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Racism in Fashion?

Ok, this doesn't apply to Sephora because they do a good job of showcasing beauty of different races and ethnicities, but my beef lies with the fashion designers, in particular: Dolce and Gabanna, Prada, Dior, etc. It angers me that since they are popular high-end designers, people still support them....ok now I'm starting to babble, I'll get to the point...


My point is that they see white people as high end, elite, and everyone wants to look like them. I have never seen Prada use a black model ever. 


Now there's another question: what about Asian, Hispanic, Indian...?


Yes, they are the minority, however, they get better job openings because of their skin color, which is sad. In 2013, you'd think that there's change, but there's non, nada. Yes, blacks (dark-skinned people) can get sucessful, but that's about it. 


Why post this on Sephora? 


Sephora does a fantastic job of seeing people as beautiful, everybody is beautiful in their own way. Several companies Sephora carries such as Bobbi Brown, Nars, Lancome, etc, they do a wonderful job and they're sucessful. 


I think the biggest problem is that since Dior Prada Coco Chanel, etc are popular brands at the moment, they have extrodinary influence on the way people outlook beauty and since 93 percent of the models they used are white, it's enough to assume that they think whites are super while there are other diversities.




What is your opinion on Racism in fashion? 





Re: Racism in Fashion?

I think racism and sexism exists in the fashion world. It's obvious, but at the same time it's tricky to see. A lot of times I notice only women of colour modeling animal prints.

I added a link to a D&G ad that to me promotes sexism and violence.


Re: Racism in Fashion?

That's true. because they never really see black women as a sign of beauty. Yes there's Naomi Cambell, Tyra Banks etc, but they're tokens- the only two names we know of while there's hundreds of white models which is a shame. 

Re: Racism in Fashion?

But then again, all those hundreds of white models are pretty much nameless. (There is no white Tyra Banks.)  In other words, no one know who they are and they are treated like objects - not people.

Naomi and Tyra and even Nikki Minaj are universal role models to any ethnicity.

Re: Racism in Fashion?

Yes but it seem like they're the ONLY ones. I mean I'm aware there a few more, but the default setting is usually white so.. 

Re: Racism in Fashion?

right...quantity or quality!

Re: Racism in Fashion?

swfupload_181833828894903318.jpgUnfortunately, I see racism everywhere I go not just the fashion industry Smiley Sad


I think that Lancôme does an excellent job with their ads, and Estee Lauder---they usually feature 3 different woman in their magazine ads.



Re: Racism in Fashion?


Re: Racism in Fashion?

I really think the black lady in that pic is gorgeous, so is the Asian lady, but it's almost as if they have to work twice as hard to get to where someone who is Caucasian would be in the makeup world, which is sad. I guess not all models are created equal. 

Re: Racism in Fashion?

There is no white Tyra Banks?  I'm confused, who is Coco Rocha, Cindy Crawford, Alessandra Ambrosia, Adrianna Lima, Heidi Klum, Janice Dickinson, Christie Brinkley, Rachel Hunter, Kate Moss, Karlie Kloss, and Shalom Harlow?  Just to name a few.

Re: Racism in Fashion?

Iman, Oluchi Onweagba, Grace Jones, Kimora Lee, Alek Wek, Beverly Johnson, Chanel Iman, Selita Ebanks, and Toccara Jones are all top named African America models aside from Naomi and Tyra.


To be honest, it's really about how involved you want to get in terms of knowing names and putting them to faces for calling out models and familiarizing yourself in the scene. I'm not saying racism doesn't exist, but also self-educating does a long way in terms of at least expanding one's own horizons in learning there's more than just Tyra and Naomi in the modeling world.



Re: Racism in Fashion?

Personally, I think every ethnicity has its own beauty...
 Whoever has a problem with any ethnic group is just self-conscious about their own self, so they want to shove it down on others.

And as a side point, I think the guy in the d&g ad is HOTTT Smiley Wink so ethicity-wise, I don't see a problem, although it is uncomfortably sexist and violence suggestive

Re: Racism in Fashion?

Dolce and Gabanna are probably the biggest eye-sores. I never really liked their products anyways, because it's as if they're saying "they can buy it because we market to them) 

Re: Racism in Fashion?


Re: Racism in Fashion?

Racism is prominent in fashion, but it's getting better. Also, the brands you named are mostly European brands (that later expanded internationally) no? Models are suppose to bring the designer's vision to life, so if they design mostly for European women....well then. If you look at Asian designers (China, Japanese, Korean) I bet you would find plenty of Asians but not a lot of other ethnicity. If you look at South American designers, probably a lot of hispanics, no? Altho most of the international/power brands are of European/American origins, so it is tougher for models of different ethnicity.


With that said, I find it more distasteful when brands promise one thing publicly (more diversity, or no underaged model, or unpaid workers) then turn around and immediately break those promises with a no big deal attitude. 

Re: Racism in Fashion?

.... there's huuuge populations of racial minorities in Europe. Its not Caucasia-land. They're not suffering from a lack of POC model applicants. 

Re: Racism in Fashion?

Dolce & Gabbana are a P&G brand, which I avoid like the plague. I agree with @beautytester, it's more of the European brands. I tried searching for a Dior add with a woman of color, and could not find any, same with Chanel. 

Re: Racism in Fashion?

Also, the thing is that they are not going to change. 

Re: Racism in Fashion?

I just saw this becca ad in sephora today and I just had to post it here

becca.jpgI think that this pic is beautiful, and does not discriminate alt all Smiley Happy

Re: Racism in Fashion?

I suscribe to FashionTV on YouTube and when I watch the runway shows it always boggles my mind that there are so few women of color on the runways. I think Fashion for all its "creativity and artistic nature" is painfully behind the rest of the world in terms of catering to all people. The only time I ever see a diverse runway is if Tracy Reese is doing a show.

I also think that for a black model to be successful she has to be REALLY outstanding while her white counterparts might as well be just another face in the crowd. I know that sounds harsh but it's just so obvious to me that the bar for non-white models is set so much higher.

In my opinion, Chanel is the worst when it comes to lacking diversity.

Estee Lauder JUST started using ethnic models in their campaigns as well as including darker skin tones in their makeup so I'm not about to sing their praises yet. D&G don't offend that much as Naomi Campbell has been one of their staples since the 80s.

This is why in terms of makeup I support MAC, NARS, Makeup Forever and Smashbox first because they were including other ethnic groups before it was PC to do so.

it's also the reason why I support Benetton.

The sad thing is, people speak about this all the time but nothing is ever done because realistically the people buying high-end clothing are a small part of the population that are mostly white and they don't HAVE to listen to us to be successful and yet they are the ones setting the trends for beauty etc...

I think this accounts for why we have seen changes in the makeup industry rather than fashion because makeup is more accessible.

Re: Racism in Fashion?

In my opinion, I only support Nars, Versace, Urban Decay, Lancome, Smashbox, Makeup Forever etc, and of course MAC.I realized that many people love MAC because there's a ton of diversity n the products- they're not afraid to use a real dark skin model or an Indian model and they've always done that. As for "Chanel" she only caters to white people and it's pretty obvious. I guess as far as those elite brands go, I would not buy their clothing, or makeup, and even magazines such as ELLE and VOUGE are racist as crap. That's why I don't purchase them either. 

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