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Quirky habits

I'm new to Sephora and I'm loving to get to know some of the beauty insiders by reading their posts! Because there are so many interesting people, I'd like to ask: What are some of your quirky habits or likes?  Mine include (but are not limited to lol): always having hand sanitizer around, NOT being a morning person, making references to the periodic table of elements, and staying up all night watching the Golden Girls (hence my tendency to not be wide awaken in the morning lol). I'm just wondering if there are any more quirks out there that are wanting to be shared! Smiley Happy

Re: Quirky habits



Re: Quirky habits

Haha what a fun post!


@sephoramusthave I also MUST have water on my nightstand too. Every time I do forget it is the the time I wake up in dire need of some.


I'm definitely a creature of habit, and get thrown off when I need to change my 'daily routines'.


-I always have to cut my sandwiches at an angle, I hate cutting them down the middle and into quarters..There's just something 'fancier' about angled sandwiches.

-Like Kimmi, I hate cheap binder paper. If I need to use lined paper or am in the market to purchase a notebook I will only buy college ruled.

-I cannot go to bed without taking a shower. I know a lot of people are either morning or night showerers (haha is that a word?) but I am most definitely an evening shower type of person. I can skip morning showers with no problem...but I have to have my night shower.

-I find cleaning to be extremely therapeutic.

-I HATE loosing and misplacing things. When I realize something is missing I pretty much won't stop until I find it.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Quirky habits

Another quirky habit I have deals with my school supplies.  I hate the crappy, recycled notebook paper.  It can be bought extremely cheap, but it tears after erasing a few times.  It drives me nuts lol. 


When I highlight headings and stuff in my notes, each chapter has to be a different color.  Chapters 1 and 2 both cannot be pink.  One can be pink and two could be blue.  Usually I end up going in a pattern of colors lol.  The same applies to sticky tabs I use for book marking.  Chapter one can be pink while two is a different color. 


I'm also picky about pens and pencils.  I love the Papermate Profile smooth writing pens.  I hate the uncomfortable stick pens.  

Re: Quirky habits

I'm a total perfectionist! I'm always really hard on myself if I get something wrong. I really need to get out of the habit of doing that though, 'cause it doesn't fly in cheer!! Haha other than that, I really like everything to be neat. I can't function if my room is a mess. I'm also really bad about asking people "What would you do if I...." or "What if..." and then say something extremely crazy like, "What would you do if I grew wings and flew out that window??" That's pretty crazy. I sing constantly too!

Haha I loved your question!

<3 beautygeek97

Re: Quirky habits

aww I love Golden Girls!


My weirdo habits : being on Sephora and watching "the nanny " reruns on youtube at night so I wake up LATE. cycle of my life. I can imitate her voice too!

-buying makeup but trying to avoid using it because it will get used up

-I have to count the letters to every sentence I hear someone tell me. Don't ask, it's something I do in my head naturally. Let's just say I'm great at math!

-I am the "what if" girl. I never run, walk fast if it's wet outside, jump up and down when dancing, and I won't fully learn to swim because "what if I get hurt"


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