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Rant: Reviews

Sorry, I had to get this out...


But it bothers me when people write reviews for products based on what they thought or believed the product would do, not necassarily based on what the product actually does. For example when people write about a foundation, BB cream etc, with very little coverage and give it a bad rating although the company claims it is lightweight and sheer. Or on the other hand complaining about the heaviness or such of a full coverage foundation.


Or when people have unrealisitic expectations for a product. For example the tradeoff between between non-sticky or long-lasting lip gloss. Generally a longer lasting gloss will be a little thicker for the shine to last longer.


Or people who give a bad review for something just because the shade doesn't look as great on them. Just because the color isn't flattering doesn't necessarily mean the product itself is bad and deserves a very low rating.


I always take reviews and such with a grain of salt, since how a product works can depend on skin type, application, etc, and place more value on reviews that give an explanation for their review. But it still drives me a teeny bit bonkers when people do that.


Sorry for my little rant. Anyone else agree? Or not?

Re: Rant: Reviews

I totally agree! I recently looked high and low for a good review on the Tarte EmphasEYES eye brightener & one of the only vids I could find was a girl complaining about how small the tip was... Really? It's for your waterline! Of course it's going to have to be more narrow. 


When they complain about something that was obvious in the product description that's their own fault, not the manufaturers'. Smiley Happy Glad you all feel the same way!

Re: Rant: Reviews

FYI, if you want a really good eye brightening pencil for the waterline, try Stila's Kajal liner!


It's very densely pigmented and a very rich formula that glides on super smooth and easy! I use the black on my waterline and lasts better than MUFE Aqua Eyes and Urban Decay's 24/7 liners on my waterline!

Re: Rant: Reviews

NARS rue Bonaparte works pretty well for this purpose, too. (I tried MAC Chromagraphic NW15/NC20 (?) but since it's significantly darker than my skin is, it did not have the desired effect.)

Re: Rant: Reviews

Thanks!! The reason I was more interested in the Tarte version was because it doesn't have:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan


I'm all good now - I got it and like it! It's not as long lasting as Stila or NARS, but it's less harsh on the tear and oil glands that line the waterline, so I feel better about it. Smiley Happy

Re: Rant: Reviews

This Rant: Review thread is awesome!  I was thinking that one of Sephora's best and most valuable online assets is the massive amount of reviews that are available for practically every product.  Why not improve the quality of that asset and pull even further ahead of the competition by improving the reviews?  They could easily take the great ideas in this thread, condense into a short "Do's and Don'ts" list, and pop it up everytime someones writes a new review.


Honestly the awesome website is the main reason I prefer Sephora over Ulta (well that and the free stuff!).  Sephora has the best online ordering system, an abundance of quality product images/information, and reviews reviews reviews!


Re: Rant: Reviews

What an awesome idea!


Re: Rant: Reviews

great idea drrragon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Rant: Reviews

Well, I partially agree with you. There are some full coverage foundation that are not heavy at all, not everyone knows the trade-off for lip gloss (if it's advertised as lasting all day, I expect it to last 8-12 hrs, not 5 star review for lasting 5 hrs).


My pet peeve is the lack of useful information. Is the color unflattering on you? fine, what's your undertone/skin type so that I know if it will look unflattering on me, too. Does it make you break out? ok, tell me what's the skin type, weather, other skincare regimen you are using with. Reviews like "it stinks" or "it's great" doesn't tell me anything. Is the smell unbearable? is it because the scent is too strong or because you hate the way it smells?


The other pet peeve is irrelevant reviews. I was looking for serious anti-agers for deep wrinkles, but majority of the good reviews for the popular anti-wrinkle products are "feels nice", "hydrates well" or "smells so good!" and I'm like.....I don't care what it looks/feel/smells like!!! as long as it is as effective at anti-aging/brightening as it claims, it can look like dog po op for all I care!

Re: Rant: Reviews

well, sadly, for antiaging stuff i'm afraid we'll always be stuck with poorly written reviews no matter what.  i think the majority of people who use these creams never look at the list of ingredients and don't dig very much into the research done on certain ingredients by the medical community, etc.  Also, hardly anyone will ever be objective enough to look at her wrinkles before trying the cream, then 4 weeks later be able to say "my wrinkles have been reduced by 80%".


But for makeup, including colors, textures, feel, staying power, etc, I do find the reviews very helpful.

Re: Rant: Reviews

lol, basically I look for the reviews that saids they saw a significant decrease in wrinkles from the 50+ age group. I don't want research, I just want to know if it worked for *your* wrinkle.


In general Sephora reviews are all pretty helpful, but I wish the reviews would state the shade (from either the reviewer or label from Sephora) because when somebody say "omg! This shade look so good on me." or "too much glitter" I don't actually know which one they are referring to.


My other pet peeve (I have, like, 999 pet peeves) is when people say product X is a perfect dupe for Y without mentioning staying power. It may have the same color/texture, but the main difference between some luxe product and good drugstore product are staying/lasting power, which is almost never mentioned.

Re: Rant: Reviews

I just started doing that recently!!  Sometimes when I get annoyed with the reviews I filter it and only read the reviews from certain age groups, hahaha

Re: Rant: Reviews

I had these age spots on my forehead that I hated.  It looked like an island chain charted up there, and made me feel so old looking.  I tried Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement, and in only one bottle, they're gone.  Totally gone.  

Re: Rant: Reviews

Thank you so much for posting about this! I am very new to this site, high end beauty and review writing and I have written only a few reviews but I try to be helpful as possible. After reading this I now know to wait longer to write something and what other things I should include. Hopefully more people see this and follow everyones advice. 

Re: Rant: Reviews

Thanks for posting your "rant,"  I'm glad to know that other people are irritated by some of the reviews that are left.  I read one recently where someone with dry skin left a bad review on an oil-free foundation!  It was almost funny.  It's too bad most of the people we're complaining about will never get it.  I do appreciate the few helpful reviews and conversation in the Lounge.  It would be nice to have a check list of items left in a review to filter through some of the reasons for liking or not liking a product and also listing the specific shade they purchased for their specific skin tone.

Re: Rant: Reviews

Hahaha, I saw this on a product page. It's an answer to the question about whether the eye make up remover can be used for face. It made me laugh and I had to share:



Now, I'm sure she's not saying you should try it out like that (or is she? o.O), but given what some people do and the silly lawsuits that US sometimes have...

Re: Rant: Reviews

I certainly hope if I ever need a deep cleansing eye rinse it won't have to be at the cost of a pricey make up remover.



Re: Rant: Reviews

haha so funny.

Re: Rant: Reviews

This is a review I just saw on a Hourglass powder....this person gave the product a 1 star review because of *UPS*


*scratches head*


1out of5

UPS is racist


Quick Take: i don't know

UPS refused to leave the package even when I signed saying I would accept responsibility if it went missing. I called Sephora customer service. UPS told them it was because of the neighborhood I live in. This is the first time UPS has refused to leave a package. It is also the first time I have lived in a mostly black neighborhood. The products were returned to sender. Sephora said there was nothing they could do so they lost a sale. I had more than one item.

Re: Rant: Reviews

I'm surprised that that wasn't removed before it was posted if there exists a filter. Does there?  Also, it seems as though they don't know how to differentiate between the Sephora and UPS services :/

Re: Rant: Reviews

Haha! When I read this I was literally like, what? *scratches head*


I really wonder about some people...

I have also seen a couple reviews where people give a rating of 1 star, because the product arrived crushed or in bad shape, while that may be an issue with the product, it is much more likely something that happened in shipping! People really baffle me sometimes...

Re: Rant: Reviews

Yeah! I have so many Sephoras around me that I rarely order online, the only time I order online is if I see something thats "online only" or if a certain products isnt sold at my Sephora, but its still sold on If you get a broken item, return it. I highly doubt that any of those people actually kept a broken item which means that they got their money back *and* complained about it. Sheesh! And she could have complained directly to UPS, either by phone, email, fax, or an actual letter. What does this have to do with Sephoras customer service? Does she think that Sephora OWNS their own UPS or something?

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