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Random Saturday Questions!

1. What hair color would you have if maintenance, price and hair damage are not an issue?

2. Are you a bold eyes, lips or cheeks king of gal?

3. Favorite food?

4. Cats or Dogs (or any other animal)?

5. Favorite Body Moisturizer?


My answers:

1. Right now my hair is a sort of dark burgundy and I really love it (I'm naturally a brunette)

2. I'm a bold lips and/or cheeks kind of girl. I am a sucker for a bright coral or pink lip and I love a nice bright cheek (blended out of course)

4. I am dog person, I've got 3, all rescues.

5. I've been loving Cake's Sweetheart Body moisturizer, it smells great and makes my skin so soft

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. I'd love to have my hair permanently black. Naturally it's a dark brownish hue with some coppery sun damage.


2. I'm all of the above I just switch it out from date to day. Usually if I do a bold lip it's accompanied with a bold cheek.


3. That's a tough one! I love bubble tea (that's more of a snack), mexican, sushi, comfort foods, and salads.


4. Dogs! But I do have a kitten who is pretty cool too.


5. I have insanely sensitive skin, so right now I'm just using lubriderm, but I generally use FAB's Ultra Repair Cream during the chillier months for extra hydration.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. I'd like to let my hair go completely silver-white but for now I cover up my skunk streak with blond highlights Smiley Wink I tried to let myself go grey naturally but I looked like Cruella DeVille! I'd dye it grey white but the maintenance would be a pain, who wants roots that obvious?


2. I go for dramatic eyes, they are my favorite feature to play up!


3. It all depends on my mood really. Sometimes Asian inspired foods, sometimes Italian, and I am a sucker for anything spicy! But I find most places use way too much salt and other not so healthy ingredients so I've learned to make just about every type of cuisine that catches my fancy. Not to sound too boastful, but I love my own cooking!


4. I love dogs but I'm allergic Smiley Sad I also love snakes but my hubby isn't a fan. We're thinking of getting a parrot as a compromise.


5. I love Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Honey Drops Smiley Happy

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. What hair color would you have if maintenance, price and hair damage are not an issue?
2. Are you a bold eyes, lips or cheeks king of gal?
3. Favorite food?
4. Cats or Dogs (or any other animal)?
5. Favorite Body Moisturizer?


1) My hair is too short for color to really be an issue, though I guess it might be fun to periodically dye it colors like purple and green etc.


2) Bold lips for sure.  Partly because I can't seem to achieve bold eyes or cheeks but also because I just love lip color and I like subtle colors but I love making a statement at the right moment.


3) Ethiopian food.  I love to go into an Ethiopian restaurant with a friend, order a veggie combo to split and then go to town.


4) While I love both cats and dogs, cats really have my heart.  I can easily see myself adopting 6 cats in my old age and being a crazy cat lady.


5) I've been really into St Ives intensive healing lotion as a body moisturizer.

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1.) light blonde

2.) bold eyes

3.) sushi

4.) dogs

5.) GoldBund Ultimate in winter, Righteous Body Butter in the summer

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. What hair color would you have if maintenance, price and hair damage are not an issue?


Exactly what I have now despite it being a major PITA: RED

(Think Christina Hendricks or Kate Walsh, depending on where I go, what time of year. Ironically, neither of them are natural redheads either but it just works)


2. Are you a bold eyes, lips or cheeks king of gal?


Bold lips. Mine are super pigmented, so I can't tone them down. Its a matter of just working with what I've got.


3. Favorite food?


Varies wildly. Although I'd have to say the lasagna from a family restaurant where I grew up.


4. Cats or Dogs (or any other animal)?




5. Favorite Body Moisturizer?

Bliss, although I'm too cheap to buy it.

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. I'd go with Joan's red from Mad Men. It probably wouldn't look right with my skin/features...but I'd love to at least try it!

2. I like to keep everything simple, but I'll take more risks with eyes.

3. Hmm, hard to pick a favorite! I'm in the mood for Mexican food right now. But I also love Thai. And anything you'd eat for breakfast...or dessert. I'd never turn down pizza. I love food!

4. I'm a dog person, but I am not good at having pets Smiley Sad

5. I'm using Caudalie Body Butter right now. On the lookout for a new one...

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

Hey jellybean, it is totally worth it.  People assume it's natural on me, though...

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

Haha, I skipped #3 *face palm*

Anyways, I LOVE spagetti! Smiley Happy

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. Ash Blonde. Any shade of light blonde. I plan to in a couple months, but right now I'm on a tight budget Smiley Sad

2. Bold eyes! I always wear dramatic eye makeup Smiley Happy

3. Alfredo fettucini.

4. Dogs!

5. I actually dont have one. I would like to try any recommendations of your favorite though!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. What hair color would you have if maintenance, price and hair damage are not an issue?

Ohhhhh....I would love to dye my hair a fiery red, or dark blue, or dark purple.

2. Are you a bold eyes, lips or cheeks king of gal?

Bold lips, unless I'm eating (most of the time) then bold eyes.

3. Favorite food?


4. Cats or Dogs (or any other animal)?

I like all animals (except bugs). Right now, I'm kind of obsessed with baby porcupines....


5. Favorite Body Moisturizer?

Hmmm, this changes. I like Philosophy's body emulsion and BBW body cream for the winter. I like the spray on moisturizer/dry oil for summer. Right now tho, I'm obsessed with Origins Ginger souffle.

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

Beautytester, please don't take offense at this, but those are actualy hedgehogs.

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

*gasp* how dare you! You shall reimburse me by posting pictures of porcupines. =P


jk. lol, that's what popped up when I googled pictures of porcupines. I guess I like baby hedgehogs then. It just make me want to tickle their tummy XD

Re: Random Saturday Questions!



I love baby hedghogs!

here is your porcupine

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

AAWWW! That looks like me when I just woke up on a bad hair day! XD

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

Wow, there are a lot of hedgehogs there when you google porcupines!



There are some pretty cute porcupines out there though!


Re: Random Saturday Questions!

Haha!! Your too funny @beautytester!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1.  I wish I could have auburn hair.  I have naturally dark brown and I wish there were more dimension to it.  


2.  I love pink blushes.  That is my favorite.  I'm trying to start to consistently wear lipstick but I stick to neutral/rosy pinks.  


3.  Ripe Cantaloupe.  


4.  Dogs.  I have three....but sometimes I feel like that is crazy.  


5.  Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil moisturizer is really nice.  

Re: Random Saturday Questions!


These random questions are fun!!



1. I'm naturally a lighter brunette, kinda of golden and I would love to have little more blonde in it if it weren;t so much trouble!


2.  definetely bold eyes.  My eyes are blue probably my best facial feature so i try to emphasize them as much as possible.  Plus boldlips still scare me Smiley Happy


3. favorite food would have to be sushi, good sushi, because it is delicious and I don;t have to fell guilty after eating it!


4. Definetely cats!  I have 2 adorable blue and white kitties that I rescued from the pound


5.  So far the best body moisturizer I have ever tried is Cetaphil's Moisturizing cream.  This is the one that comes in a white tub with a blue twist of lid.  It is super super moisturizing, great for sensitive skin and doesn;t have any obnoxious smell that will clash with my perfume.



Re: Random Saturday Questions!

I am LOVING these threads!


1.I have dark brown hair, but most people consider it black. I really like my hair color as it is.

2. probably bold eyes or bold lips

3. I would have to say sushi and then bread.

4. a dog person

5. I don't use body moisturizer

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

yaaaay these random questions threads are so much fun!


1.  My hair is black, black, black.  If i could actually painlessly change the color I'd be switching all over like there was no tomorrow!  I remember my jaw dropping when I first saw Brigitte Lin's blond wig in Chungking Express (yes, it was a long time ago).


2. I'm normally a smudgy, smoky eyeliner kinda gal (plus my lips are usually too dry for lipstick) but these last few months I've really been dialing down the eyes a lot and finding lipstick formulas that work better for me.  So both, I guess! (ps. makeup is so much fun to play with! so easy to change up your look!)




4.  Used to be a cat person, now wish I could have a big huge friendly smart-looking dog like a Labrador or something.  Sadly I live in a small apt and travel too much.


5.  CeraVe all the way!  It's the only thing that keeps my skin soft and smooth and no fragrance to cause rashes on my easily-irritated skin.

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

I have done the same lately with toning down the eye makeup and exploring both lipstick and cheek colors. I kind of can't commit to any one look or color for very long with anything. 


Even though I dye my hair different colors all the time I have a small selection of wigs too, I want to be able to match my hair style with my outfit, make up, shoes, etc so I like to have the option of a dramatic black bob one day and long blonde curls the next! I think I may have more fashion mood swings than the normal person though, haha. Smiley Happy

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1) I'd keep it my natural color, strawberry blonde, just without the grey!


2) I'm not much of a bold anything look gal, so I guess cheeks?


3) Watermelon or fresh sweet corn.


4) Dogs, all the way!  My dog is a rescue, too. I'm allergic to cats.


5) I'm loving Jergens Glow Moisturizer for summer, as it touches up my faux tan without a lot of smell. For winter, the Clarisonic body moisturizer.

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. Hair color.  Right now I love my auburn color as it is and I do pay the price!  It is (or was) my natural hair color.  However, as my skin continues to age and the lines and wrinkles start looking heavy on my face, I want to go strawberry blonde!  I've always wanted to be a blonde.  Then, I can wear all those colors that clashed with my red hair.

2. Bold eyes, lips or cheeks.  Definitely lips, they are my best feature and my eyes are starting to get those lines that look like cracked glass.

3. Favorite food.  Any kind of seafood, lobster, shrimp, or crab is my favorite cooked a thousand different ways.

4. Cat or dog.  I love both but cats are my favorite.  They are so mysterious where dogs are more predictable.

5. Favorite body moisturizer.   I usually use whatever scented body wash I'm currently in love with from Bath & Body Works.  But in the wintertime when I experience dryness, I love Caudalie Divine Oil.  With oily skin, I never thought I would ever put oil on my skin!


Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. What hair color would you have if maintenance, price and hair damage are not an issue?

Gosh i don't know!! I'd probably stick with what i have now (medium brown highlights) and maybe do a couple of peek a boo streaks of blonde in the front!
2. Are you a bold eyes, lips or cheeks king of gal?

I more of a bold lip kind of gal. I'm starting to love to play up my cheeks and do a nude lip!
3. Favorite food?

Chinese food hands down!!
4. Cats or Dogs (or any other animal)?

Such a hard decision!! I love both but if i had to have one it would probably be a cat. 
5. Favorite Body Moisturizer?

Korres Body Butters!! They just go on so smooth and my skin feels amazing afterwards!

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