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Random Questions, Monday

Haven't done one of these in a while Smiley Happy.


1. What is your favorite way to exercise?

2. Are you a perfume lover?

3. What did you last buy (regarding beauty or fashion)?

4. Have you gone to a Fair this year?

5. What do you eat for snacks?

6. What was the last thing you have drawn?


1. Dancing for sure!

2. Definitly

3. A Burgundy sweater

4. Yes, I went to one last week. yum, cotton candy and curly fries Smiley Happy.

5. anything I can get my hands on Smiley Happy. It usually ends up being bread.

6. I think it was a haircut I was trying to draw to show my mom Smiley Happy. (I thought she would look cute with this particular cut)

Re: Random Questions, Monday

1. I'll get *bleeped* if I answer that one. Use your imagination.

2. I love Lancome La Vie Est Belle

3. Lorac eyeliner set

4. Nope, no fair

5. Pita chips, homemade chocolate chip cookies.

6. I make a bunch of circles on paper when I'm on hold on the phone that turn out looking like a bunch of grapes


Re: Random Questions, Monday

1. I have a playlist on youtube of a couple yoga videos and some of Livestrong Woman's routines that I try to do every day. 

2. Yes! I love perfumes but I'm a little picky. It has to be flowery but not too strong.

3. I ordered my first MAC lipstick from Nordstrom a couple days ago and it should be getting here tomorrow, I'm so excited! I bought "Chatterbox." I also ordered the Prep + Prime lip primer because I've been dying to try a lip primer.

4. I have not. 

5. I'm trying super hard to eat healthier so right now I have lots of fruits and Special K bars. But normally I am crazy about junk food. Cookies, chips, candy, chocolate... Ahh!

6. I'm not very artistic but when I'm bored during my lectures sometimes I start doodling little flowers or hearts. 

Re: Random Questions, Monday

1. What is your favorite way to exercise?
That's a good question. I exercise all the time. I guess right now it would be a tossup between playing squash and Zumba. 

2. Are you a perfume lover?
I'm turning into more of one as of late. Love collecting rollerballs and samples because I can't commit and don't want to. For years, all I ever wore was Bulgari Green Tea. I'm branching out!
3. What did you last buy (regarding beauty or fashion)?
Yesterday, I bought Ojon's Rare Blend heat treatment for my hair and OCC lip tar in Harlot. 
4. Have you gone to a Fair this year?
A street fair here and there. They're everywhere in NYC. 
5. What do you eat for snacks?
I love snacks. I suppose lately, those baked pea snacks. And fresh fruit. And tacos, one taco is a perfect snack. 
6. What was the last thing you have drawn?
I don't remember but it was probably in art therapy class last semester in grad school. 

Re: Random Questions, Monday


Re: Random Questions, Monday

1) stationary bike with a book Smiley Happy 

2) yessssss. my boyfriend says i have too much. i say that's not possible!

3) a new cardigan and scarf Smiley Very Happy

4) nope, boyfriend's schedule with work and school were too demanding this sumer =\

5) twix, turkey jerky, mambas.

6) uhh... no idea. my daughter is the artist around here <3

Re: Random Questions, Monday

I LOVE mambas! But none of my friends have ever tried or even heard of them before. 

Re: Random Questions, Monday

what? how have people not heard of mambas? they've been around forever! 

Re: Random Questions, Monday

I know!! I've been eating them since I was in elementary school but around here they are kind of hard to find... I only ever see them at CVS and even then I have to look pretty hard for them! 

Re: Random Questions, Monday

1. What is your favorite way to exercise?

Treadmill with ear buds in.
2. Are you a perfume lover?

Yes.  I ignored the "how many full-size perfumes do you have" post on purpose because I don't want to count.
3. What did you last buy (regarding beauty or fashion)?

The "Eden Rock" Milly dress on sale at Banana Republic.
4. Have you gone to a Fair this year?

5. What do you eat for snacks?

I love Oriental Rice Cracker mixes.  Wasabi peas!
6. What was the last thing you have drawn?

Probably a chalk stick person on the driveway with my kids.

Re: Random Questions, Monday

1. What is your favorite way to exercise? running, step aerobics, dancing, heavy weight lifting, swimming, yoga. I'm a fitness buff Smiley Very Happy
2. Are you a perfume lover? Er, lover is an understatement. If perfume were a man, he'd be getting a restraining order. Smiley Tongue
3. What did you last buy (regarding beauty or fashion)? beauty blender sponge thingy. though I did place a nail polish order the other day on Sephora, set to arrive tomorrow. Yay!
4. Have you gone to a Fair this year? Nope
5. What do you eat for snacks? cashews, almonds, fruit roll ups (I know, I'm not 8, lol), bananas, popcorn. Sometimes jellybeans or skittles, but I try to avoid them as I have ZERO self control with them. (eat a whole bag and end up sick, lol)
6. What was the last thing you have drawn? a map of the US + Cuba for my class (I was talking to them about the Cuban Revolution and immigration to Miami post-war) They laughed at me. :-/ Possibly because Florida was the size of Texas in my drawing. Heh.

Re: Random Questions, Monday

1) I just signed up for a gym membership but haven't had a chance to try it out, so I don't have a favorite way to exercise yet. I want to try out something like yoga or pilates though, gotta build up my core!


2) I do but my allergies don't Smiley Sad Most of them bother my sinuses and a couple have actually given me skin rashes. I don't have as much of a problem with essential oils though.


3) I bought some boots on sale, cherry red wingtips. They're Docs so they're going to hurt to break in, but. we must suffer for fashion or whatever Smiley Wink

4) So far, no. There's a local one that I used to go to as a kid, I might go there with a friend and her kid this weekend.


5) I'm trying to eat vegetables and other healthy things for snacks lately, but left to my own devices I'll eat anything salty + savory + crunchy and lots of it. The crunchy snap peas from Calbee that you can find at Asian markets are pretty much my fave.

6) I'm an artist so I draw all the time! Smiley Happy Most recent thing I drew were some preliminary sketches for a site-specific piece I'll be exhibiting next month.

Re: Random Questions, Monday

1 - i like lifting weights and going to classes where they have us lift weights


2 - Yes, although I have a hard time finding perfumes that I like.


3 - I went to the mall today and purchased some items from Bath & Body Works - a wall flower and 4 fall scented bulbs.  They small as great as the candles, without the fire hazard, which is great for me because I often forget about lit candles


4 - I have been to several antique fairs.  That counts right? lol


5 - I eat crackers, like triscuits(they have some really yummy flavors nowadays), fruit, veggies, nuts, granola bars...


6 - A week or so ago i attempted to draw out a design I had in mind for a project at work, but my drawing skills are really lacking so I doctored up some photos in paint to illustrate my idea.  Worked pretty well and didnt have to show anyone my bad drawing skills lol


Re: Random Questions, Monday

1. I don't think I have a favorite. I have a collection of DVDs & full videos saved on youtube. I choose a workout depending on my mood & what I want to target. 

2. Yes, but I don't like to be overwhelmed with choices. I tend to wear the same scent for a week or two and my top choices change depending on the season. 

3. YSL glossy stain in 107 

4. I live by multiple farms and there's always a fair during the summer. I did miss the State Fair this year Smiley Sad 

5. Cheese. Triscuits with cheese mmmm, or fruit, or pickles, air popped popcorn.... we're big on snacks 

6. A star on a photo of my friends at their wedding this past weekend.

Re: Random Questions, Monday

1. pilates/yoga - yoga #1

2. love does not quite cover it; obsessed

3. beauty; Tory Burch cosmetics + her EDP

4. no

5. fruit & cheese or pumpernickel toast

6. a floor plan



Re: Random Questions, Monday

1. Yoga, Pilates, Envy Girls various workouts, and anything Jillian Michaels on YouTube (hooray for the BeFit channel!)
2. Perfume lover? More like obsessed crazy person Smiley Wink
3. The Bite pencil palette
4. Miami has a huge Fair every spring, I love getting fair food(meat on a stick! corn on a stick! sugar on a stick!)
5. Dark chocolate covered espresso beans, my answer to all of my woes.
6. I doodle a lot, stars and such.

Re: Random Questions, Monday

1.) Lifting weights or something with a martial arts flavor

2.) Yes, especially perfume oils from independent makers.

3.) The UD Deluxe Eyeshadow palette out of the sale section to get the almostvib promo.

4.) Nope

5.) Hummus and veggies if I am being good, Cheez-its if I'm not.

6.) Sketched some random characters from my brain.

Re: Random Questions, Monday



3.A pair of leather boots

4. No


6. A stick person Smiley Very Happy

Re: Random Questions, Monday

I am a huge fan of stick people Smiley Happy!

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