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Random Saturday Questions!

1. What hair color would you have if maintenance, price and hair damage are not an issue?

2. Are you a bold eyes, lips or cheeks king of gal?

3. Favorite food?

4. Cats or Dogs (or any other animal)?

5. Favorite Body Moisturizer?


My answers:

1. Right now my hair is a sort of dark burgundy and I really love it (I'm naturally a brunette)

2. I'm a bold lips and/or cheeks kind of girl. I am a sucker for a bright coral or pink lip and I love a nice bright cheek (blended out of course)

4. I am dog person, I've got 3, all rescues.

5. I've been loving Cake's Sweetheart Body moisturizer, it smells great and makes my skin so soft

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1.  A rich, multi-dimensional, shiny medium brown

2.  Bold eyes

3.  Ice cream (any flavor)

4.  Dogs 100%

5.  I am sooooooo bad at wearing moisturizer, so (though not the best one out there, but the only one I will give any time of day to wear) Vaseline spray and go moisturizer is my go-to.

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1 - Auburn.  I'm fair and freckled and part Irish, yet somehow the red hair gene passed me by.

2 - No bold makeup here.  If I use purple shadow it's a wild and crazy day.

3 - It varies as I tend to get mildly obsessed over one thing for awhile.  Like right now it's the Beefy Crunchy Burrito at Taco Bell.  Now I'm hungry.

4 - I have 2 dogs but am more of a cat person.  Both of my daughters break out in hives around cats.  Smiley Sad

5 - I love bath oils.  Even just plain old baby oil will do!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1.  I have heavy highlighted blonde hair which I love.  If work, price, upkeep, damage weren't a factor I would have lavender hair!  Purple has always been my favorite color and I think lavender would go great with my green eyes. Ha!

2.  Bold eye!  I'm always doing a smokey eye, winged liner or both type of look.  

3.  French Fries.  I'm a junk food junkie.

4.  Ducks.

5.  The Soap and Glory body lotion.  I forget the name.

Re: Random Saturday Questions!


1)  Right now, my hair is super ashy platinum with lavender and teal bits.  But you know?  It isn't me.  Me, I'm blue-black. I dyed my hair cool-toned black for over a decade, and ever since I stopped (only about the last six months) I haven't felt... right  I'll be transitioning back to this, but my stylist just moved to from NJ to Los Angeles (I'm still in mourning)  He'll be back in September for a visit! I am literally counting down the days.  This is so hard. I've been seeing him longer than I've been with my husband!


2) It really depends on my mood.  I tend to go for bolder eyes.


3) Macaroni and Cheese.  With breadcrumbs and cream and aged cheddar.


4)I couldn't choose between my pups and my kitties! I have three of each Smiley Happy


5)I have so many I love, but within reach at the moment is the Olive Body Butter by The Body Shop. Yum!


Great Questions!!!!



Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. My hair is brunette w/ blonde highlights and this is the color I would have no matter what because I love it this color!

2.Usually bolder eyes and neutral lips.

3.Cheese pizza (Of Course)

4.Dog-cocker spaniel

5.L'Occitane Supple Body oil.


Great post and questions!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1.  I have dishwater blond hair that I wouldn't mind lightening (and hiding the gray).

2.  I don't really wear bold make-up; maybe slightly bold eyes and lips (not at the same time) when I'm feeling wild 'n' crazy.

3.  Pasta

4.  Cats

5.  Curel Unscented

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. I would change it every time I got bored if that was the case!

2. Depends on my mood, but usually lips, sometimes eyes, rarely cheeks.

3. I love seafood Smiley Happy!!

4. CATS!! cute little kitties that fit in teacups omg :3

5. Vaseline Spray and Go, I hate putting on body lotion! It always feels so thick and takes forever for it to sink in, this stuff is super light and fast I love it!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. Cool, pale blonde with cool dark brown, caramel, and coral-pink laced through it with a beige/white/zebra cluster of feathers on one side because I really liked that trend.  :-D

2. I am more of a flawless, glowing skin kind of gal.  I do tend to play up my eyes a little more, though.

3.  Chicken enchiladas con papas y frijoles, fresh fruit, gelato di ciccolota, fattigmann bakkles.

4.  Dogs for sure!!!  But cats aren't bad.  I want to get a chicken.   

5.  Not picky.  Usually use Bath and Body Works body butter in Carried Away or Johnson and Johnson Baby Cream. 

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. What hair color would you have if maintenance, price and hair damage are not an issue? A light all over blonde! On the honey side.

2. Are you a bold eyes, lips or cheeks king of gal? Bold Lips and Cheeks!

3. Favorite food? Oh gosh that's a hard one! I would have to say this matzo ball soup that they sell at the local deli. Its amazing!

4. Cats or Dogs (or any other animal)?CATS CATS and more CATS. haha

5. Favorite Body Moisturizer? Josie Whipped Argan Oil Ultra-Hydrating Body Butter in Sweet Citrus.

<3 Melissa

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1.For sure Red... (Been debating going red for about 2 yrs now)

2.Bold Eye and Lip (but never both at same time)

3. Italian

4.Horses Smiley Happy 

5.Soap and Glory Body Butter my all time fave Smiley Happy


Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. What hair color would you have if maintenance,

price and hair damage are not an issue?

What I have now which is a darker blonde with balayage highlights painted at mid length


2. Are you a bold eyes, lips or cheeks king of gal?

Lips. I'm a coral kind gal.


3. Favorite food?

Salmon Nigiri or pickles (but not together)


4. Cats or Dogs (or any other animal)?

Both! I'm on the look out with one of these lil boogers at the moment...

A miniature australian shepherd Smiley Happy


5. Favorite Body Moisturizer?

CeraVe all the way baby!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

I have been dying to get a mini aussie! As soon as I buy and move into a new house, I'm going to be looking for one Smiley Happy They are so beautiful!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. blonde for sure

2. i like bold eyes/ nude lip.  OR bold lip and lighter with everything else. (ok so I like them both)

3. steamed stuffed artichokes

4. dog

5. Pacifica Ruby Guava 

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. What hair color would you have if maintenance, price and hair damage are not an issue?

-I would have to try platinum blonde I think, just once

2. Are you a bold eyes, lips or cheeks king of gal?

-bold eyes

3. Favorite food?

-Mexican flautas!

4. Cats or Dogs (or any other animal)?


5. Favorite Body Moisturizer?

-100% pure vanilla body cream!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. What hair color would you have if maintenance, price and hair damage are not an issue?

I don't think I can really dye my hair since it's a dark brown lol.  However, I have wondered what I would look like with the right shade of red, perhaps a deep red.  

2. Are you a bold eyes, lips or cheeks king of gal?

Eyes.  My eyeshadow changes everyday lol.

3. Favorite food?

I've gotten on a Granola kick after I tried some from Earth Fare that has strawberries, blueberries, and vanilla yogurt in it.  The bag didn't last long because mom liked it, too lol.

4. Cats or Dogs (or any other animal)?

All the critters!!!!  Smiley Very Happy  except for spiders.  Spiders are monsters lol.

5. Favorite Body Moisturizer?

Pretty much anything from Bath and Body Works 

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

You could definitely dye your hair. I also have dark brown hair. Currently I have dark red/burgundy hair. Adding red to dark brown hair creates a subtle dark red. It looks great, and changes things up a bit

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

ahahahahaha, I just added another animal on the list of pets I want in the future. Angora bunnies (yes, they are real, not stuffed toys):

I know you can't have atypical pets (like hedgehogs) in some states, but bunnies should be universally accepted, right?.....pfffteeheeheeheee...

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

oh my gosh how does it SEE anything with all that hair everywhere???  LOL  it looks like a big fuzzy slipper!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

How does it MOVE with all that fuzz???

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

You are suppose to cut/shear off the coat of hair every 3-6 month or else they overheat (unless you live in Alaska I suppose). 


Doesn't it give you the biggest warm fuzzies (pun intended)? ^.^

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

When I see these bunnies... I think of furby.

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

OMG I almost peed myself lol

Those things were so creepy >> I never understood why all the kids loved them!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

They are seriously creepy. I remember friends having these in grade school, never got into the trend myself- thank God.

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. Believe it or not, I have virgin hair- never dyed, highlighted, etc. I will probably keep it that way, but if I were to actually try dyeing it, I would get an ombre look with my brown hair Smiley Happy

2. All three! Not all at the same time, of course Smiley Very Happy

3. Steamed blue crabs... mmmm Smiley Happy

4. I love both, but have only ever owned cats (mother was deathly afraid of them). No current pets, hoping to get some new furry friends when I move into a house! Need to do some reading up on introducing a kitten and puppy to a house at the same time! I've heard they will get along well if they grow up together- anyone tried this?

5. I love the Body Shop's Body Butters!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

I have virgin hair too! All of my friends tell me not to dye it, if I've made it this far I should keep it virgin forever, haha. And omg crabs are so good! I love living in Maryland we have the best crabs Smiley Wink

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