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Rant: Reviews

Sorry, I had to get this out...


But it bothers me when people write reviews for products based on what they thought or believed the product would do, not necassarily based on what the product actually does. For example when people write about a foundation, BB cream etc, with very little coverage and give it a bad rating although the company claims it is lightweight and sheer. Or on the other hand complaining about the heaviness or such of a full coverage foundation.


Or when people have unrealisitic expectations for a product. For example the tradeoff between between non-sticky or long-lasting lip gloss. Generally a longer lasting gloss will be a little thicker for the shine to last longer.


Or people who give a bad review for something just because the shade doesn't look as great on them. Just because the color isn't flattering doesn't necessarily mean the product itself is bad and deserves a very low rating.


I always take reviews and such with a grain of salt, since how a product works can depend on skin type, application, etc, and place more value on reviews that give an explanation for their review. But it still drives me a teeny bit bonkers when people do that.


Sorry for my little rant. Anyone else agree? Or not?

Re: Rant: Reviews

@kenny- Your welcome! It made mine too I had to share! Hilarious...

Re: Rant: Reviews

This one is for Benefit's Fake Up Concealer:


I really wanted to love this, since I’m a big fan of Benefit, but it just didn’t work for me. I have significant dark circles and thus use a lot of heavier concealers, which can get cakey if you are not careful. So I was hoping Fake Up would act as a nice hydrating base, while providing a bit of coverage, before applying my heavier concealers. However, it just never sank into the skin or set, even with a powder, causing my concealer to slide around and the creep into the creases (this happened even when I used Fake Up alone). Also, the added oil in the area caused transfer and smudging with my mascara and other eye makeup. I have combination skin, but my undereye area is in the normal range. I think this could be much better for someone with dry skin looking for light coverage.



Why would you apply two concealers? Sounds scary! It would be like applying two foundations! haha Oh my.

Re: Rant: Reviews

Oh wow. Some people are just crazy. 

Re: Rant: Reviews

Can you imagine? Probably has a primer on, then fake up as a concealer primer, then powder then MORE concealer. woah. No thanks!

Re: Rant: Reviews

Hey, I need to defend that reviewer.  I routinely use more than one concealer in my under eye area- but more like a concealer sandwich.  Some of us who were born with ridiculous circles under our eyes have to take dramatic measures.


Re: Rant: Reviews

The fakeup concealer is definitely the wrong product for that! It is meant to conceal while hydrating, so adding powder and drying it out and adding a thicker concealer=a hot mess. An oil based product for oily skin was probably a bad idea too. 

Re: Rant: Reviews

I agree with you.  Then again, it's possible to need 2 different types of concealers in different parts of the face.


Fakeup is meant for those who need light concealer and heavy moisturizer, IMO.

Re: Rant: Reviews

I use 2 concealers sometimes----one under eyes, and one on face but I never layer them. Read the directions people! Sometimes something seems obvious but isnt----for example, when I first bought my thebalm overshadow I thought that it was mineral/loose powder eyeshadow so the first time I used it I didnt like it very much because it didnt show up all that well. And it turned out to be pure shimmer---meant to use OVER an eyshadow for a shimmery effect---hence the name *overshadow*. I felt soooo stupid lol.

Re: Rant: Reviews

That makes sense! I use that under my eyes and I use a different one on other parts of my face, but never overlap them.

Re: Rant: Reviews

Wow! Have they heard of bobbi brown corrector?! haha.. I wish I could tell them it would change their life... lol.

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