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Rant: Reviews

Sorry, I had to get this out...


But it bothers me when people write reviews for products based on what they thought or believed the product would do, not necassarily based on what the product actually does. For example when people write about a foundation, BB cream etc, with very little coverage and give it a bad rating although the company claims it is lightweight and sheer. Or on the other hand complaining about the heaviness or such of a full coverage foundation.


Or when people have unrealisitic expectations for a product. For example the tradeoff between between non-sticky or long-lasting lip gloss. Generally a longer lasting gloss will be a little thicker for the shine to last longer.


Or people who give a bad review for something just because the shade doesn't look as great on them. Just because the color isn't flattering doesn't necessarily mean the product itself is bad and deserves a very low rating.


I always take reviews and such with a grain of salt, since how a product works can depend on skin type, application, etc, and place more value on reviews that give an explanation for their review. But it still drives me a teeny bit bonkers when people do that.


Sorry for my little rant. Anyone else agree? Or not?

Re: Rant: Reviews

I agree. I was a little guilty of that when i was new here. I only had that 1 review cause I want to use a product for 1-2 months regularly or daily before writing anything now.

Re: Rant: Reviews

No worries, I probably posted some less than helpful reviews when I was just getting into makeup too. Now being much more into makeup I know more what is helpful and I also know what I like and what works for me. So basically I won't  scathing review of a super sparkly lipstick (for reference I don't really like glitter and sparkle on my lips), because I know it will be extremely biased.

Re: Rant: Reviews


Re: Rant: Reviews

I know, I find that so funny! Usually it's a reference to normal skin "folds", so basically it's because your face moves so you don't look like an alien or super botoxed...

Re: Rant: Reviews

I do wish we can edit the reviews sometimes, because I may give a glowing review but after the initial excitement faded, I realized that it clog pores/breakouts or have 0 lasting power etc, and I don't want to write another review.


I wouldn't mind anti-aging reviews from young people as long as it contains useful info. Some say they use it not for anti-aging but it also helps with texture/acne, that's fine, but just a "it feels nice" or "I feel like it really helps with preventing wrinkles" doesn't do much.

Re: Rant: Reviews

OK so the yesterday or day before I was looking at the reviews for one of the B&B shampoos and I could not get my jaw off the ground when I saw the one of the reviewers said: "I was so upset that the imprint on the bottle wore off after only a couple of days". Promise that what it said and was like ,Whah????

Re: Rant: Reviews

I'm "lol"ing so hard right now! Smiley Happy

Re: Rant: Reviews

I'm baffled when, despite the size of product being included in the description, people don't seem to understand what size the product was meant to be.  Or, if the company used compact packaging, even if it's a great deal, they still think they're being ripped off.  Equally, people who get upset when a palette recommends using xyz brushes, and people complain because they don't have the brush and somehow that makes the palette a bad deal?


One of my other favorite things related to this is when someone was very disappointed with an eyeliner because it wouldn't twist so there was very little product.  Only it was a pencil you sharpen!  What made it better was someone else was facing the same problem. :-X


Re: Rant: Reviews

I definitely agree. It irks me when people are upset when there is very little product, even though it does say how much there is....


I think part of the reason companies put out such bulky packaging for value sets (which I don't really like), is to also convince people they are getting more. 


That is quite funny Smiley Happy


One thing that has annoyed me lately, is people complaining about the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, because it is too subtle a highlighter.... I mean, I haven't tried the products (it's on the top of my shopping list though!), but in the descritption it says it is meant to be an all over powder, not just a highlighter.

Re: Rant: Reviews

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