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Rant/Rave: Limited Edition Collections

This came up recently in the "annoying things that beauty companies do" thread, but it deserves its own mini rant/rave.


Why is it inevitably that I find my HG products only in limited edition collections? Likewise, it's ridiculous to fall in love with an entire LE collection (I'm looking squarely at you, Chanel summer 2013- you're going to kill me.) because either you spend ridiculous amounts of money to hoard backups (guilty) or are afraid to use the product.


Several other examples: I've bought nearly 50 purples, mainly lilacs, searching for the perfect shade.  I found it this spring at Sephora- Dior Colorvision. It's what I've been searching for in vain for 10 years. But now I'm afraid to use it.


Lipsticks: I bought YSL Volupte Shine in #6 because I wanted a nice, wearable pink. I like it, but it wasn't quite it. I broke down and tried Chanel Pygmiliion from the summer 13 LE collection- that's exactly what I wanted.


In sum, I love the special collections but hate that I fall in love and have my heart broken time and time again- am I the only one that this happens to?

Re: Rant/Rave: Limited Edition Collections

Whereas I missed Rose Platine and have been searching in vain... and nabbed MAC RiRi Woo by complete dumb luck.

Re: Rant/Rave: Limited Edition Collections

I missed Rose Platine -- I always wanted to try it!

Re: Rant/Rave: Limited Edition Collections

Chanel is *THE WORST* for limited edition collections -- and for discontinuing random things from the permanent line! I can't tell you how many blushes they have put out with which I've fallen in love (Turbulent, Narcisse, Poésie, etc. -- the first two I think were permanent and discontinued, and the last was a limited edition) -- and then it's a mad dash to buy a backup before you can't get it anymore. I don't mind as much when it comes to blush -- it takes me so long to finish one that if I have a backup, it will last years -- but things like lipstick that I use more heavily take much less time to disappear. (I do have 3 Turbulents (2 EU, 1 US) and 2 Poésies, and I rarely use them for fear of running out, which is silly.)


I really wanted to try Tom Ford's new illuminator, Fire Lust, but I think it's a limited edition and I don't want to fall in love with it. Smiley Tongue

Re: Rant/Rave: Limited Edition Collections

MAC is getting up there- with as many microscopic mini collections that they run that are always sold out immediately.

Re: Rant/Rave: Limited Edition Collections

I completely agree!  The collection is either sold out immediately or the items that they show are "re-promotes".  It gets old after a while!  I took a break from them for about a year!


Re: Rant/Rave: Limited Edition Collections

They aren't products I even reach for- and the constant revolving door of limited products just turned me off.

Re: Rant/Rave: Limited Edition Collections

Limited edition sets are always a fun thing to look forward to, but it is such a disappointment if you are unable to nab something before it sells out.


It always kind of baffles me when older items end up on eBay for usually triple what the initial cost was; especially when something is 5 or even 6 years old. I love my limited edition makeup items, but if they're past their prime I have no problem tossing them.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Rant/Rave: Limited Edition Collections

I didn't get my own from eBay but I saw a Chanel Turbulent blush sell for $200+ once -- and it was used! I think MAC Stereo Rose is another one -- I never owned it, but I've heard of it selling on eBay for hundreds -- and considering what the retail price was, that seems crazy.

Re: Rant/Rave: Limited Edition Collections

WOW! Chanel Jade nail polish comes to mind as one I always watch baffled.

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