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Prom Dress didn't fit :(

I got my prom dress in the mail today and I was so excited to try it on. It came from China and we ordered it last Tuesday which was really fast. So I did and it didn't fit. Oh my god. I ordered it in a US size 6 which is what I normally wear in dresses due to my bust being a size 6 and my waist and hips a size 4. It had the measurements also on the websites. It probably is a Chinese size 6. On the order form and tag it says US size 6 and I had my mom measure my bust and it was a little bit less than the bust measurement for the size 6 that was on the website. When I tried the dress on I tried it with a bandeau top and a strapless bra and sucked my gut in. But it still did not fit. Smiley Sad 


Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

Your dress is so lovely!!! Its so elegant and princess-y on you!!!! I can't do ball gowns. I feel that they're too big and such a pain/hassle when its time to go to the ladies room. This is coming from a person who wears skinny jeans in all types of weather even in extreme heat so I always go for sleeker dresses.

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

Aw, thank you! You should post a picture of your dress once you're all squared away!

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

So, did you find a dress at the shop yesterday? Did I miss an update? I hope it's going to work out!

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

I found a really nice dress at the shop, its pretty much exactly the same as this dress except brighter, more intense, and more of an orange red than a blue red. and the part where it connects the one shoulder to the bust of the dress is a  bit lower and the armpit portion isn't tight as the first one but fitted nicely and gives me more arm movement space. It's also wayyyyyyy more than I paid for the dress I ordered online. It was $400 without the discount and tax and with the discount and tax added it came to about $230 and my price point including tax was $150 Smiley Sad Also the dress wouldn't have been ready in time for prom too. I was quite upset about that.  So I emailed the company that I got my original dress from my measurements. They said they can make the new dress in a week. I shipped the original dress today after school ended in exchange for the new one that will be made specifically for me that will arrive the week before prom.

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

I'm sorry that the one you found wouldn't be ready in time. I've got my fingers crossed that the replacement is done and arrives on schedule. (I have found that post in that direction is very prompt, which is great.) Good luck with it all!

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

Awww good luck on everything! I usually wear size 4-6 and didn't fit in anything I liked when I taught in Japan. Lol. (But I'm Asian and short so everything was the perfect length! Blah!) 

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