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Quirky habits

I'm new to Sephora and I'm loving to get to know some of the beauty insiders by reading their posts! Because there are so many interesting people, I'd like to ask: What are some of your quirky habits or likes?  Mine include (but are not limited to lol): always having hand sanitizer around, NOT being a morning person, making references to the periodic table of elements, and staying up all night watching the Golden Girls (hence my tendency to not be wide awaken in the morning lol). I'm just wondering if there are any more quirks out there that are wanting to be shared! Smiley Happy

Re: Quirky habits

wow, what a great idea for a post!!

I have all my little quirky habits. I think its a woman thing to clean because when I have a lot on my mind I tend to clean or organize Smiley Happy 

When I was in highschool and I had to wear a uniform the first thing I would do when I would get out of bed in the morning would be to put on my knee socks and then my shirt and then my skirt last, all in the same order every morning

I cannot stand my skincare products on my dresser to be all in a line, they have to kind of be in a "community" close together

I have to change my clothes as soon as I get home from work, i cannot stand to be in work clothes

When I take a shower the first thing I do is wash my hair and then my face and then my body, in that order.

Its so funny how we are all so particular about our habits! hehehhe thats all I can think of right now.

Re: Quirky habits

This thread is taking off!  Gabidee's post reminded me of another habit I have.  When sitting in the car or picking which side of the couch I want to sit on, I want to be on the left side.  That way I can lean against the door or the arm on my left side.  Leaning on that with my right side just isn't as comfy to me lol. 


Another habit is as a pet lover.  Pretty much all the pets here have nicknames, and I'll use their name and nicknames throughout the day.  Sometimes that can confuse other people lol.

Re: Quirky habits

Hey Martka!


I love your idea to get to know beauty insiders. I would love to get to know you back, too!


I always ALWAYS need to be on the left of people. Whether I'm on a rollercoaster, or if I'm walking home, I need to be on the LEFT. But the odd thing is, there is an exception for one person. I always need to be on the RIGHT of one my best guy friends. Haha. What a weird quirk! I also absolutely hate when things are off-center or tilted to one side when they should be even.


I hope you'll check my profile and get to know me! Smiley Very Happy

Good luck in the Beauty Talk World!


Re: Quirky habits

Good idea for a topic!


For some reason, when I sit down, I curl my toes underneath my foot. I have no idea why.

Also, when I eat a meal, I eat one dish at a time. For example, I will not eat any french fries until I finish my burger first.

I'm 19 and I still check under the bed before I go to sleep.

Re: Quirky habits

i wakeup at 7am even though i spend 30 mins in bed watching tv and dont officially get up until 7:30. im not a neat freak when it comes to my room but every once and a while i get a strong urge to clean it usually at night. i love cooking for other people but not myself. i dont drink soda unless its ice cold when its partly frozen. i raise my eyebrow without trying to. i start singing when im bored w/o realizing ive had a lot of people tell me to stop singing and i didnt know at first that i was. hhhmmm.... cant think of any others at the moment

Re: Quirky habits

I do the cleaning thing too! Like I'll be listening to music at like ten at night and the all of a sudden, I will start going through all of my stuff and re-organize everything and clean lol. And you mentioned cooking, which made me think about my quirk with food: It has to be the temperature it's supposed to be served at. Like my friends eat cold pizza and I'm like "NO! It should be heated." It's probably my italian side that makes me do that lol. Smiley Happy

Re: Quirky habits

Gee, this is an interesting thread!  I like to eat the same thing for breakfast every day but don't like the same thing for lunch or supper 2 days in a row. If I don't go for a run the first thing out of bed in the AM, I don't go at all. I like things to be the same, disruption makes me anxious (have a bit of OCD here)Smiley Very Happy



Re: Quirky habits

What do you eat for breakfast every morning?? I used to be able to eat breakfast-- but now I must skip it. It's so bad to skip breakfast, I know,  but even if it's just toast I get a headache if I eat breakfast! Must be my morning person thing. I can't hold a conversation with someone within the first thirty minutes I wake up, and I have to put my contacts in in the dark. I guess mornings and I just don't work lol.

Re: Quirky habits

For me, I'm known for organization.  I like things in a certain way.  When I listen to my iPod, I tend to make laps back and forth in the house.  I get that from my mom.  I'll walk back and forth from my room to the kitchen.  My dad will always ask how many miles do I get to a song lol. 

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