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Rant: Reviews

Sorry, I had to get this out...


But it bothers me when people write reviews for products based on what they thought or believed the product would do, not necassarily based on what the product actually does. For example when people write about a foundation, BB cream etc, with very little coverage and give it a bad rating although the company claims it is lightweight and sheer. Or on the other hand complaining about the heaviness or such of a full coverage foundation.


Or when people have unrealisitic expectations for a product. For example the tradeoff between between non-sticky or long-lasting lip gloss. Generally a longer lasting gloss will be a little thicker for the shine to last longer.


Or people who give a bad review for something just because the shade doesn't look as great on them. Just because the color isn't flattering doesn't necessarily mean the product itself is bad and deserves a very low rating.


I always take reviews and such with a grain of salt, since how a product works can depend on skin type, application, etc, and place more value on reviews that give an explanation for their review. But it still drives me a teeny bit bonkers when people do that.


Sorry for my little rant. Anyone else agree? Or not?

Re: Rant: Reviews

Hi kenny,


I know exactly what you mean Smiley Happy. It is kind of disappointing to see a product get a bad review just because it didn't have full coverage or wasn't the preferred texture. I really do love helping people find products that cater more to their needs; it’s a good time to not only help them out, but also gives me a bit of time to educate on certain products.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Rant: Reviews

yes i was reading a review of an eyeshadow palette the other day where the poster gave a poor review because the colors didn't suit her!  no mention of the pigmentation or quality of the shadows themselves.  

Re: Rant: Reviews

I have to admit that my jaw has fallen to the floor and my eyes crossed every time I read a negative review for a particular foundation because it does not provide full coverage and is "too lightweight."  Never mind that the foundation's description says as plain as day that it is water based, gel-like and LIGHTWEIGHT.  It's not meant to provide full coverage!


Yet, people buy it and then are disappointed because the product doesn't perform a miracle that it was never created to perform. I honestly don't know what people expected, and it seems that applying several layers of such a foundation defeats the purpose.



Re: Rant: Reviews



One one in particular comes to mind when reading you comments, Urban Decay's new Beauty Balm, if you read the description, it just diffuses light to improve the look of skin. So it won't provide really provide coverage, just "improves you skin", so if you have acne or uneven skin, this won't work for you if you want to look completely flawless.

Re: Rant: Reviews

Yes, I just purchased UD's new BB on a whim.  I'm a work-at-home mom.  I'm not dressing up (full makeup) to run to the grocery store or sit in the school pick-up line!  I have yet to try it, but I have a full understanding of what it is and what it will or will not do.  I will also wait several weeks before making an accessment and posting a review.  It willbe fun (hint: sarcasm) to read the reviews on this product!

Re: Rant: Reviews

I read a review lately where someone complained that their eye primer didnt work and he's what they said (or basically said, I cant find the review now so I cant quote it exactly).


"I put it on, waited until it dried, put on my shadow and I didnt see a difference."


Now, I'm new to shadow primer and I've only been using it for a few weeks but even *I* know that you dont wait until it completely dries!!! And because it goes on clear, you really cant see much of a difference until the *end* of the day. Some some research folks before you buy a product because if you dont know how to use it correctly, then you're throwing money down the drain.

Re: Rant: Reviews

Kenny, I agree with most of your post but there are a few grey areas. I agree 100% that giving a product rating because the person didn't like the color, it was not flattering on them, or a product does come in their shade match/a tone that will flatter them is unfair and a dis-service to other consumers reading reviews. Also, when a product description lets the consumer know the texture might be heavy or light, or the coverage will be sheer then docking points on it also seems unfair.


As for complaints about texture or feel of a product, I think that is where it gets kind of hairy. For example, my favorite lip gloss is very long lasting but it's also super light weight and quite viscous. So, for me the way I rate other lip glosses will vary because I've actually used a product that delivers in that manner. Same with foundation etc, I think what people use and have discovered in other products could influence how they view another product I know it's like that for me. Though I really do try to explain why I'm giving a product a good or bad rating.

Re: Rant: Reviews

I agree, there is always som gray area. As you mentioned as long as you give an explanation for your rating, I'm happySmiley Happy 

Re: Rant: Reviews

Unrealistic expectations -- or judging a product on purely personal criteria (i.e., "This is PINK! Pink washes me out.") -- really bother me, too! And while I've heard arguments both ways for this, factoring price into the star rating makes no sense to me, either. I have definitely mentioned "Not worth the money for what it is/does," or "Definitely worth the cost," etc. -- but I don't take away stars purely because something is expensive. (I guess an example of what I mean would be a glowing review for the product itself -- performs well, etc. -- but then docking stars because it's pricey.)


I think skincare products probably take the worst hit in terms of unrealistic expectations of what they can do, BUT I think the manufacturers can be equally at fault for misleading advertising (particularly with the anti-aging market; there are things a product can do, and then there are things it absolutely cannot, science-wise). I think people are misinformed, and then have totally unrealistic expectations of what something is able to do or improve.


I also can't stand reviews (I'm thinking of the NAKED palette in particular) in which, for whatever reason, it is clear that the person has never tried the product. I saw five-star "I can't wait to get my hands on this!!!" reviews, mixed with one-star "WHY IS THIS NEVER IN STOCK?!" reviews. I think those can be removed by Sephora when they're monitored / filtered out, but it was annoying to see them.

Re: Rant: Reviews

That's a good point on the "OMG!/GRRRR!" reviews, those are more "comments" than reviews and serve no use for any star ranking/rating system.


It's one thing to see a kit with an item you already use and it's for a great price/steal so you make a review giving info on the item included with the rest and then adding a "I've only ever used so-and-so, but for this price, you can't beat it, can't wait to try out the other items!" But it's another thing to judge or review a kit that there's no experience with.


As for skin care, I think most people just need to wrap their heads around the fact of time frames in which products work. I mean they didn't go from age 20 to 55 in a blink of an eye to suddenly wake up and deal with wrinkles, so why believe using a cream or serum for a few days will give you the results you want?

Re: Rant: Reviews

Yes! Exactly Smiley Happy (re: all of the above)


I forgot to mention, too, that I love when someone complains that an eye cream failed because it didn't erase wrinkles...then the reviewer's age is like 13-18(!).  I think s/he must assume that the natural folds in the skin around the eye area (which even babies have) are "wrinkles." Smiley Tongue

Re: Rant: Reviews


Re: Rant: Reviews

Haha yes!

Re: Rant: Reviews

AMEN!  That particular criticism by that demographic group really sets my teeth on edge!  I simply can't stand it when people who are certain ages are reviewing products that weren't intended for them in the first place.

Re: Rant: Reviews

so true !!!!!

Re: Rant: Reviews



I know it annoys me to see ratings and reviews for a product somebody used for a couple days. I also feel like "Really?"

Re: Rant: Reviews

I definitely agree with everything!


I know I hate when people dock stars for price... If something always gets 5 stars or high ratings elsewhere I think I might be willing to pay. The ratings really should be purely about how well the product actually performs (and packaging can be important) Also some people fail to take into account the actual SIZE of the product. Yes a product costs a lot, but it will last you a very long time.


Skincare products definitely are misleading in their advertising much of the time. But I think many people need to learn to think  critically about what the companies are claiming. Like "will improve the appearance of wrinkles". First it reduces the APPEARANCE not the actual problem, Second, by how much is the appearance improved?


I agree, I find it very annoying when people give a rating or such, for something they haven't actually tried.

Re: Rant: Reviews

OMG -- speaking of reviews...this is unrelated but I have to share. I just came across a review for a basic Longchamp bag. The person complained that she didn't check the measurements beforehand and it was smaller than she expected (...), that there were no inner compartments (...? this is in the description) and that she left her receipt in the store bag before throwing it away, and paid cash, so now she can't return it (!). Seriously...what is wrong with people?

Re: Rant: Reviews

Wow......some people.... tsk tsk!

Re: Rant: Reviews

Tehahaha. I do get annoyed with some vague reviews, but the best ones are the complaints from people who didn't even bother to use the products. The most amusing ones:


1. It look/smells so bad I didn't even bother trying it. 0/5 stars! (why are you reviewing it?)

2. It's bigger/smaller/different than expected and I hate it, but I'll give it 2 stars since other reviewers seem to like it so much. 2/5 stars! (a review of reviews)

3. It smells/feel so gross the first time that I rinsed it off immediately and dumped the rest in the drain/trash. 0/5 stars! (hello return policy?)

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