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RIP Talia

I don't know how many of you ladies out there have heard about Talia. She has been on The Ellen Show, she was a Youtube Guru, She has been struggling with Cancer and had the most amazing Attitude about it. Sadly, she passed away. I wanted to take this time to post this to show some who may not know, just how inspiring she was. This picture and Comment below is from the Too Faced Facebook page. 



"Today 13-yr-old Youtube guru & friend, Talia Castellano earned her wings. We just can't get over how inspirational she is and how much she's been able to accomplish despite her struggles. Talia brightened the lives of so many others. We will miss you! ‪#‎prayfortalia‬ ‪#‎RIPtalia‬"

Re: RIP Talia

I just saw that Yahoo covered this story and the news of her death is so heartbreaking. I never saw her YouTube vids but I know of her from her appearance on Ellen and how that got posted everywhere. Her attitude and spirit is something to admire, even after her passing and it's so beautiful that it remains so intact because of the quality of person she is and how she decided to live. 


Bless her family, friends, and all those close to her! 

Re: RIP Talia

I've been following Talia on youtube for quite some time & I was heartbroken when I saw my Facebook & IG feed full of photos remembering her brave, young soul.  She is an inspiration & the world is definitely a little less bright without her positive attitude.  #justkeepswimming <3


xo, Mia


Re: RIP Talia

Omg I didn't know she died... Her family must be so sad ;(

Re: RIP Talia

Talia was so special - always cheerful, spreading positivity to all. Her strength, fortitude, and attitude were an inspiration to all. She will be sorely missed, RIP Talia.

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