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Pumpkin everything! <3

So a couple days ago we had a warm day up here (Ontario, Canada) and i decided to go for my last "summer-ish" blizzard from Dairy Queen. I didn't know until I got to the menu at the drive-thru but they have a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard and O M G it was freaking awesomeness. So if you love pumpkin sweets, visit a dairy queen asap lol. Oh and Starbucks has amazing pumpkin muffin (with a cream cheese filling), as well as pumpkin spice scones, lattes and even Pumpkin Pie frappucino's. Loving fall! Now I just need to go to Bath and Body Works to get some candles and lotions in fall scents like Sweet Cinnamin Pumpkin Smiley Happy


Happy Fall everyone! Smiley Happy



Obsessed with Pumpkins Smiley Happy

Re: Pumpkin everything! <3

I'm going to share a really easy recipe for pumpkin latte that is amazing and it's a nondairy/dairy version.


2 tbsp pumpkin pie filling (I use the organic kind)

2 tsp of honey/sugar

3/4 cup of any kind of milk (I use almond)

1 cp of tea (I've used a cinnamon tea).


I blend all the ingredients together than heat it up in micro for 45 sec. Super yummy. Pumpkin is so awesome.

Re: Pumpkin everything! <3

Thanks for sharing....can't wait to try it!

Re: Pumpkin everything! <3

@melanito. Thanks for the recipe! Made it today and it's sooooo yummyyyyyy! I did the cheap version where I boiled water, dropped a orange spice teabag in it, dumped half can of pumpkin puree and a ton of honey, then stirred in the milk and turned off the heat. I am so making it again!

Re: Pumpkin everything! <3

i went to trader joe's yesterday and was drooling over all of the new pumpkin goodies... an employee told me they hand THIRTY SIX new pumpkin items in! what?!? i bought pumpkin bagels and pumpkin cream cheese haha. (and pumpkin tea, and pumpkin granola...) 


oh, and ps: starbucks' pumpkin spice scones are ahhhhmazing!

Re: Pumpkin everything! <3

I spent a small fortune at Trader Joe's today and I wanted you know that I blame you Jamielove. Smiley Happy  I had no intention of going to TJ's today until I read your post.  Now I have Pumpkin: Tea, Cereal Bars, Toaster Pastries, Biscotti, Ale...

Re: Pumpkin everything! <3

Couldn't help myself...just bought frozen pumpkin waffles at Target!

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