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Random Sunday Questions!

I've been really enjoying these posts lately here on BT and thought I should make one for this Sunday Smiley Happy


1. What is your favorite genre of music?

2. What are you looking forward to next week?

3. What is the most recent makeup item you bought?

4. What did you have for dinner today? If you haven't ate dinner yet, what do you plan on having.

5. What is one of your holy grail products?

6. Any tv shows you'll be watching tonight?



My answers: 

1. Mainly R&B.

2. Hopefully finding myself a car! It's much harder then I thought.

3. Dior Addict Lip Glow.

4. A delicious fulfilling homemade caesar salad Smiley Happy

5. MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation.

6. Kardashians. 

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

1. Classic Rock and Oldies

2. The weekend.

3. This weekend I bought Benefit Eye Bright, Urban Decay Desperation, Sephora Face Scrubber thingy (to clean my brushes with), Ole Hendricken 500 Pt. Perk.  I also ordered an empty pro palette from Mac and Nocturnelle eye shadow.

4. Not sure yet.

5. Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  This is my HG shadow primer.  I will never switch brands this one is too amazing.

6. Two Broke Girls and Mike and Molly.  The seasons are over for the summer but they still play repeats.

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

Monday morning answers!

1 - Don't have one.  My XM radio is programmed for everything from Country, to Elvis, to the 80's on 8.

2 - Nothing.  I have nothing going on.  At all.

3 - NARS Satin Lip Pencils

4 - The husband grilled steaks last night. 

5 - Beauty Blender sponge

6 - Nothing on Sunday nights for me until the new season of Boardwalk Empire.

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

Yay! I love these! Thanks for coming with them!


1. Dubstep. I'm obsessed with loud bass so also hip hop/r&b


2. My "book club" haha. We meet every second Saturday of the month to "talk about books" but it's really become a crafting/baking/face mask night. Haha... No books have been read so far... 


3. Tarte Hotel Heiress on sale for $10!


4. For dinner last night, I had some papaya salad, for tonight, I'm gonna go eat out, yay!


5. Yikes, I really haven't seen myself repetitively pull a product ... Ummm... Boscia's cleansing gel? I've repurchased that as well as the Korres milk cleanser. Mac fluid line?


6. I'm finishing up Say Yes To The Dress on Netflix heehehe

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

1) Tough!!  I love music of all shapes and sizes! I'd have to go with classical/romantic period (think beethoven symphonies) and haunting angsty women with incredible voices (Sarah MacLachlan, Florence Welch) 


2) I am going to pick up my bridesmaid's gown for my best friend's wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My best friend of 25 years is actually the groom- I've only known the bride for five years!


3)I ordered a bunch of NYX online, but it hasn't arrived yet.  The last thing I actually got which is actually in my possession is OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss in Meta


4) Sunday night dinner was spaghetti and marinara sauce. OMNOMNOM.  Not sure what Monday will be yet! 


5) Jack Black lip balms


6) It is monday as I'm answering this, so Warehouse 13! 

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

nebel, how do you like the OCC lip tar stained gloss? I've been dying to get my hands on one, but not sure if it will have the lasting power the regulars have.

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

I REALLY love the finish, and I think it does "stain" the lips more, though the glossyness doesn't last as long.  I tend to eat off all my lipstick, but I was impressed with this as a lasting color. 


Re: Random Sunday Questions!

Thank you, great to know about the staying power!

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

Temptalia (temptalia dot com) did reviews of all the colors and their wear power in depth, so I'd check out her blog if you want to see more specifics! I really trust and love her reviews. 

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

Oh definitely! She is a great trusted source for makeup reviews. I wish her search bar was a little more versatile though.

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

1. What is your favorite genre of music?

  • Ambient psychedelic + Rock + Reggae 

2. What are you looking forward to next week?

  • The weekend!

3. What is the most recent makeup item you bought?

  • Hmm, I have to think about it because I have not bought anything from Sephora in a couple weeks now *pats self on back* I would say the Amazing Cosmetics concealer at Ulta the other week. 

4. What did you have for dinner today? If you haven't ate dinner yet, what do you plan on having.

  • We made homemade pizza last night, besides the fact that the dough balls are from Sams Club. We bought a box of 20 lol

5. What is one of your holy grail products?

  • I would have to say LUSH Tea Tree water. I use it as my daily toner for my acne prone skin, as well as a great pick-me-upper in the middle of the day. Gives a nice matte look over makeup Smiley Happy

6. Any tv shows you'll be watching tonight

  • We watched Dexter while eating our semi-homemade pizza! hehe

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

1. I like a lot of music! Depends on my mood. I'm really into Jimmy Eat World and Something Corporate right now though

2. Getting paid Smiley Happy

3. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 8 Pink In Confidence

4. Last night I made a veggie quesadilla, mmm!

5. Dior mascaras

6. I'll be watching Dexter from Sunday night

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

1. I'm not very genre loyal. I tend to just like music as a whole, and listen the most genres.

2. I'm starting Belly dance and Salsa dance classes Smiley Happy

3. Revlon lipsticks were on sale, so I bought a few in shades I don't normally gravitate towards to experiment.

4. Chicken wraps for tonight 

5. Tarte Amazonian Clay gel liner in Black

6. Not sure? I'm too busy, so chances are no telly for me.

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

Oooh those classes sounds fun! 

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

I'm late too, but this just seemed like so much fun! Smiley Happy


1. What is your favorite genre of music - Downtempo, House, Trip Hop, and the occasional Moody Blues Smiley Tongue

2. What are you looking forward to next week - Getting one week closer to my trip to India in August! Smiley Happy

3. What is the most recent makeup item you bought- Dior Forever Flawless Foundation (030) and Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation (04)

4. What did you have for dinner today - Super spicy chick peas and rice (I'm vegetarian)

5. What is one of your holy grail products - I'm primarily an eyeliner girl and MUFE Aqua liner in 0L is what I can't live without! It's not as dark as I'd like it to be, but it stays on forever on me and is waterproof <3

6. Any tv shows you'll be watching tonight - Continuum; a sci-fi series from Canada 

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

I'm a vegetarian too and I LOVE MY BEANS AND RICE Smiley Happy

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

I couldn't live without lentils! Smiley Tongue I would starve to death!

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

Could you share your spicy chick peas and rice recipe?  I'm trying to cut back on the amount of meat my family eats and could use some "tried and true" recipes!

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

Ohh, would love to see those recipes! I have some red lentil, bulgur, and quinoa that I need to cook somehow (I just buy random things that sound fancy then worry about cooking later...=X).


Semi-related. If you are using grounded meat for something (meatball, burger patties), I usually mix it with bread crumbs and/or crumbled/smashed tofu (tasteless, thus absorbs oil/flavor very well). It makes the "meat" taste much softer/fluffier.

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

Of course Kalex! :-) I don't really follow a recipe because I learned from my mom but here are the basics:


1. Start by soaking 2 cups of chickpeas overnight in water (just enough to cover all of them with water; you don't have to do this if you buy them in a canned form)


2. Pour about 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil or olive oil in a deep pan (preferably with a glass lid) and start heating it.


3. Once the oil is warmed up, add 1 bay leaf, a big black cardamom, 1 tea spoon of black pepper, 1 tea spoon of garlic paste, 1 table spoon of dry mango powder, 1.5 table spoon of red chillie powder (or to taste), salt (to taste) and mix it all together in the warm oil.


4. Transfer the chickpeas (without the water) in the same deep pan. BE SUPER CAREFUL because the oil is warm and it might splatter if you're not careful.

5. Mix it all together and be careful of the warm oil

6. Add a couple of diced tomatoes to the same pan and continue mixing the mixture together.

7. Now cover the pan with the lid and let it sit on medium heat for about 15 minutes. Keep opening the lid every few minutes to stir the mixture. Also, at the end of the 15 minutes, take out a single chickpea seed and press it with a spoon to see if it is mushy. It shouldn't be soggy, but you should be able to mush it very easily.


8. Once you think all the chickpeas are that solid but easily mush consistency, you're done! Smiley Happy


9. Garnish with finely chopped onions and green chillies Smiley Happy


I know it sounds crazy, but it's pretty easy once you know what you're doing. I highly recommend watching a few you tube videos before attempting this recipe. I would search for "chole recipe in a pan" for best results! I hope that helped and I really hope you like it! Smiley Happy


Re: Random Sunday Questions!

1. Gospel

2. receiving my new products i ordered from Sephora

3. lipstick by Nars

4.will probably skip dinner

5. Noxema

6. Dexter!!


Re: Random Sunday Questions!

1. That's tough...I can honestly say that I don't have one. I like oldies, pop, rap, R&B.


2. I am looking forward to just spending time with my little pet family this week. I'll be going to Hawaii the following week so I'm just cherishing my time with them before the big trip.


3. I bought a bottle of makeup remover from Sephora on Saturday.


4. Yesterday I had veggie apple sausages, kale salad, and mac n cheese.


5. The Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask is a life saver for when my skin acts up.



6. True Blood! 

Whimsically yours,

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

I LOVE my origins clear improvement mask too. I actually just used it today and everytime I do I just feel so clean. It really pulls all the impurities out of your skin. It feels like you're starting over from scratch like a clarifying shampoo for the face lol. Smiley Happy

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

1. What is your favorite genre of music?

-Alternative rock/pop/Top 40

2. What are you looking forward to next week?

-Only working 2 days... so far...

3. What is the most recent makeup item you bought?

-Nars Niagara, the LE teal MUFE eye liner (52L?) and some MAC products (had a make-over! Just starting to branch out into MAC)

4. What did you have for dinner today? If you haven't ate dinner yet, what do you plan on having.

-Popcorn shrimp last night

5. What is one of your holy grail products?

-I have to agree with Origins Charcoal mask - that and the Proactiv Sulfer mask keep my skin under control

6. Any tv shows you'll be watching tonight?

-Hmm don't watch too much TV but I will be checking out the new youtube beauty vids on my feed!

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

1. Metal, or some kind of variation of techno or symphonic music. Or a combination of all three mixed in together. 

2. Probably going to go furniture shopping with my hubby for our new apartment! Smiley Very Happy

3. Obsessive Compulsive nail polish and oddly enough, Origins Charcoal mask that was mentioned earlier. Smiley Happy Excited to see positive responses from people!

4. I ate a tuna sub on honey wheat with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion from Subway with some Cape Cod chips <3

5. BB Primer and Powderful foundation from Tarte Smiley Very Happy

6. Unfortunately for me, no more Hannibal until next year.. but for now, I'm really interested in starting Dexter. (FINALLY. lol)

Re: Random Sunday Questions!

I've had no internet for days and I've totally missed these question boards! Smiley Happy 


1. Oh, I am terrible at choosing, a bit of everything really. Post-Rock, Jazz, Electronic, old indie bands from 10-15 years ago, Anarcho-Punk, Trip-Hop, Alternative, I can enjoy almost anything. Smiley Happy

2. Leaving Mexico (and maybe hopefully hearing some news about my immigration paperwork)
3. Ordered a few glittery topcoats from the OPI clearout. 
4. I'm not sure, I am trying to eat whatever is left here in my fridge/cupboard before I leave, unfortunately it's a lot of pasta and rice and not many vegetables left, not very healthy. I'm jealous of homemade caesar salad and of spicy chickpeas! I'm going to make chana masala when I get to my parents' house!

5. Ooh, MAC powder foundation is a good one, I had a giftcard to use, so I ordered a new Studio Fix the other day to keep myself from ordering the Kat von D powder foundation without knowing for sure what shade I'd need, haha. 
6. If my internet connection holds up I'll watch the UFC from Saturday night when it finishes downloading, if not I will probably work on finishing The Brothers Karamazov, I've been reading depressing Russian novels because they've felt cheerier than my situation lately, hahaha.

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