended up with dry patches!


3. Revlon grow luscious waterproof mascara--although I like the initial application of this, it flakes ALL over my face within an hour!


4. Revlon colorstay mineral lipglaze--this was recommended to me by a friend. The lipgloss is ok...I think, but I can't get past the smell! It has a very plastic-y smell. I don't want this stuff anywhere near my face.


5. Dermalogica daily microfoliant--(I received it as a sample in my birchbox). I used it in place of my regular exfoliant, but I had to switch back because this didn't do anything for me. Maybe it would work better for those who don't like traditional scrubs.



So, what new products have tried lately?

Re: Recent hits & misses

Mmm....Goldfish are good for the soul lol.  Here are a few recent hits:


Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish: I got a full size version in the 500 point perk, and I really like it!  I've not used a "plumping" lip gloss before, so the tingle caught me a bit off guard.  However, it smells like some sort of dessert.  I can't put my finger as to what kind, though.


Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Stick: It also came with the perk and it also smells like a dessert lol.


Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Night Cream: Since I wear a TM during the day, I decided to try out a night cream.  It caught my eye at Walgreens, and so far so good!  It has a fruity type scent that I don't mind, and it leaves my face with a smooth texture.





Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Toner:  It feels weird.  It sometimes has soap bubbles.  It's horrible.

Re: Recent hits & misses

I don't know how to post pics using the app?? Hmmm, posts always look so much better and catchy with a pic or two. Anyway, I have a miss...the Maybelline Baby Lips. It was supposed to be very moisturizing but it turned out to be drying, as if it just sat on top of my lips and not soak in. Another miss is the face wash that came with the Clariconic Mia. Just doesn't seem to be very cleansing. I also missed on the NYX roll on eyeshadows. I thought the colors were cute and they are. But it's very sloppy to go on. Maybe I just haven't found the right way to apply. My last miss is the Bumble and bumble Concen straight. It DRIES your hair out so badly.

Re: Recent hits & misses

@makeupobbessed--It is really fun you bring up the baby lips because I finally just ordered one to try out. Dang, I really was hoping it would be really moisturizing with just a hint of color. I have also really been back and forth on the clarisonic mia. I have pretty good skin, but I do have blackheads on my nose that I was hoping they would eliminate. It is such a big purchase, I just can't make up my mind!

Re: Recent hits & misses

Hi brandiandi - I was also on the fence about Clarisonic, passed up a few good offers/specials too. I finally got it when it was a TSV on QVC and it came with some mini products and an extra brush head. Since it was a TSV the price was great. You should keep your eyes peeled for some type of special offer, extra products that interest you or some type of discount. I definitely wouldn't pay full price, although I love mine, but love it more since the $ was lower.


Check out QVC around any holidays and at various times during the summer, seems they have more Mia TSV's during those times. Very often they will also offer an easy pay option, which means you get it right away but pay over the course of a few months. You can also check out Clarisonics website and sign up for special offers via email - they just had one for mothers day, think you got a special price if you bought two, one for you and one for your mom premise. Don't think that promo's still going on but you can double check. has special Clarisonic offers on occasion, the only bad think is I don't believe you can return it if you purchase through them, they usually only take products back if you don't like the color of something you purchased (shadow, gloss etc) or if something is defective.


So I think you should give it a try, I love mine and am really glad I got it. I do think you should wait for some type of special offer or something. Finally, just make sure that whereever you purchase it, that they have a good return policy and no re-stocking fee (that annoys me)


Hope this helped and if you decide to get one, if you think of it, let me know how you like it, okay? Best of luck with this decision, I drove myself crazy too.


**BTW you can call QVC customer service and ask them if they know of any upcoming TSV's for the Mia, sometimes they can tell you ahead of time, usually if they're nice. Also, just in case you don't watch QVC. TSV= Todays Special Value - so one item is at an extra low price just for the day. Usually it's a one time thing but sometimes they'll bring something back if it was super popular (like Clarisonic)

Re: Recent hits & misses

@Kssweetheart-Thank you for all the tips. I've never ordered off of QVC before, but I definitely need to get to that. They seem to have tons of specials. Thanks for the adviceSmiley Happy

@Katekatastrophe-Lot's of soap and glory! I always forget about their products, thanks for the post. I'll have to add some stuff to my shopping list.

@Janinebt-I love Game of Thrones! The first season was more interesting because you were introduced to it seems like a lot of build up. My husband and I are still hooked on it through. haha

Re: Recent hits & misses

@brandiandi - no problem. I swear though, QVC is so addictive for most people. Watch out for the Auto-Delivery programs, they're wonderful and horrible all at the same time. Honestly, it really is a good place to see products and learn about things. You can check out different brands of makeup/skincare/haircare and then get it there, or come see if Sephora has it. But it can be very informative since you're talking to the experts, reps from different companies. You can get some really great things, especially when they have 'value set' kind of things, the price difference can be amazing, you can get a 7 piece kit for the price of 2 products, the values can be insane! Good luck and have fun.

Re: Recent hits & misses

I second the Origin Eye Doctor!! Worth it and love it.


I use Clinique all about eyes, which is just a basic velvety moisturizer. Then I tried Fresh Lotus eye gel and it FEEL SO GOOD when I apply it. I can feel the cool moisture just sinks into my skin and the only thought when I was applying it was "aaahhhh"...except it's expensive, and Origin Eye Doctor gives me that same feeling and is cheaper. I've tried some new products, some like and some dislike, none that's love or hate


Have you ever tried toasted coconut flakes?

I usually hate coconut flakes cuz the flavor is nice but it's tough and chewy and is just a jarring annoyance among the whip cream or cake or whatever it's in. Then I discovered it one day. When it's toasted to a golden crisp, it takes on a absolutely heavenly sweet, nutty, crispy texture and it's SO GOOD. So now whenever I do baking at 375F or higher, I take out the cake when I'm done, turn off the oven, then put in a sheet with sweetened coconut flakes spread out on it and just leave it there. When the oven's cooled, the flakes are golden and I keep them in a plastic container as seasoning for nonsweetened cereal and plain yogurt. Absolutely delicious.

Re: Recent hits & misses



product image


As someone who is very opposed to glitter I have been loving the heck out of this palette. The glitter fallout isn't bad except for two shades (peach fuzz and sun beam) otherwise I have not had glitter trickling all over from the other shades. Great shades that have me thinking summer and enough choices for variety without feeling overwhelmed. Its actually my first ever too faced item and I love it!


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, 1.4 OunceIt doesn't irritate my skin and I have actually noticed improvement of my fine lines around the mouth and forehead.


Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Gel ExfoliantTwo uses and my nose and cheek pores remain to be seen. The bumps on my skin are almost non-existant. What my clarisonic failed to do for me this did for me much more quickly and it is very economical.



product imageI don't and have never had acne but after 8 hours of wear I had 4 pimples forming.


e-nuf is e-nufEssie Enuf if Enuf - very streaky formula and goes on as a marschiano cherry red, very similar to the photo you see here. However, in store when I purchased it actually looks like a coral pink.


product imageI only tried the sample card for this palette. However, the colors seemed to be somewhat chalky, misleading in their payoff, lots of glitter throughout and didn't blend easily. This is inconsistent with the other two sample cards which had smooth textures, good pigmentation, and were easy to blend.




Re: Recent hits & misses

@beautytester--I actually love anything coconut, and I will definitely be trying that. Toasted coconut flakes + vanilla ice cream...mmmm


@Msmisty: I was looking at the Too Face Summer Eyes palette just yesterday, but read some negative reviews about the glitter and decided not to get it. I think I will have to go in and investigate it in person because I love those corals and that turquoise. I don't have any colors like those coral shades in my collection. Also, I really don't like Stila shadows. In fact their whole line seems kind of boring to me. The lipglazes are ok, but I haven't liked anything else from them.

Re: Recent hits & misses



I expected some glitter shades in the too faced palette but there were more than I expected. I'm usually a glitter phobe- if there's glitter then get it out of my face. You can thank several UD eyeshadows since many have glitter that travels everywhere and I find it obnoxious. However, the glitter in these shadows is microfine and not only did I have no fallout applying shades, I didn't find glitter here, there, and everywhere. Of course, with peach fuzz and sunbeam there was some glitter fallout but that was the only two. Otherwise I can't complain. Even as a glitter nay sayer I loved it. Definitely try it in store because it is beautiful and the looks are unique and more wearable than even I thought - and I'm Mrs. "neutrals, neutrals, neutrals".

Re: Recent hits & misses

Recent hits: I really like the Smashbox High Definition Concealer I got recently. It has a very nice match to my skin, which I have a hard time doing. It gives decent coverage without cakeyness, doesn't settle into fine lines around my eyes and comes in a squeeze tube which allows me to just get out what I need. I love those pen-type concealers, but I always get a glob out when I try to use them and they are too pricey to just wipe off the excess!


Ole Hendrickson Eye Makeup Remover pads- they take off even stubborn makeup and I don't feel tempted to scrub, I can just lay the pad on my lid and let the remover work. I tend to scrub if I use a cotton ball and liquid, don't know why....


Tigi Superstar Volumizer-  I got this on sale for half price when the supermarket stopped carrying Tigi (Yay!) and it works very well and smells nice. I hate hair product that smells bad and clashes with my fragrance, this one is light and the scent goes away quickly. Too bad I'll have to pay full price when I run out unless I can find a sale somewhere.


UD's Build Your Own Palette-  This thing is really addicting!  It has 6 holes that you can snap UD singles in to create a custom palette. The singles are like M&M's- you just can't stop once you get started. lol But an excellent product otherwise.


Misses: Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser- Didn't clean all that well and it changed consistency really soon after I got it. It got tossed.


Santa Novella Iris Shampoo-  This stuff is ridiculously expensive (got as a gift) and it dried out my hair and made it look really bad. I wonder if I can return it? I love their fragrances but this shampoo is unpleasant.






Re: Recent hits & misses

@prettyinpa-I just picked up a sample of that Smashbox concealer to try out! I haven't had the chance yet, but I am excited. Good to know about the Origins face wash. I have that in travel size and I was going to take it with me on a trip here in the next few weeks. Maybe I should try it out first to see if I have similar issues. I would hate for to get stuck with it for six days...

Re: Recent hits & misses


Nails Inc. Kensington basecoat caviar - works well on its own and holds up to vigorous hand washing.  So far less snagging and chipped nails.


YSL ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain


shu uemura depsea hydrability intense moisture filling mask - hydrating and fun.  Application is cold so these might be great for those hot summer days. 



Philosophy body wash - dried out my skin and made it itchy.


Sephora + Pantone Makeup bag - the zipper material and construction around the zipper. 


YSL gel blush - was pretty at first but it did remove my foundation makeup and felt dry after a few hours.


Bakeries - maybe I have bad timing but hard butter (overwhipped) and granulated tasting frosting is unappetitzing.

Re: Recent hits & misses



KeratinPerfect Perfect Smooth blowout booster styling cream: All I can say is, life changing. My hair is busted, broken, and crispy after bleaching it last summer. Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk admiring all my split ends. I took a shower this morning, used a good sized dollop of this in my hair (mostly around the ends) and blowdried my hair. Now, I have seen maybe one split end. And my hair has that silky, "I just came from a salon" feel to it. I love this stuff so much.


S&G, Urban and Buxom are my go-to lip glosses. Buxom and Urban both have that vanilla-mint scent, but S&G smells like food stuffs depending on what color you get.


St. Tropez self tan bronzing lotion: tan without the orange or the streaks. For the first time ever, my mom (who is golden brown all year round) said I actually looked like I got some sun. Smiley Very Happy Not to mention, you can thin it out with body lotion and do a gradual tan.


S&G Righteous Butter and Clean on Me shower gel: My holy grail for my dry skin. It smells heavenly and keeps me from being mistaken for a lizard. The shower gel has lotion "built in".



Re: Recent hits & misses

Sorry, didn't mean to post that just yet.




This, under normal conditions would be wonderful. However, my eyes water now and then and it goes up into crease (weird, I know). This bled into my crease and ruined my entire eye look. Never again.


YSL volume effet faux cils mascara: Got this in my eye once (from watering), and it was 3 hours of burning misery. Buh.


Purity cleanser from Philosophy: I'm probably the only person alive who hates this. But it makes me break out.

Re: Recent hits & misses

What a fun post! I like that some people aren't just limiting it to cosmetics products.




Coconut Water

I love coconut flavored things, so coconut water is no exception! It hydrates the body and is a nice treat after a hard workout for me.



product image

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

I like to keep my lips moisturized without that heavy glossy feeling when I'm at home, these little balms are amazing. I love that they have SPF in them...because nothing's worse than getting a sunburn on the lips, ouch!


product image

Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Primer

I'm a huge fan of having a glowing complexion, especially for summer time. I love the faint pearlescent finish that this primer gives me. It looks beautiful under both liquid and powder foundations, the fact that the packaging is cute is a huge plus!





Game of Thrones Season 2

I know that there are still more episodes to come, but I'm just not as 'wowed' as I was during season one. I know there is a ton of action...but I just wish more time was dedicated to my favorite characters haha.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Recent hits & misses

This is a fun post Smiley Happy




Clarisonic Mia. Wow, my skin has entirely changed! I only wish I had purchased this sooner!


product image


Trader Joe Women's vitamins which I firmly believe it for those who can't afford the Phyto pills! My hair feels stronger and my (recently damaged nails!) are less prone to splitting!



TVD end of season finale. For those of you who watch the show, The Vampire Diaries is VERY entertaining  and harmless fun without being too intense and adult or too tween-ish. love this show and actually am trying to plan a trip to the convention with MelissaBT haha Smiley Happy




My Kate Somerville CytoCell serum and Bliss Oxygen Cream. Both made me breakout and left my skin greasy and uncomfortable. Smiley Sad






Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Recent hits & misses

@ katekatastrophe  - I agree with you on the Philosophy. My skin HATES that suff with a passion!

I have found Bosica's COOL BREAK UP OIL is really a great product.


Another I love is eye tattoos :

The floral theme on my daughter  for her spring formal:


Easy to appyly and wash off with regular make up remover. We used BUXOM silver on her lids and these are totally natural lashes with NO MASCARA... some girls get all the luck!

Re: Recent hits & misses

@jojobe - The eye tattoos are amazing! That looks so cool. I bet she looked beautiful. What brands and patterns have you tried? Do you use them as well or think they're more for the 'younger' set? Where else have you or your daughter worn them? Questions, questions, questions. Those are her own lashes, sans mascara? Oh, that makes me ill. Lucky girl. Hope she had a wonderful time.

Re: Recent hits & misses

These are the first pattern we have tried, I have the Blue foil with silver stars that I am waiting to use on the 4th of July. I have to buy her a set too so we will be matching.  She loved them too and was jealous, so I will be trying out the lace ones for a special event we have coming  up next week, so I will post.

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