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Random things

There's a lot of ladies on here that I've come to consider friends.  As a matter of fact, that is what I call you when I reference conversations we've had on here later, "My friend Cheryl said that spoons...."  Or my friend Liz lives in Canada and she ...." (Just two recent examples)  Anyway, I was thinking it might be fun to learn a little more about eachother.  Maybe  things that wouldn't normally come up in conversations on here?


5 Random things about me:

- I married my high school sweetheart at 18.

- I'm short (5'2")

- I despise guacamole

- I believe in ghosts

- Love anything related to "Gone With the Wind"


Re: Random things

@officegal and katie:  I love Anne!! I used to watch the tv shows (in cartoon and in "real life"), but the books are, and by far, so much better!!!

Re: Random things

Discovered this thread after prettyinpa posted a link to it in Corrin's thread About You.  Both are interesting to read.


1. I enjoy riding dirtbikes, although I didn't get to ride too much this summer (crazy heat).  I ride a Honda CRF 150 F.

2.  I love different kinds of arts and crafts: photography, drawing, making hemp jewelry, etc.

3.  I'm highly allergic to guinea pigs.  I don't know how since I only had 2 in my entire life, and the first I don't remember. 

4. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Paul Walker are my favorite actors.  Jensen and Jared are from the tv series Supernatural, and Paul Walker is from the Fast and Furious franchise.

5.  I'm a Disney geek.  I love classic Disney such as Lady and thetramp, and I love Pixar films.  I admit, I was one of the teenage girls crying at the end of Toy Story 3.  I wasn't the only teenager in the theatre crying either lol.

Re: Random things

@ran8: If you go to Wisconsin, visit the House on the Rock.  I believe it is rather close to the Kohler factory (which is also supposed to be awesome due to the bathrooms).  Its a muesum but its really awesome.  Everyone who visits Wisconsin shouldn't miss it.

Re: Random things

1. English is my 3rd language.

2. I almost got run over by a train when I was 6.

3. I hate cooking but am good at it ( mom's a chef)

4. I am 22 years old and an only child.

5. I have shopping channels on full blast when I'm cleaning house.

6. I've been dreaming of going to Australia since high school and refuse to die before I see it!

7. I've never colored, highlighted or permed my hair. All natural!

8. I've traveled a lot, and love to travel, especially to beach vacations!

9. I love seafood and italian.

10. I have zero allergies.

Re: Random things

This looks like fun 🙂

Let's see


- My favorite country to visit is Italy

- No one  over the age of 21 can prononce my first name (Nefertiti)

- I'm short 5'2" or 5'3"

- My favorite fictional character is Holden Caulfield

- I love anything related to law or politics and hate anything related to math or scientist.

Re: Random things

@Vanityprincess -Nefertiti as in the iconically beautiful Egyptian queen? What a cool name to have!

Re: Random things

Gee, I like guacamole!


I never outgrew my teenage horse craze.

I can cook, I studied Chinese cooking when I lived near NYC and got my chef's certificate.

I love old movies, especially the late 1930's thru mid 1940's era.

I got bitten by a young lion (nothing truly serious, only a couple of stitches, it was just playing and didn't know that my hide wasn't as tough as it's siblings).

My favorite kayak adventure was paddling through the San Juan Islands.

Re: Random things

@prettyinpa - I love the san juan islands!  So relaxing, and it's a relatively short drive + ferry ride away from me.  I want to go back when it's whale season.  🙂


Here are my random facts:

  • I'm a very picky eater, with a long list of things that I don't like, including: eggs (well, chicken eggs, because I like fish eggs in sushi!), raw tomatos, cilantro, eggplant, cantelope, honeydew melon, zucchini (but I like zucchini bread!), cola or rootbeer sodas, and horseradish.
  • I'm a software engineer.
  • I'm contemplating moving to WI, because that is where my bf is living for the next few years.
  • I don't like lipstick.
  • I wasn't allowed to watch the Simpsons when I was growing up, but was allowed to watch South Park.  (haha)
  • I've never been camping

Re: Random things

@bridal - I would love to go to Gettysburg!  Let me know how it is!


@sephoramusthave - What other languages do you speak?  I took 4 years of Spanish in highschool, never used it in real life, and have forgoten 75% it.  So jealous you don't have allergies - I deathly (literally) afraid of bees.


@serendipity - Where in Wisconsin?  I'm from there!

Re: Random things

@serendipity and kalex - You two will have to tell me where youi live in Wisconsin.  I'm from the Green Bay area.

Re: Random things

@PinP:  I cannot believe you got bitten by a lion - that is CRAZY!


 Ok, lets see:

1.  I've lived in 2 Foster Homes before the age of 15 months

2.  I once hung out with Bruce Springsteen for a while backstage after a private show at The Berkeley Community Theatre.  And I have a personal autograph from it.

3.  I haven't drank any alcohol since I was 22.

4,  I've been to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, & Liechtenstein

5.  I road home (to the hotel) from the last Grateful Dead show ever in a van with Jerry Garcia and  talked about the fireworks at      the end of the concert.  We both liked the heart shaped ones.  He died shortly there after.



Re: Random things

1. I'm the oldest of four kids.

2. I just earned my second Associates degree and will eventually pursue a Bachelors.

3. My dream job is to work in the office of an NFL team,

4. The #1 thing on my bucket list is to go horseback riding.

5. Love to play fighter video games such as Mortal Kombat and Tekken. Great stress relief.

Re: Random things

Fun thread! Also, I love avocados. They're great for a facial mask too 🙂


- I am a research junkie and liberally abuse any library system I can get a card to.

- For a time, I studied an endangered language from one of its last fluent speakers. The thing about dying oral languages is that no one really publishes grammar books about them...

- I won't date anyone who doesn't respect continental philosophy and Heidegger. They don't have to like it, they just have to respect it. No bonus points for liking Nietzsche; I have yet to meet a young man who doesn't like to think he is the ubermensch.

- I was not born in a hospital.

- I'm listening to Kate Bush's new album on NPR ❤️


@kalex My grandparents and their siblings have talked about seeing ghosts. Nothing outlandish, very mundane events actually...

@prettyinpa I love Chinese cooking! Wish I had more time for it though...

@ran8 🙂 If you could live anywhere/anytime in history, where and when would you choose?

Re: Random things

-I love to travel, my favorite place Ive been to to date is Thailand. I spent a month there studying Thai Massage in Bangkok and some northern rural villages in Chang Mai provence.

-I've changed my hair color every 4 weeks since January. It is currently platinum blonde with a pale lavender layer at the bottom.

-I'm currently rereading Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass

-I'm Canadian but I live in Florida

-I am NOT a morning person

Re: Random things

@Kalex-I love all things "Gone with the Wind" as well! The best book ever!

-I love cooking. I drive my husband batty by watching way too much Food Network. He doesn't mind the dinners though.
-I love learning about wine. I recently took the 1st step towards getting a Sommeliers certification.
-I met my husband online. But turns out we know several people in common, we just had never met.
- I have a big soft spot for animals, my husband more than I. I think that is part of the reason I fell in love with him.
-I like prefer vintage anything to new -houses, jewelry, clothes, books etc

Re: Random things

ran8 - I love history too.  I could spend hours in museums.  Unfortunately my husband and children don't quite share this interest.  My children are still young though - hoping they'll grow into it.


officegal - Want me to send you a shotglass from Nebraska in our next swap?  I'm sure I could find you a nice one with a picture of corn on it. 🙂 Or is it only from places you've traveled?


prettyinpa - I worked at a Chinese restuarant all through high school.  Love it but can't cook it worth a darn.  There's a nice little hole-in-the wall restaurant nearby that has great Egg Foo Young fortunately!


katimae - Totally jealous of the places you've traveled.  I've never been out of the US.


shyvicki - I've never been horsebacking riding either!  Unless you count the ponies that walk around circles at fairs... I did that when I was a kid.  I asked my mom to go a few times when I was a teenager but she would never let me because Superman broke his back.  "I don't want to jump fences Mom!  I just want to trot for crying out loud!"  (Nevermind I've been a grownup now for 12 years.  I don't know why I still haven't gone.)


pocketvenus -  I've never really gotten into philosophy, though I do find it interesting, psychology has always been my thing.  I do agree with the men and their "superman" complexes though - good grief.


krista - I wish I had your nerve!  I've never dyed my hair except for the stuff that washes out in a few weeks.


lashreece - I watch the Food Network too much too.  It's unfortunate for my husband that he's not an adventurous eater.  I often hear,  "You can eat whatever you want.  Why do have to put us through it too?"  followed by a heavy sigh.


Re: Random things

@shyvicki and kalex-  Horseback riding is one of the most fun activities I do!  There is a big difference between riding well and sitting like a sack of potatoes on the horse! You don't have to aspire to jumping, there is just so much that you can do riding well and it is great exercise too. Getting the horse ready to ride is a lot of exercise, brushing and cleaning hooves before you put on the tack can take 1/2 hour if the horse has been rolling in mud. I'd suggest that you find an instructor and go for lessons, just once a week, you can make progress really fast. Trail rides where you essentially go around like ponies at a fair are pretty boring, most places won't let you get out of the single file and the horses are very sluggish. There are also ranches and spas that you can go to where you ride everyday and the instructors help you to become a better rider while you enjoy the surroundings. I have always wanted to go to the Tanque Verde ranch in Tucson for a week, but I couldn't afford it!

Re: Random things

What an awesome thread! I haven't been on beautytalk much lately, and it's fun catching up. Let's see.....trying to think of things about myself that might be interesting to others.....


1. I live here in the heart of Amish country, PA- my parents are Amish and that is how I grew up. I had a very happy childhood with a loving family, and it is actually a nice lifestyle, but it wasn't the life I wanted for myself. I love material things too much (clothes, shoes, makeup, etc). Since my early teens I've been interested in fashion & beauty. I read a lot of magazines, and experimented with any makeup I could get away with (sheer foundation, powder, neutral eyeshadow, clear lipgloss, clear nail polish, etc) and I became a master of the "no makeup makeup look". Also I had no interest in having a large family, which leads me to number 2-


2. I don't want any children. I seem to have no maternal instincts whatsoever. Had I chosen a different life, I'd be married with probably 5 children by now. The thought sends cold chills down my spine. I'm already 30, so I'm sure my biological clock is ticking away, but if it is I certainly don't hear it.


3. My fiance is 16 years older than me. I've always been inclined to date older men; boys my own age were always so immature. Even in their twenties, they're more interested in their xbox than anything else. Lots of them don't have real jobs, some may still live with their parents...I'm sure they're not all like that, but the ones I met were.


4. I'm a vegetarian. I have no problem with people around me eating meat- I believe "to each their own" but to me, the idea of eating an animal is completely repulsive. My boyfriend is an avid hunter, but it works out fine. He keeps his deer meat in the freezer and throws it on the grill whenever he has a craving for meat. Usually he'll do that when I'm not home. If we're both home, I do the cooking and he always enjoys my vegetarian meals. He says he doesn't care if what he's eating includes meat or not, as long as it tastes good.


5. I'm very tall. Supposedly I'm 5'10" (according to the doctors), but I'm pretty sure I'm at least an inch or two taller than that. Did you ever notice that in the doctor's office you're always shorter and heavier than you think you are?


@j12003, we need to switch places. I loooove hot weather. The hotter, the better. Love everything about the beach too! The water, the sun, the sand....ahhhh. It's way too cold here in PA for me. It starts getting chilly already in October and doesn't fully warm up until at least April or May.


@prettyinpa- bitten by a lion????!!!!

Re: Random things



We seriously need to switch places because I absolutely LOVE the Amish and Pennsylvania! When I was growing up, one of my all time favorites trips was when we went to Pennsylvania and I got to see the Amish! I remember thinking "wow I want to live like these people, they seem so kind and they live such simple lives" (at least that is how I saw it!) and I just loved everything about it! Here in Orange County it is all about the material things and people aren't the nicest, so going to Pennsylvania and seeing people who don't fixate on the physical and material aspect was mind blowing for me! And as far as the beach goes... I hate it Lol! My brothers grew up surfing everyday, my one brother actually became a pro surfer. I on the other hand despise the beach. I am very fair (we are talking practically translucent) and I burn in a matter of minutes, so I think that made me dislike the beach more! But I think I am the one of very few here in CA because I know most people LOVE the beach. I'm the person that when it is 90 degrees and the sun is glaring and everyone is at the beach.... I am in the house with the blinds closed with my 2 dogs with the Air Conditioner blaring! Last week the weather was in the 90's and I just hated it, I get very angry in the heat! And yes I agree with you... I feel like they are lying about my height at the Doctors. I use to be in denial when I was younger about my height and I would insist that I was shorter. Now that I have gotten older I feel that they aren't giving me my exact height, I feel I might be around 6' because my boyfriend is 6'3" and he doesn't seem that much taller.

Re: Random things



Ha ha!   I was just at the doctors.  They said I was 2 inches shorter and 15 lbs heavier than what I thought I was.   I was so freaked.  Then I realized that I’ve been weighing myself all along on my scale at home – so I should gage gains and losses by that and not by a scale I get on once a year.   As for the height…I measured myself as soon as I got home and I was the same as I always was.  I have no idea why their thing measures shorter than my tape measure.  


Smiley Mad

Re: Random things

@j12003, I'll switch with you, any day. I am one of those people who never complains that it's too hot (I will complain about how big my hair gets when it's humid, though) and to live 5 minutes from the beach would be sheer bliss for me. I've often talked about quitting my job and becoming a beach bum. You can come live here! You'd love it...this time of the year the farmland is beautiful. Winters are brutal for me. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything if it's cold and dark outside so I basically hibernate all winter.


I feel the same way about my height. I'm always told I'm 5'10 or 5'10 and a half. I don't buy that. My boyfriend says he's 6'2- if we're both barefoot he is a little taller but if I'm wearing heels I'm exactly at eye level with him. I can't see that he's much more than 2 inches taller than me. I don't wear 4" heels or anything like that.....more like 2". I have a sister who's 5'9 and I'm definitely more than an inch taller than her.


@lashreece, isn't that annoying? My scale at home is accurate- I put a 5-lb weight on it one day and it said exactly 5.0. But yet when I go to the doctor, on their scale I'm usually at LEAST 5 lbs heavier than on mine. Grrrr

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