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Random Beauty Tips

I just read a really neat beauty tip and thought I'd post it to share with others.  Also, I wanted to start a thread so if any of you have any random beauty tips of any kind that you'd like to share, please feel free to post them here.

Here is the tip I recently learned:  If you wear a hat, you should swipe the inside of the hat with a dryer sheet before putting it on your head so it won't cause static to build up in your hair and you won't have frizzy fly-aways when you remove your hat.

Hope this helps someone! Smiley Happy

Re: Random Beauty Tips

Hello All,


Those are all great tips! I have a small tip that I do often. I like to spray my angled brush with a face spray so that when I apply it to my brows or cake eyeliner it goes on smoothly. I also like to spray my face first with a setting spray so that my foundation goes on more evenly.Smiley Happy


Mineral Water Spray Duo To Go

<3 Melissa

Re: Random Beauty Tips

A lot has been written about natural beauty and most articles talk about natural beauty being related to drinking water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, taking vitamins, exercising, and so on. It is commonly said that natural beauty look starts from within. While mature natural beauty is a complicated and detailed subject, an in depth review of the literature really boils it down to the following items.

1. Not drinking coffee, and certainly not to an excess, is a major contributor to long-lasting natural beauty. Drink tea instead, which actually promotes healthy collagen and a youthful look.

2. Using all-natural cosmetics and enhancers.

3.  Never leave the house without at least SPF 8-15 that protects from all of the sun’s harmful rays.

4. Not smoking, smoking has a number of other critical health issues as well.

5. Eat healthy. for more information chick out

Re: Random Beauty Tips

Have product buildup or very oily hair?  Don't think about picking up that shampoo bottle!  Your key to success is in the kitchen (quite literally).


This is a celeberity secrect.


Use baking soda.  Take a teaspoon of baking soda and a cup of warm water.  Mix together and pour over your head.  Then, let it sit.  After it sits for a while, rinse it out and you will have clean, beautiful hair, without the drying effect of shampoo.

Re: Random Beauty Tips

Another DIY lip exfoliant that I love is mixing 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar with 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil. You could use a toothbrush, washcloth, or your clean finger and rub it over your lips. It's natural and tastes goodSmiley Happy

Re: Random Beauty Tips

1. Use cleanser or dish soap to clean makeup brushes instead of wasting money on brush cleaners.

2. Use toilet paper instead of blotting sheets.

3. I second the wide tooth comb comment. For most of my life I have had poufy, frizzy hair and no matter what shampoo or conditionder I bought, my hair was the same. Since I switched from a hair brush to a wide toothed comb, my hair has been straight and frizz free. It makes ALL the difference.

4. Make your own toner by mixing Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with water.

Re: Random Beauty Tips

My hair can get frizzy at times too!  My little sister (who has the BEST hair ever, lucky girl!) told me to condition my hair twice in the shower.  So i Shampoo, Rinse, Condition, let the condition stay in for like 3 minutes, then rinse, then condition again, leave in conditioner for at-least 30-seconds, then rinse.  My hair is so much smoother and frizz free!

Re: Random Beauty Tips

I always, well I have  very thick hair so , I picked instead combed conditioner through my hair in the shower. I too thought everyone did it. And shaved their legs while they let it seep in? ok

What I learned from one of the stylist when I was a teenager (for curly hair or spiral perms -it was the 80's) was when you get done washing your hair put a special Hair towel on it (I don't remember what it was made of now)  when your ready scrunch it, maybe pick it or finger comb it once then lean over the sink or tub and pour Infusium 23 (from the drugstore) on it all over. And don't touch your hair again il it's dry. You will have perfectly shaped , no frizz curls. But at this time they are crusty and stiff, you have to take a pick and slowly go down through your hair.  You get perfect curls - easy as pie.

Re: Random Beauty Tips

Really great tips, ladies!  I'm learning a lot!

I just thought of another way to save money and to get soft lips at the same time...

Instead of buying a lip exfoliant, try applying a little Vaseline to your lips and taking an old toothbrush (I save an old one just for this purpose) and rub the dry toothbrush in small circles on your lips (coated in Vaseline) for a minute or so and then wipe off the Vaseline.  Once you wipe off the Vaseline, your lips should be nice and smooth and ready for lip color.

I used to buy Laura Geller's Sugar Lip Exfoliant and then Sephora quit carrying it so I bought Smashbox's exfoliant and it didn't work as well, so I started using the Vaseline and toothbrush trick, which works great.

Hope it works for you ladies, too! Smiley Happy

Re: Random Beauty Tips

During the couple of minutes I'm waiting for the conditioner to penetrate through my hair I do a little bit of shaving to pass the time. That way you're not exactly wasting so much waterSmiley Happy

Re: Random Beauty Tips

Thanks for the tips!


I like the one about smoothing some of your excess hand cream over your hair to calm the flyaways. I always get a little too much lotion on my hands and my hair's always needing some extra smoothing, so it works out well for me.

Re: Random Beauty Tips

Here's some random tips:

1) Warming makeup between your hands or on your skin can make it glide on easier. 

2) When your have finished a bottle of mascara, you can clean the brush off and use it to comb/ straighten out your eyebrows. 

3) When at the last bit of lipgloss, heat it up so the excess glides off the sides. Also you can remove the rubber stopper at the top of the bottle.

4) Put a highlight color by your tear-ducts to make your eyes brighter. 

Re: Random Beauty Tips

Hi. it's Bee again. Just wanted to also mention my trick for very good coverage. Use a cream or liquid foundation, Benefit's boi-ing is great, then dust a powder over top. Benefit's hello flawless and maybelline's dream matte powder are the best.

Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

Re: Random Beauty Tips

That's pretty cool, isn't it? I heard that a while a go, and i still use it to this day. Another little thing i learned, is to take a wide-toothed comb with you in the shower. Once you have your conditioner on, and your waiting, comb through your hair, then rinse it out. I t makes your hair so soft,bouncy and tangle-free! Also, use a wide-toothed comb when starightening! And ALWAYS use a heat protection spray when using styling tools. CHI 44 iron heat spray and redken heat glide smooth down are the best i've ever tried!

Re: Random Beauty Tips

I always comb through my conditioner. I thought everyone did lol. I guess I can thank my mom for teaching me when I was a child Smiley Happy

Re: Random Beauty Tips

This is my best beauty and style tip:


Take the time and ask and watch the experts.  

Tell your hairdresser when I dry my hair it is always _____.  What am I doing wrong?

Ask a makeup artist and watch how - really look.

Practice and go back and watch again; every time you'll learn more and see something different that you missed. Build knowledge.

When you are getting great help at a store and you take the clothes home and they really work for you, go back and ask for help, opinions, and suggestions.


Exploring on your own is great. But when you have other interests and commitments, rather than wish you were better ask someone who has invested the time to know the answers.

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