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Prom Pics!

Sorry these are really late. These last 2 weeks have been hectic with prom and graduation and preparation for a pre-college camp thing I'm going to in a few weeks. But here are the prom pics I took with my phone. My mom accidentally deleted the rest off of her new phone that were transferred over when she was trying to figure out how to take pictures. I still owe you ladies the pic of my prom nails. My nails all broke off the morning after so as soon as I get a bit of length back I'll recreate them for you all!!







This is what the sitting area in the bathroom looks like. Its in the middle of the bathroom with six hot pink faux croc skin stools 3 on each side. I spent a good chunk of time in there. 



My friends that I went with. We were the multicultural group. I'm Nigerian, my friend in blue is Korean, and my friend in black is Russian.





Another one of my friends. We became really good friends this year. I hardly ever spoke to her at all (she sat next to me all year, weird right?) until one day in my Gov class we were doing a packet on our local gov't in the computer lab and I was sitting alone in a corner and she sat with me and invited me to go with her to the school dance. We've spoken everyday since that day. Smiley Happy  I spent a good chunk of time hunting her down at prom. She told me she had a teal dress but when I found her, she said the dry cleaner had just stuffed it in a regular washing machine and her dress was ruined (she showed me pictures of the damage) so she got this one. I was really sweaty and gross by this time. My curls dropped and my hair went back to being straight as a board. 


I had so much fun at prom. There were 2 rival schools who had their senior proms at the same time and place as my school's. one was in the next room and the other above us. They crashed my school's because we had a candy buffet, a meat carving station, a dessert station, several photo booths, and their DJs kept playing slow songs. I have friends from the other two schools who were there that I met up with. We turned our prom into a gigantic club. 


Post prom was amazing too. the PTSA holds a post prom party at the local bowling alley to prevent drinking and stuff like that. We went midnight cosmic bowling and each senior got a door prize and 6 of us got a raffle prize which were a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre, 3 iPads, a GPS and a 22-inch flat screen TV. There was a ton of food, an arcade, airbrush tattoo artists, and more photo booths. I was so tired that I slept all day the next day.

Re: Prom Pics!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! You and your friends look great Smiley Happy

Re: Prom Pics!

Awhh what a cute dress! (:

Re: Prom Pics!

That sounds so awesome, ilovetopurplefy!

Re: Prom Pics!

Great pics and I'm so glad you had a good time! My high school prom was nothing to write home about so I'll live vicariously through yours Smiley Happy


The prizes for the raflle sound great and so does cosmic bowling! I'm happy you had a great time, you'll always remember that night! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Prom Pics!

Looks like a blast! Your dress looks awesome! Glad it worked out. The post prom party sounds really fun too! 

Re: Prom Pics!

Your prom sounded so fun!  It is good to hear that you had a good time with your friends.

Re: Prom Pics!

I'm so glad you had such a good time! You look adorable and I'm so glad everything went great for you!

Re: Prom Pics!


You looked FABulous!

Re: Prom Pics!

Aww you look wonderful! Looks like you ladies had a fantastic time!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Prom Pics!

Wow, you and your friends look fabulous and like you are having a blast!  What precious memories you'll have for the rest of your life of such a magical evening.

Re: Prom Pics!

Thanks for sharing your pictures!  You look fantastic and it sounds like you had a great time Smiley Happy

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