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Re: Skincare iQ - We want your feedback!

As an Allure Beauty Enthusiast I think the Skincare iQ is wonderful.  It is easy to use, gives a picture of the product(s) appropriate for your skin/hair/make up dilemma and you can even get a print out.  I spend a LOT of time online researching products, ingredients, and reviewing customer comments before I make a determination of which product I'm going to buy. I usually come into the store, ask for a sample, use the product then decide if I want to make a purchase.  The iQ helps those who don't have a lot of free time to do the research and the touch screen is very helpful and I could almost hog it completely.  Actually, I think the product info is a bit better than what the sales person tells you since it is hard to know if they are really trying to help (which most are) or just trying to sell you anything they can!  #skincareiq.


I'm waiting for that photo do-dad that will take a pic of your skin and tell you what your skin tone is and which products fit you best!  That is going to be a lifesaver to many of us who spend way too much money trying to find the "perfect" foundation!

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